(your name)'s Career Path

(your name)'s Career Path

Tyler Langes Career Path How to become a computer Engineer My Career Goals I want to become a computer engineer by 2025 To get there, I will need to:

Graduate high school by 2019 Take courses that will help to get the job

Take training classes Learn about different computer programs and parts What is a computer engineer As a computer engineer you research, design, develop and test computer hardware like chips,sensors, circuit boards, keyboards, modems, routers and printers. You

may work on the manufacturing as well as the installation of those components writing software and firmware Most hardware engineers work in labs. Most computer hardware engineers work full time. About my future career

They work in research laboratories and in high-tech manufacturing firms Salary = 37k 115k The usual job hours are about 40 hours per week My job has a 22.5% chance of becoming automated

My job wont be taken by robots because you need to research and develop new technology which robots wouldnt be able to Computer engineering would be great for me because I love working with computers

I am not quite ready for this career, but I will get there! These are skills for the job I still need to learn: learn about all the parts of the computer This is how I will get those necessary skills: take classes to

learn more about them This is what appeals to me with this career Making new technology Learning about all the parts of computers Working with computers everyday

These are some things I find less appealing about this career The long hours Potential obstacles to getting this career

The possible obstacles: getting the right degrees to have a chance To get the job My plan to overcome them: study and put in work to get the degree

Potential obstacles to being successful within this career The possible obstacles: not that good of A outlook and a low employment rate My plan to overcome them: do extra work and get the degrees

to look better on a resume The training/education required for my career is: bachelors degree in computer engineering major in computer or electrical engineering background in math and science.

familiarity with computer programming may require a masters degree in computer engineering Some obtain a masters degree in business administration I intend to go to UBC for that career Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Engineering physics, mechanical, computer engineering

B.A.Sc. degree 4 years $41,895.36 Financial Plan I am going to pay for my program: By getting a job early and saving my money up to pay for the course

High school courses required Grade 11 courses: Language Arts Precalculus 11 Physics Second Language

Grade 12 courses: Pre calculus 12. Biology. Calculus. Chemistry. Computer Science.

Engineers are awesome!!! Working with computers Developing new technology Testing new technology

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