'The Group Booklet' A Fellowship-approved piece of literature ...

'The Group Booklet' A Fellowship-approved piece of literature ...

Welcome to NDANAs Ice Cream Social and GSR Orientation Workshop! This presentation has been lovingly prepared by our NDANA Outreach Subcommittee Be advised that we have put this together from the fellowship literature and other GSR Orientations . What is OUTREACH you ask?

Introductions First Name Home Group Service Position (if any) What I hope to get out of this workshop Purpose of this Workshop You are a trusted servant and vital link between the HG and the rest of the

fellowship. To introduce some acronyms and other terms This is NOT the final word or an exhaustive study. Workshop Packet Agenda

Various IPs Group Booklet Group Service Representatives Handout Alphabet Soup and Important URLs NDANA Area Service Meeting Format Sample GSR Report Form Sample Literature Order Form Sample Motion Form Suggested tools for NDANA service work

Who can be a member of NA? 3rd Tradition The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using. 5th Tradition Each group has but one primary purposeto carry the message to the addict who still suffers.

What is a Narcotics Anonymous Group? When two or more addicts come together to help each other stay clean, they may form a Narcotics Anonymous group. Closed Meeting? Open Meeting?

Closed NA meetings are only for addicts or those who think they might have a drug problem. Who are Open Meetings for? Clarity Statement We are presented with a dilemma;

when NA members identify themselves as addicts and alcoholics, or talk about living clean and sober, the clarity of the NA message is blurred. To speak in this manner suggests that there are two diseases, that one drug is somehow separate from the rest, requiring special recognition. Does the group address all addictions? The emphasis is on drug addiction

Narcotics Anonymous groups cannot be all things to all people and still provide the initial identification drug addicts need to find their way to recovery. .. By clarifying our groups sole membership requirement and primary purpose in this way, we free ourselves to focus on freedom from the disease of addiction

Introduction to The Group Booklet Not a RULE BOOK, but rather a HOW TO booklet! "The Group Booklet" A Fellowship-approved Piece of Literature

T H E G R O U P B O O K L E T . ( 1 9 9 8 ) . VA N N U Y S , C A : N A RC O T I C S AN O N Y MO U S WO R L D S E RVI C E S. ) Soooo What is a HOME GROUP?

Why Be a Member of a Home Group? Feel part of Familiar faces Accountability, Hey where have you been? Are you okay? Promotes unity and availability to others Opportunity to begin service work

Groups Role in Service NA Home Groups not NA meetings are the foundation of the NA service structure. Our Home Groups maintain contact with the rest of Narcotics Anonymous through representatives (YOU) selected to participate on the groups behalf in the NA service structure.

How does an HG take care of its business? By Group Conscience By holding elections of trusted servant positions By sending their GSR or group representative to the ASC monthly By creating an ad-hoc committee when needed

By holding special service meetings when important issues surface, like a literature review, a group conscience, etc. Change locations if necessary What makes up a Home Group? 4th Tradition Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or NA as a whole.

Refer to IP #2 The Group Suggested HG positions/responsibilities GSR and Alternate GSR Secretary Treasurer Greeters Cookie Monster What is a Group Conscience? Informed vote taken by the group as a whole

Not just the majority! An expression of our Higher Power's will Best for the group as a whole Placing principles before personalities (Tradition 12) When to have a Group Conscience? A group conscience may be initiated anytime

during a group service meeting if a member feels it's necessary. SoWhy are you a GSR? I am serious about my recovery My sponsor made me No one else would do it My Home Group made me It was my turn I volunteered

I am brave What is a GSR? Trusted servant Voice of their group at (ASC) Voice of Area at their group The financial link between their group and the Area Main source of information about service,

activities, and events Source of information on service work opportunities Source of information for the group about NDANA Policy, Traditions and Concepts Qualifications for a GSR Addict in recovery Attends the group they represent Willingness to serve

One year clean time (suggested only) Knowledge of the service structure of NA or the willingness to study it Understanding of or the willingness to learn the duties of a GSR Suggested Position Expectations Attend HG meeting regularly Attend the ASC meeting monthly

Report to the ASC: Group status Donation Problems Concerns Update phone and meeting lists Bring issues from the ASC to the group for a group conscience and report back to the ASC

GSR Report to the HG GSR report may include Attendance of groups and Elected trusted servants of the ASC Open positions at Area and Region Motions carried back to the group Points of discussions made during the ASC Open positions within the sub-committees Passing over the Area announcements to the group secretary

Announce Area/Regional Activities during the regular meeting. Alphabet Soup & Important URLs ASC NDANA RCM WSO NAWS BOD

CARNA Q&A WHAT IS NDANA? New Dominion Area of Narcotics Anonymous RVANA.org How Does Area Service Committee

Work? Area Service Format Home Group Reports Committee Reports Sub-Committee Reports Ad-Hoc Subcommittees Motions Elections Open Forum

CAN I GO???? How do I bring our concerns to the AREA? Anyone may attend ASC. However, only the GSR may vote on any motion the individual or HG brings. The group or any member may bring concerns to the GSRs attention at their HG meeting. Area Service meets at 2300 Dumbarton Road

each How does the 7th Tradition $ Get to Area? The group if and how much Money Order is sent to the monthly ASC meeting Area Service NDANA Service Format

NDANA Group Reports NDANA Literature Order Form NDANA Motion Form NDANA List of Service Work Tools How do I prepare for Area? Check your folder for: _____ Last Month's Area Minutes _____ Motion Forms _____ GSR Report Form

( Write in Voting or just Reporting) _____ Literature Order Form and a Money Order (Should be made out to NDANA for the HG's Area Contribution and Literature Order)

What are the 12 Concepts? 12 CONCEPTS These are the guiding principles for our service structure. Much like the 12 TRADITIONS are guiding principles for our groups unity and the 12 STEPS are the guiding principles of the individual addicts recovery.

Q&A Thank you! Let us serve you some ICE CREAM!

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