First Ever Prints Lascaux caves around 17 000 BC Animal blood, charcoal, plant dye Decoration or stories?

Prints can be made from stone, metal, wood or lino Pable Picasso, Banderillas, 1959

Line Line: A line is a continuous mark created on a surface with length and direction. It can be a mark used to define a shape,

Pablo Picasso, 1962, outline or Tete De Femme Shape A shape is a 2 dimensional line with no volume or thickness.

Shapes are flat It is distinguishable from its surroundings by its outline. There are two types of shapes,

Pablo Picasso, The Bullfight in Red and Yellow, Space Space: is the distance or area between, below, above, around or within something. Space can give a feeling of depth or 3 dimensions to an

artwork. Positive Space: the area occupied by the primary objects. Negative Space: the Pablo Picasso, 1962, area around the primary objects in an Mother and Child with image, for example the Dancer and Flute Player

Pable Picasso, Banderillas, 1959 Positive space Negative Space TEXTURE The surface

quality or feel of an object for example, the smoothness, TYPES TACTILE VISUAL

Technically these are VISUAL TEXTURES CREATED BY LINE MARK MAKING Natural & texture

Manmade Gertrude Hermes, Ring Net Fishers, 1955 Edvard Munch, The Scream 1895 How many kinds of lines can you see? What do these

create? Is there a balance of white and black (positive and negative space) ? Where is the positive and negative

space? Is there a balance? Point to texture?

How has he achieved texture? Nick Mackman, Prairie Dog Where is the

positive and negative space here? Nick Mackman, Eagle Owl How many different kinds of lines has she made?

Abstraction An abstract artwork is one that does not depict a person, place or thing in the natural world -- even in an extremely distorted or exaggerated way. Therefore, the subject of the work is based on what you see: color, shapes, lines, space, scale.

Relief Printing A printmaking process where protruding surface faces of the printing plate or block are inked; recessed areas are ink free. You ink the face of the matrix and bringing it in firm contact with the paper.

PROCESS Reduction Print Method Process of using one block to print several layers of colour on one print. This usually involves cutting a small

amount of the block away, and then printing the block many times over on different sheets before washing the block, cutting more away and printing the next colour on top. This allows the previous colour to show through. This process can be repeated many times over. What is the advantage and disadvantage of this method?

LINO PRINT MARKING SCHEME SUMMARY Development of Ideas-10 marks Preliminary sheet- Final design proposal Design- 20 marks

Relevant to question Shows knowledge of constraints of craft

Be able to work within timeframe Various compositional designs worked through Show spatial understanding Contrasts in texture Choice of colour Choice of background effects Process 30 marks

Imaginative and creative Analyse work in progress and make changes Appropriate technique

Proficiency of technique Show awareness of aesthetic and practical considerations Look like design Craft Skills 40 marks

Display confidence in lino cutting Display awareness of its possibilities and limitations Awareness of sequence when printing (reduction method) Design elements relevant (colour, line, space, texture, shape)

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