DVA Webclaim DVA Webclaim is a real-time web-based DVA claiming channel. And, is available at no cost. Fast.

DVA Webclaim assesses claims in real-time. Faster. Complex claims that require manual assessment are processed within two business days.

Fastest. Most claims will be processed immediately and paid the next business day (compared to twenty business days for manual claims) Easy. DVA Webclaim is internet

based. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and an individual PKI certificate. Dynamic. DVA Webclaim only requires the minimum information to assess your claim.

You will be prompted if further information is required. Smart. DVA Webclaim remembers patients you have claimed for previously. There is no need to key the same information over and over again.

Secure. DVA Webclaim is accessed via DHS Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) portal using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption. Paperless.

DVA Webclaim does not require any paper to submit a claim. Statements and claims history reports are available online. Powerful. DVA Webclaim allows you to download the last two years of

your entire DVA claims history. Perfect for reconciling. Saves money. DVA Webclaim greatly simplifies the end-to-end process of doing business with DVA. Save money, and time.

Its now available. DVA Webclaim has been made available from 15 September 2014. Apply for a DHS Individual PKI certificate. Page 14

DVA Claiming DVA Webclaim was designed for providers who couldnt justify purchasing online claiming software and therefore continue to claim manually. Several DVA providers attended a DVA Webclaim codesign workshop in August 2013. These providers gave useful insight into the needs of a busy health professional, including the need for access outside of business hours and a simple, intuitive system.

DVA Webclaim has been made available from 15 Sep 2014. Page 15 Accessing DVA Webclaim DVA Webclaim sits within DHS HPOS portal which is accessed via the Health Professionals page of the DHS website.

Page 16 Accessing DVA Webclaim Providers/practice managers require a DHS Individual PKI Certificate to access DVA Webclaim. Individuals

individual certificates allow full access to DVA Webclaim and all other HPOS features Organisations site certificates do NOT allow access to DVA Webclaim and some HPOS features

Page 17 Application for Individual PKI Page 18 Install Individual PKI Certificate USB

Token CD Once received, you must install the PKI on your computer to enable the USB token to work. Page 19

HPOS (Health Professional Online Services) Once individual PKI installation is complete, users can access the Health Professional Online Services portal Providers who also claim from Medicare can access Medicare services using the same PKI certificate HPOS provides users with access to a range of additional online services e.g. update bank details and register additional locations

Page 20 HPOS Access Delegations Individual PKI users can delegate access to another holder of an individual PKI certificate to submit a DVA Webclaim under their provider number Health Provider Administrator

Individual PKI Certificate Individual PKI Certificate delegates access via HPOS Page 21 DVA Webclaim process Enter Claim Details

into Webform and Submit Receive Real Time Response Receive Benefit Within 2 Business Days

Page 22 Instant Confirmation Once all required information has been successfully submitted and processed, a message will be returned advising you of the claim status - either paid or requires further assessment. This occurs in real-time. If your claim is paid, the message will advise how much

you will be paid and your statement will be available in HPOS the next business day. If your claim requires further assessment, this means an operator must manually assess your claim and this will occur within two business days. Once processed, your statement will be available in HPOS. Page 23

DVA Webclaim Statements DVA Webclaim statements from the past two years are available via the HPOS Mail Centre. You can also download a file detailing ALL DVA claims history, regardless of lodgement channel. DVA Webclaim Features Minimum information required to

submit your claims Instant assessment of your claims Interactive claim form Saved patient details DVA Webclaim Features Save draft claims Cancel paid claims submitted on the same day

Download two years claims history DVA Webclaim Features Access statements online Securely email enquiries to processing staff DVA Webclaim is available at no cost!

Page 27 Contacts Technical Support Assessing Support

DHS eBusiness 1800 700 199 DHS Veterans Affairs Processing 1300 550 017

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