Write a Bill and Resolution

Write a Bill and Resolution

WRITE A BILL AND RESOLUTION Instructions ONLINE Mrs. Woolf Government B GO TO ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS Number all lines in Bill and Resolution\ Follow ALL instructions SEE RUBRIC

BOTH MUST BE U.S. CONGRESS POWERS! 1. Expressed, Implied or Inherent 2. Mandate if STATE POWER 3. Justify with EXPRESSED POWER if it hasnt been done before. 4. CANNOT BE ENACTED/LAW if already a LAW! 5. YOUR Bill and YOUR Resolution must be different topics/issues. BILL become LAW Bills are prefixed with H.R. when introduced in the House and S. when

introduced in the Senate. Usually applies to public or public monies. Bills deal with domestic and foreign issues and programs, and they also appropriate money to various government agencies and programs. JOINT RESOLUTION H.J. Res. or S.J. Res. ACT that CONTROLS GOVERNMENT agencies directive NOT MOST OF THE PUBLIC or public monies. OR H.Amdt. Or S.Amdt.

IDEA for a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. OR CONCURRENT Resolutions H.Con. Res. or S.Con. Res Express the need to pay ___ more. Express appreciation for _____ Express the need for a fat tax. Recognize _____ for _____. Recognize the need for better safety rules/helmets in High School football. Recognize a disease/disorder and the fight. Support _____________________

Directing the _________ to ______________ Encouraging the ________ to ______________ Mock Congress Ideas : PROJECT CITIZEN TOPIC IF IT CAN BE APPLIED TO U.S. Congress Increase or cut taxes (on the wealthy, businesses, on capital gains and/or across the board) Increase or decrease education spending Increases or decrease military spending Increase or ban the national missile defense system Increases or decrease health insurance

spending Ratify the Kyoto Protocols (environmental treaty on carbon emissions) Increase or decrease foreign aid spending Strengthen or weaken abortion restrictions Strengthen or weaken affirmative action Strengthen or weaken AIDS research Strengthen or weaken animal rights

Legalize Marijuana Legalize Prostitution

Lift Mandates Drinking age Establish an official language Metric system Athletes must represent state of residence etc. Ban boxing Space exploration $ Stem Cell Other Research Ban Trans fat Donors rights and $ Strengthen or weaken gun control Strengthen or weaken our U.N. involvement Strengthen or weaken gay rights

Strengthen or weaken help for the homeless Allow more or restrict more immigration Strengthen or weaken migrant labor laws Strengthen or weaken campaign finance laws Strengthen or weaken hate crimes laws Strengthen or weaken the Patriot Act Allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Ban or allow cloning of mammals Allow all or ban stem cell research. Ban the death penalty Limit or eliminate the welfare system Legalize/decriminalize one, some, or all drugs

Lower the age for tobacco and/or alcohol restrictions Eliminate the sentencing of minors as adults Allow the voluntary copying and transfer of data files for free without copyright restrictions. Allow certain forms of school prayer Tie the minimum wage to inflation and/or increase it several dollars Have 2 different topics (1 for Resolution & 1 for Bill) 1. Go to Congress.gov: (LINK) put in topic or click on legislation

. 2. Find similar RESOLUTION OR BILL 3. DO NOT use it if it is a SIMPLE RESOLUTION (H.Res or S.Res) 4. Or do a google search on the topic(s) USE: 5. Bills H.R. Or S. 6. Resolutions to USE- S.Con.Res, H.Con Res., S. Amdt., H. Amdt, H.J. Res or S.J. Res. DONT have TOPICS? 1. Project Citizen topic as a U.S.

Congressional bill OR resolution. Congress.gov, 2. Go to click on legislation (LINK) and look at different bills/resolutions . Dont use one that has been made law!

Found a Bill and Resolution? 1. Use Template 1. (USE Senate heading if in SENATE). 2. (USE House heading if in HOUSE). 2. Leave BLANKS for # and Committee 3. NUMBER THE LINES! 4. MAKE IT YOUR OWN! ONLY ONE PAGE or Less EACH. + FACTS CANNOT have passed (President signed). Change words and take out unneeded words. Sponsor

1. YOU are the sponsor of the bill and resolution. (Sponsor of bill/resolution gets the grade) 2. May have ONLY ONE co-sponsor. 3. If passes (ALL of processes needed), the sponsor AND co-sponsor will get +5 points on BONUS. - MAY turn in as many as you want ALL must be put in YOUR WORDS! ATTACHED PURPOSE AND FACTS! Separate page from Bill/Res. -*EXCEPTION Concurrent ResolutionFACTS ARE IN THE RESOLUTION!

1. First Paragraph what is the purpose for your bill/resolution SELL IT! 2. 10 Facts for BILL and 5 Facts for RESOLUTION! Not well known facts! 3. ANSWER QUESTIONS one may have about Bill and Resolution. 4. Source where ALL FACTS were found. (URL) Need them for MOCK CONGRESS! DUE: Jan. 9th (Thur.)first of class. NOTE: off EACH DAY LATE Go through RUBRIC to verify

that you have what you need.

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