WORLD TRADE CENTER - Department of Civil Engineering

WORLD TRADE CENTER - Department of Civil Engineering

WORLD TRADE CENTER Dennis Boothe Jesse Hindle History of the WTC Designed by Minoru Yamasaki Engineer: Leslie Robertson

Officially opened in 1973 Owned by the Port Authority of NY & NJ Cost: ~$1.5 billion Purpose of WTC Design Aim: Revitalize Downtown Manhattan through providing a

single location for international commerce -12 million sq. feet of office space (40,000 sq. ft per floor) Response to WTC Design Small businesses displaced, creating dissent

Local Real Estate Agencies too much office space offered Critics: -Purposeless gigantism & technological exhibitionism - Repetitive architecture can put you to sleep Construction of the WTC

Used the slurry trench method Construction of the WTC Tube Building - Core and Exterior wall instead of columns throughout

9/11 Attacks Reasons for Failure Plane impact was not the main reason for collapse Engine fuel caused temperatures of over 1500 degrees F, weakening the structure.

Failure of Perimeter Columns Structural integrity of WTC depends on closely space columns around perimeter Steel strength fell as exposed to

heat -> columns deflections increased, 1st Runner up New WTC THINK Team -Rafael Vinoly & Frederic Schwartz

-Two towers made of decorative steel towers -light and elegant design New WTC Designs Design by Daniel Libeskind Main features:

- 1,776 ft Freedom Tower - WTC Memorial Museum - Wedge of Light

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