Work Related Road Safety

Work Related Road Safety

Work Related Road Safety Challenges, Opportunities and Priorities IOSH NI, Belfast 7th December 2017 Deirdre Sinnott McFeat Work Related Vehicle Safety Program Protecting Workers from Vehicle Risks And those they come into contact with Main vehicle related Killers

People being struck by vehicles Work Related Road Collisions People falling from vehicles Vehicle impact & overturning Loads falling from vehicles Main causes of vehicle related injury People struck by vehicle Physical Strain Slip, trips and falls (vehicle STFs] Items falling onto people

Over 25,600 lives lost on the road in the EU in 2016. Up to 40% of all road deaths in EU work-related. -work-related-road-deaths-and-injuries-pin-flash33/ 23% of road deaths in Ireland work-related (2008 to 2011). IOSH Fatal Collisions on the Road in Ireland

DFW TV ad One-in-four road deaths in Ireland is work-related, study shows hs-in-Ireland-is-work-related-study-shows.aspx ROAD SAFETY IS A COMPLEX ISSUE Work

related road users Private road users All road users Work Related Vehicle Safety Irelands biggest occupational safety12issue Work Related Vehicle Safety Program

5 Year Plan 2010 -2014 OBJECTIVE: HOW? Influence a 1.Raise national awareness of Work Related Vehicle risks sustainable reduction 2.Influence the content, uptake and of education and training in the numbers of quality programmes people

killed or 3.Guidance and other resources to assist in informing, assessing and seriously injured or controlling work related road risks who suffer illness as a 4.Targeted evidence led enforcement base, share data and result of vehicles 5.Evidence conduct research to inform being used for work in interventions. all work sectorstogether for common purpose Working

13 INFLUENCE Employers POWER to influence change Communities Contractors Employees Employers

14 CONTROL Suppliers and Customers The legal basis Worker protection Injury prevention Safe systems of work Risk management

Workplace inspection Roads policing Road collision data collection Road collision investigation Road safety Vehicle type approval

Vehicle road worthiness Driver training Driver testing Vehicle inspection Work Related Vehicle Safety Program 2010 to 2014 Road Safety Strategy 2013 2020 Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 Legal Duties

Employers have duties to provide instruction, training, information and equipment to enable employees to carry out their work safely Employers must ensure systems of work are planned, performed and maintained for work related vehicle

activities. Employees have duties to carry out work duties in a safe manner and comply with safety rules and procedures Drivers, staff must be provided with instruction, information and training about driving for work. Employers must ensure that adequate equipment is provided and

maintained for work activities Employers must put appropriate plans and procedures must also be in place in the event of an emergency such as a collision. Employers must co-operate, so where several parties are involved in ensuring the safe work practices there should be adequate coordination and co-operation between the parties and clear responsibilities laid down.

General Duties. Not prescriptive regulations. Underpinned by guidance or Approved Codes OBJECTIVE: Influence a sustainable reduction in the numbers of people killed or seriously injured or who suffer illness as a result of vehicles being used for work in all economic sectors 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. Raise national awareness of Work Related Vehicle risks Influence the content, uptake and quality of education and training programmes in relation to work related vehicle safety Produce guidance and other resources to assist in informing, assessing and controlling work related road risks To achieve continued improvements in work

related vehicle safety through targeted inspection, investigations and enforcement To develop a profile, share intelligence and conduct research to inform Work Related Vehicle Safety interventions ehicles/Work%20Related%20Vehicle%20Safety%20Five%20Year%20Plan.pdf Work Related Vehicle Safety

Workplace Transport Safety Work Related Road Safety VEHICLE VEHICLE DRIVER

DRIVER WORKPLACE JOURNEY Employer Duty Manage the RISKS which employees face and create for themselves and others, while, driving or working with, on or

near vehicles, in the workplace or on the road, as part of their job, within the framework which they already should have in place, for managing all other aspects of safety, health and welfare at work Vehicles at work information portal

WRVS program 2016 to 2018 Pillars 1.Engagement 2.Compliance 3.Education & training 4.Guidance and intervention tools 5.Enhanced information & intelligence 6.Awareness raising _Vehicles/WRVS_plan_future_priorities_2016_to_2018.pdf

Challenges 1.Maintain and develop initiatives that have been successful 2.Work with priority sectors and key stakeholders to influence and support the implementation of robust work related vehicle safety management systems 3.Provide information and guidance on new and emerging risks 4.engaging with working groups and providing guidance for key sectors and business types

5.Increase focus and targeting of multidisciplinary interventions across sectors most affected by vehicle related illness, injury and deaths 6.Continue to plan inspection programmes which are evidence-based and directed to the areas of highest work related vehicle risk 7.Further research on and profile of Work Related Road Collisions 8.Development of vehicle related injury profile for sectors 9.Data sharing between partner agencies in

WRVS collaboration Workplace Accident Reporting Regulations Work related road collisions reporting requirement 1. Injury to person carrying out work 2. Injury to employee not carrying out work 3. Injury to person not at work 4. Dangerous Occurrences

Load shed load loss vehicle overturn Vehicles at Work Radio Ad campaign Work related road safety joint agency work program 2009 to date Focus on occupational road users

Work related road safety Driving for work Working on or near the road Load securing Key Activities since 2009 1. 2. 3.

Development of Driving for Work (DFW) Risk Management resources DFW Employer Guidelines. 2009 Vehicle daily walk around pre-check poster, checklist, information sheet and videos. 2010 4. Safe DFW Driver Handbook 2012 5. Development of DFW e-learning course 2016 6. Development of Load Securing Risk Management resources. 7. Annual nationwide DFW seminars for employers since 2010 8. Promotion of DFW resources annually. 9. National Road Safety Strategy actions to formalise activities.

10.Promotion of Load Securing resources 11.Development of one stop shop resource portal for DFW. 12.Engagement with EU bodies to influence Work related road safety management standards and practices. Managing Driving for Work FREE online course

Driving for work information portal Load Safety series New online resource for managing vehicle risks

Vehicle-related accidents account for 29% of all fatal occupational accidents. EUOSHA and the European Commission offer an interactive guide to vehicle safety #VeSafe. The HSA have played a central role in the development of this new resource for employers, employees and safety professionals.It provides examples of good vehicle risk management practices for vehicle related activities in the workplace and on the road. Check it out Thank you [email protected]

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