Windows Vista —Assess,Deploy, Secure, And Operate: Use ...

Windows Vista —Assess,Deploy, Secure, And Operate: Use ...

Accelerating Windows Vista Deployment Projects with Windows Vista Solution Accelerators Jeremy Chapman Deployment and Management Baldwin Ng Assessment Russ Humphries Security Solution Accelerators Agenda Solution Accelerators Windows Vista Solution Accelerators Suite What is it and how does it work? Components Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Microsoft Deployment Windows Vista Security Guide Windows Vista Service Life-Cycle Management Q&A

The Scenarios Covered Interested in determining hardware readiness and upgrade costs for Windows Vista migration. Customer interested in desktop deployment planning services. Customer wants to ensure clients and data are secure prior to deploying the new OS. Customer wants to minimize TCO and properly manage the desktop service. Solution Accelerators Help IT Pros Solve specific scenario problems Get the most out of Microsoft technology Get where they want to be faster Build effective and efficient IT systems Drive Accelerated Adoption Customer satisfaction

Partner enablement Product improvement Windows Vista Accelerators Service Management Assess Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Windows Vista Service Life-Cycle Management Secure Windows Vista Security Guide and Data Encryption Toolkit Depl

oy Microsoft Deployment Minimum Requirements Goal to move at least to the Core IO Standardized level Around 250 or more networked PCs* Windows Server 2003 Active Directory* Has or plans for Group Policy in place Tools for software distribution or patching * Some solution accelerators such as the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment can be used by customers with less than 250 PCs and without Active Directory. Scenario 1 Interested in determining hardware readiness and upgrade costs for Windows Vista migration.

Understanding Hardware Specs Hardware Compatibilities System memory CPU Speed Hard Drive Capacity Device Compatibilities Source of drivers BIOs black list, etc Imagine analyzing thousands of PCs manually! Windows Vista Hardware Assessment No software agents; no concerns Hardwar Hardwar e e

Inventor Inventor yy PC PC readiness readiness assessment assessment in in hours hours instead instead of of days!* days!* Compatibility Compatibility Reports Reports and and Analysis

Proposals Analysis Proposals *Current version of this tool is optimized to scan 25,000 computers per domain/workgroup. **Technologies do not currently allow agent-less detection of BitLocker/TPM and AeroGlass attributes. Why Windows Vista Hardware Assessment? Benefits Identifies computers quickly that are ready for Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office on the network Simplifies desktop migration planning Provides detailed information to help determine the right Microsoft Volume Licensing option Features Quick and agentless hardware and device driver inventory of up to 25,000 PCs per domain/workgroup for every scan

Detailed Windows Vista and Office 2007 compatibility analysis on hardware/devices Comprehensive readiness reports with actionable [Results from the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment recommendations reports] saved us more than U.S.$20,000; we just need to for each PC upgrade the memory and hard drives for many of our clients. The cost of upgrades is much cheaper than replacing an entire computer. Kathy Lin, IT Manager of Sporton International, Inc., Taiwan Detailed Report (Microsoft Excel) Summary Report (Microsoft Word) PC-by-PC PC-by-PC Level Level Detailed Detailed Reporting Reporting Current

Current OS OS Results Results Hardware Hardware and and Device Device Assessment Assessment Results Results System System Resources Resources Experience Experience after after Upgrades Upgrades Deployment Blockers Deployment Blockers

Device Device Compatibility Compatibility Windows Vista Hardware Accessment demo Baldwin Ng Solution Accelerators Microsoft New Features WVHA v2.1 (available now!) Scalable to larger networks Up to 25,000 PCs per domain/workgroup in every scan Multiple scans can be done to assess larger networks with more than 25,000 PCs Capable to target select number of computers OU-targeting within Active Directory

Flat-File Import of Computer Names IP range targeting Ability to assess for 2007 Microsoft Office Offer non-Windows computer discovery via SNMP Localized to 6 new languages, readiness reports in French, German, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese Download Windows Vista Hardware Assessment at Scenario 2 Customer interested in desktop deployment planning services. Microsoft Deployment Testing Process Operations Readiness Infrastructure Remediation

Project Process and Team Guidance Deployment Process Image Engineering Business Case for Microsoft Deployment Application Management Security Office Deployment

Migration What Is The Microsoft Deployment Solution Accelerator? End-to-end guidance, best practices, and tools for efficient planning, building, and deploying Windows and Microsoft Office Based on real-world experience and industry best practices Increase automation Decrease costs Manual Deployment $500$1000 per PC Light Touch ~ $350 per PC Zero Touch Less than $100 per PC

Microsoft Deployment The tools Microsoft Deployment can help Shows you how to use the new deployment tools together as part of an end-to-end deployment process Provides tools and scripts to increase automation and lower costs Leverages and enhances other Microsoft tools Simplifies the overall experience Even the tools require guidance Things to watch out for, decisions that need to be made, possible alternatives Whats new in Microsoft Deployment? Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 support Supports desktops and servers Complete integration into the Configuration Manager 2007 admin console

dynamic package installation automatic determination of state store location computer backup Support for computers unknown to the Configuration Manager 2007 database Added support for offline patching Support for offline and online language pack installation Deployment monitoring using Operations Manager 2007 Whats new in Microsoft Deployment? Lite Touch Installation (LTI) enhancements: Enhanced disk and NICs configuration options, including support for static TCP/IP configuration. Design changes to ease the migration from LTI to Configuration Manager 2007. Support for multiple task sequence templates. New sample templates include: Client template: Windows Vista, Windows XP Server template: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 Replace scenario template

Ability to invoke web service calls Support for BDD 2007 upgrade or side-by-side installation with Microsoft Deployment. Whats new in Microsoft Deployment? Lite Touch Installation (LTI) support for Windows Server 2008: Support for deploying pre-release versions of Windows Server 2008 Support for Server Core installation options. Automated server role definition using Server Manager Lite Touch Installation (LTI) multicast support using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Scenario 3 Customer wants to ensure clients and data are secure prior to deploying the new OS. Windows Vista Security Guide

Best Best practices practices and and automated automated tools tools to to deploy deploy Windows Windows Vista Vista security security configurations configurations Guidance Guidance is is tested tested by

by Windows Windows Vista Vista Security Security Experts Experts Unique Unique GPO GPO Accelerator Accelerator tool tool deploys deploys security security configurations configurations in in minutes minutes versus versus hours

hours Preconfigured, Preconfigured, customizable customizable security security settings settings SOLUTIONACCELERATORS Act faster. Go further. The Guide Focuses On Defending against malware All types, from all sources Good protection that maintains usability Protecting sensitive data Bitlocker, EFS, RMS, device control (e.g., USB drives)

Troubleshooting existing apps (security settings) Whats In The Guide? Two tested security configurations Each with over 300 pre-set security settings Huge time saver for IT pros GPOAccelerator Tool Automatically deploys chosen security configurations Policy Definitions 150 pages of detailed descriptions of Group Policy security settings (domain, computer, and user settings) Descriptions of each setting (enabled, disabled, #/value) What happens when you change them Two Baseline Security Configurations

Enterprise Client Balances security and functionality Used for most orgs Hardens Vista security right out of the box Specialized Security Limited Functionality (SSLF) Much tighter securityat expense of functionality For orgs like intelligence agencies, military/government, financial institutions Or, used for groups where security is paramount How The Vista Security Guide Works Choose Choose right right baseline

baseline config config for for risk risk posture posture Enterprise Enterprise Client? Client? Specialized Specialized Security Security Limited Limited Functionality? Functionality? Tailor Tailor preset preset configs configs for for your

your org org Defend Defend against against Malware Malware Protect Protect sensitive sensitive data data Troubleshoot Troubleshoot apps apps Finish Finish the the job job Deploy Deploy to to

test test environment environment Test! Test! Deploy Deploy tested tested settings settings to to production production environment environment Scenario 2 Continued Now that the security is defined, we can deploy. Microsoft Deployment demo

Jeremy Chapman Solution Accelerators Microsoft Scenario 4 Customer wants to minimize TCO and properly manage the desktop service. Service Management Concerns What is the best way to balance objectives? Increase Availability and Utilization Business Value Increase Responsiveness Service Levels

IT Governance Compliance Lower Operational Costs Cost Efficacy Improve Security Microsoft Operations Framework The three models Process Model Team Model Risk

Model Windows Vista Service Life-Cycle Management Role-based guidance for the desktop service IT Role Guidance for Service Mgmt Enabling business through IT to meet organizational objectives Security Balancing organizational needs to protect and secure corporate resources with users needs to access IT resources Infrastructur e Balancing ITs capabilities against business requirements by designing and

architecting an environment that addresses those needs Release Evaluating and deploying required changes to the environment with minimal business disruption Operations Ensuring the highly predictable execution of day-to-day tasks while optimizing the business return on investment (ROI) Support Providing timely resolution of incidents, problems, and inquiries while presenting the face of IT to end-users Partner Coordinating and managing the relationships with key partners to enable IT to deliver their objectives

End-To-End Guidance Spanning The Service Life-Cycle Envision Envision Design Design 1. Define the 1. Convert service requirements concept to designs 2. Identify 2. Create requirements project plans 3. Confirm approach and resources

Build Build 1. Develop of service plan 2. Build detailed test plans Stabilize Stabilize and and Deploy Deploy 1. Test user acceptance 2. Pilot deployment 3. Plan support 4. Perform production rollout Operate

Operate and and Support Support 1. Day-to-day care and feeding of systems 2. Perform ongoing change management 3. Deliver customer support 4. Drive continuous improvement processes Overview Of Service Life-Cycle Job Aids

Lets Review Service Management Assess Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Windows Vista Service Life-Cycle Management Secure Windows Vista Security Guide and Data Encryption Toolkit Depl oy

Microsoft Deployment Call To Action Download the Windows Vista accelerators View the entire catalog Provide feedback [email protected] Related Windows Vista sessions CLI313 Securing Windows Vista with Software and Device Restriction Policies CLI305 BitLocker Drive Encryption CLI323 Using Windows Vista Security Guide CLI13-IS Securing Windows Vista CLI302 Accelerating Desktop Hardware Readiness Assessment MGMT How MOF moves ITIL v3 from Concept to Practice CLI308 Microsoft Deployment and Configuration Manager 2007 7 ILLs for Microsoft Deployment

Resources Solution Solution Accelerator Accelerator Web Web Site Site Windows Windows Vista Vista Hardware Hardware Assessment Assessment Desktop Desktop Deployment Deployment Solution Solution Center Center (including (including Microsoft

Microsoft Deployment Deployment and and BDD BDD 2007) 2007) Windows Windows Vista Vista Security Security Guide Guide Data Data Encryption Encryption Toolkit Toolkit for for Mobile Mobile PCs PCs Windows Windows Vista Vista Service Service Life-Cycle Life-Cycle Management Management 987BA84E2&displaylang=en 987BA84E2&displaylang=en Microsoft Microsoft Learning Learning and and Certification Certification Microsoft Microsoft TechNet TechNet Trial Trial Software Software and and Virtual Virtual Labs Labs Resources Technical Communities, Webcasts, Blogs, Chats & User Groups spx learn support Microsoft Learning and Certification

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) & TechNet connect subscribe TechNet Library Knowledge Base Forums Trial Software and Virtual Labs ls/default.mspx TechNet Magazine Security bulletins User Groups

Newsgroup s E-learning Product New, as a pilot for 2007, the Breakout sessions Evaluations will be available post event, in the TechEd Video Videos Library, via the Webcasts V-labs My Event page the website Blogs MVPs Visit TechNet in the ATE of Pavilion and get a FREE 60-day subscription to TechNet Complete your evaluation on the My Event

pages of the website at the CommNet or the Feedback Terminals to win! All attendees who submit a session feedback form within 12 hours after the session ends will have the chance to win the very latest HTC 'Touch' smartphone complete with Windows Mobile 6 Professional 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

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