Who is InstallAware?

Who is InstallAware?

InstallAware for Windows Installer, Native Code, MSIX, Virtualization Key Objectives Who is InstallAware? Grow Software Margins: Save on Bandwidth Delight Developers: Convenience and Simplicity Maximize Revenue: Grow Exposure, Monetize Agile Builds Simplified Grow Software Margins: Save on R&D

InstallAware X11 Feature Highlights Available Editions and Pricing Who is InstallAware? Who is InstallAware? Founded in 2003 by former InstallShield employees who sensed that InstallShield was not leading the market:

Lack of innovation Hard to learn and use Thousands of outstanding work orders Outdated user interface and setup engine Copy-cat products were not innovating either What Makes InstallAware Unique? InstallAware is the: Fastest

Most Scalable Most Pleasing Easiest to Program Windows Installer solution. InstallAware improves the end-user experience and the development experience. What Makes InstallAware Unique? InstallAware provides leadership by: Keeping standards from driving your processes

Helping you do with your setups what was not possible before Providing a powerful abstraction of Windows Installer technology in MSIcode scripting Providing the fastest, most scalable, and most flexible installation engine for Windows What Makes InstallAware Unique? InstallAware makes it much easier to support Windows Installer: No proprietary database or custom action

programming is required to build installations InstallAware abstracts all MSI internals into an intelligible script called MSIcode! InstallAware automatically builds logo-compliant Windows Installer packages InstallAware builds setups that can be deployed unattended via Group Policy or Direct Deploy Push Technology InstallAware lets you integrate your business logic into your installer and make intelligent decisions at installtime What Makes InstallAware Unique?

InstallAware has its own Native Code Setup Engine: Runs where Windows Installer is disabled or damaged (Windows Safe Mode, corrupt system) Supports multiple simultaneous installations Fastest installer for Windows Easiest development paradigms InstallAware has its own 64-bit Compression Engine: Compress files up to 90% smaller Compress files down to half of their already-compressed Microsoft sizes, such as for Microsoft SQL Server and .NET Framework

Smallest installer for Windows Most scalable installer for Windows Grow Software Margins: Save on Bandwidth Grow Software Margins InstallAware reduces the size of a setup by up to 90% using the best compression available 64 bit LZMA, LZMA2, and BCJ2. InstallAware can even re-compress files and packages that have already been compressed

using other compression formats. Only InstallAware builds setups with advanced better-than-Microsoft compression, often halving alreadycompressed package sizes! Grow Software Margins InstallAware makes it easy to download technology runtimes or optional application features only when needed/selected. InstallAware does not produce empty web based installers that force an Internet connection even to copy vital application files.

Only InstallAware lets the developer choose exactly which files go online in a setup. Delight Developers: Convenience and Simplicity Delight Developers InstallShields bundled runtimes can be very difficult to get working properly. Common frameworks like Microsoft .NET and SQL Server deploy

very simply using InstallAware. Plus, InstallAware improves compression by as much as 90% - at no effort/cost to you. Delight Developers InstallAware provides one-click runtime installers for:

Microsoft .NET Framework (with service packs) Microsoft SQL Server Express (custom instances) Microsoft Visual Basic VMs Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes (with secure updates) Crystal Reports for Microsoft .NET Framework Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) Microsoft DirectX

Point-and-click to build your own runtimes with the Application Runtime Wizard Delight Developers All one-click runtimes can, with one click: Add all nested dependencies to the setup project Add all necessary hardware/software requirements to the setup project Only InstallAware automatically adds

the proper system checks and nested runtime dependencies. Delight Developers You can easily add any merge module or other technology installers to your setup, plus InstallAware lets you:

Improve compression Run them silently Capture and display native progress Take actions based on return codes Maximize Revenue: Grow Exposure and Monetize Software Maximize Revenue: Grow Exposure

InstallAware helps you gain critical software Business Intelligence by making it much easier to: Register users online from directly within the setup dialogs Survey users when they uninstall your software Track product usage when customers check your website for updates Maximize Revenue: Monetize Software

Only InstallAware lets you handle Digital Rights Management tasks such as: Authenticating users online before they can install the product (full sample project included) Authenticating users before they download and install updates Defining application features on-thefly, based on results of live authentication Agile Builds Simplified

Agile Builds Simplified Do you maintain separate installers for similar products or product editions? Do you use complex automation interfaces to emit setup projects? Wish you had an easier way to manage your releases? Consolidate your projects with InstallAware. Agile Builds Simplified Only InstallAware lets you:

Conditionally exclude/include files, registry keys, and other setup actions at build time Inject and customize text at build time Build multiple flavors and editions of your product from a single setup project Save yourself the complexity and overhead of managing multiple redundant setup projects Grow Software Margins: Save on Research & Development

Grow Software Margins Custom action authoring is an inherently error prone process Developing custom action DLLs requires very advanced programming skills Unforeseen scheduling errors with custom actions can lead to unexpected, hard to reproduce setup errors Grow Software Margins

MSIcode eliminates custom actions: Only available with InstallAware, MSIcode is a human readable, linear setup script No programming skills are required to develop MSIcode scripts All common setup tasks are available as drag-drop script commands in MSIcode InstallAware converts your MSIcode script to a Windows Installer MSI database automatically at build time Let InstallAware worry about generating an MSI package that gets the job done right

InstallAware X11 Product Highlights Whats New in Version X11? Download Any Torrent File/Magnet Link Host Your Setups on P2P Decentralized Networks Check for Installed/Missing Hotfixes Windows 7 Support for MSIX Packages Script Analytics in IDE 19H2/1909 Eco-System Runtimes and

Refresh High-DPI Support in IDE and Dialog Designer Torrents and Magnets First and Only Installer Supporting BitTorrent: Download from any torrent file or magnet link

Host your setups on decentralized networks Seed files instead of hosting them on servers Protect against failures of single/multiple nodes Accelerate downloads and installation speeds Additional protection against MITM attacks Hotfix Detection Query for the Presence/Absence of KBs: Check for necessary/contra-indicated KBs Also check for missing but eligible KB updates

Block setup or permit installation as required by your application and scenarios Vital in todays world of well-meaning but poorly tested KBs which unpredictably keep breaking end-user systems Script Analytics Express Edition users, rejoice! Command Types and Counts: List every command used in your main setup script, and their total invocation counts

Single Command Editor: Select a class of command to list all matching commands in order of script appearance; edit any single command More Version X11 Updates Full support for the 1909/19H2 eco-system: Latest runtimes including SQL Server 2019 Express. Updated Windows Features/Server Roles for 19H2. New MSIX targeting: Windows 7 down-level support for MSIX

containers High-DPI Support: IDE Dialog Editor Web Updates & InstallAware X11 Build updates from an integrated view Choose from three web update modes: scheduled, manual, or fully automatic (always forcing only the latest version of your app to run/install) Deploy an update client that integrates with the Windows Task

Scheduler, or works stand-alone from the Start Menu, or is invoked at every run of your setup for guaranteed updates Minimize updates to the system tray, or work interactively Fully customizable update user interface and logic target updates by product version, language, and other business logic Serve patches, full blown new version installers, or other types of applications as updates Use the new automatic web updates to easily build third party product bundles with your application Web Update Costs

InstallAware Web Updates do not cost extra. Web Updates are included with every product version, from Express to Studio Admin editions InstallShield has removed the Update Service Starter edition, requiring their users to pay for web updates Upgrading to InstallAware X11 Now is the best time to Upgrade to X11: New built-in InstallShield, Wise import for

one-click conversion of InstallShield projects saved as XML files and WiseScript files Call Set Variable NATIVE_ENGINE to TRUE to enable the new InstantInstall Native Engine Acceleration in any setup Call Use Download Engine to enable new BitTorrent support for web media block hosting What Else Can InstallAware Do? Run SQL Scripts on Microsoft, Oracle, or MySQL database servers

Create new IIS websites, virtual folders, application pools Register assemblies, call .NET installer classes Install ODBC drivers and DSNs Install services, register file types, environment variables Share folders, set access control lists on a variety of system objects Call any custom DLL or EXE file Extend the IDE directly with custom plug-ins that participate in the build process

Available Editions and Pricing Express vs. Developer Edition Express provides point-and-click simplicity Express does not include MSIcode scripting capabilities, one-click MSIX/APPX/App-V builds, or fully automated Virtual Machine Testing Developer provides full scripting capabilities with advanced project samples and one-click MSIX/APPX/App-V build targets Express uses the same project format with

other InstallAware editions for instant migration Developer vs. Studio Edition Developer offers MSIcode scripting, with easy-to-learn drag-drop authoring Developer lets you fully customize the setup logic and actions Studio includes a dialog designer for your setup wizards, an MSIcode debugger, and Build Events Studio offers Compiler Variables, letting you

build multiple setup releases from a single source project without complex automation Studio vs. Studio Admin Edition Studio Admin allows you to import and customize MSI and MSM databases Studio Admin lets you perform setup capture on existing installations Studio Admin lets you create MST transforms from MSI databases The automation interface allows you to emit complete setup projects programmatically,

from web or traditional applications, outside of the IDE Pricing Full Version Competitive Upgrade Upgrade Express

499 329 249 Developer 999 659

499 Studio 1,999 1,319 999 Studio

Admin 3,999 2,639 1,999 Licensing Options One license is required for each developer using the IDE Floating licenses are available for

non-simultaneous usage by more than one developer (+50%) No additional licenses are required for build machines with the purchase of a Studio or Studio Admin edition Competitive Upgrades Users of any version of InstallShield and Wise products are eligible Competitive upgrades qualify you for an instant 34% discount Just provide your competitive product

serial number to qualify Upgrades and Maintenance Packs Minor version upgrades are free for life Major version upgrades are free within 3 months of your original order date Upgrades may be ordered any time at 50% of new product cost Maintenance packs are available for 1 or 2 year terms, at 40% and 70% surcharges respectively

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