When to use an Apostrophe

When to use an Apostrophe

When to use an Apostrophe Goal In this lesson we will: Cover the basic rules of apostrophe use Learn what the most common mistakes are and how to avoid them

What do you think? Apostrophe errors are not a big problem; the apostrophe is not an important punctuation mark. AGREE OR DISAGREE? Apostrophes are Important! Apostrophes enrich the English language.

Apostrophes tell the reader who owns what, singular or plural, if a word has been contracted and so on. Use apostrophes correctly to communicate clearly. Apostrophe misuse creates a negative view of your writing. Use Apostrophes to:

1. Replace missing letters. (Cannot turned into cant) 2. Demonstrate possession. (Marys car) Plurals Dont add an apostrophe to make a plural word. When you are about to use an

apostrophe; stop and ask yourself if the word is plural. If it is then DONT add the apostrophe. PRACTISE: write a sentence with s for plural and NO APOSTROPHEshare with a partner. Random Apostrophe Use is Rampant!

Dogs everywhere love chewing bones The word Dogs is plural so it needs the s, but does everywhere belong to dogs? No, so drop the apostrophe. The dogs ate all the bones. The word bones is plural so it needs the s but there is nothing that belongs to the bone so you dont need the apostrophe. Think before you add an apostrophe!

Why is this incorrect? Can you identify the incorrect use of the apostrophe in this picture? PRACTISE- can you write how this should be written correctly Apostrophes for Ownership

Use an apostrophe to show ownership. *Marys hat *Michaels book If there are multiple owners then the apostrophe goes after the s *The dogs bowls

*The boys books Changs tricycle This is Johns room. How do I know that this room belongs to John?

This is Johns room. You need an apostrophe to show possession. If you only add an s, you are making the word plural. But what if the word is plural?

You do not need to add an extra s if you have added an s to make the word plural Lets say that John shares his room with his two brothers, Jake and Joe. If you were to refer to their room, you might say: This is the brothers room. You only need to add an apostrophe to show possession in this case.

And if you wanted to list the brothers names, and then show possession? This is John, Jake, and Joes room. You place the apostrophe and s at the end of the list. And what do you do if the word already ends in

s? Simple-You still add the apostrophe and s. E.g. This is Chriss car. Complicated- there are arguments about this! If its plural and ends in s then put the apostrophe on its own at the end E.g- The actresses' handbags were lined up outside the theatre

Lets practice! Add the apostrophe and s in the appropriate place.

I love Jen scarf! That is Mike, Todd, and Jeremy car.

The princess castle is beautiful! I went to my mom room to get her hairbrush. My sister favorite dessert is pie. The girls love to play with their Barbie dolls. The class opinions were used in the survey. The bosses suits were brand new. The bus steering wheel was wearing out. The Jones dog bit the mailman. The Smiths boat sank.

Did you get it right? Lets check your answers! I love Jens scarf! That is Mike, Todd, and Jeremys car. The princesss castle is beautiful! I went to my moms room to get her hairbrush. My sisters favorite dessert is pie.

The girls love to play with their Barbie dolls. The classs ideas were used in the planning. The bosses suits were brand new. The buses steering wheel were wearing out. The Joness dog bit the mailman. The Smiths boat sank. So, you know how to show possession. What else would you need the apostrophe for?

Apostrophes for Abbreviation When letters are missing from a word, use an apostrophe. *Theres (there is) a lot of rain today. *I wouldnt (would not) go outside.

The apostrophe indicates that letters are missing in contractions. A contractions is when you contract, or combine, two words. This is a device that you might use in a colloquial, or conversational form of writing. Common Contractions

not=nt Eg. couldnt=could not, cant=cannot, shouldnt=should not Common Contractions Is=s Eg. Theres, hes, etc Are=re

Ex. Theyre=they are, were=we are am=m- used for Im And More Common Contractions Have= ve Eg. Ive=I have, couldve=could have (Do not say could of!), etc

Had= d Eg. Hed, theyd Would=d eg. Id, hed (same contraction! Context tells us) Other words that can be abbreviated in contractions

Does Will Has ?

Combining contractions Sometimes you can have more than 1 contraction in 1 word! E.g- shouldn't've, theydve What others could you make? They will always have ve Apostrophes can also be use to contract years

1990=90 2001=01 And for slang abbreviationsWhat letters have been missed out heresingin twas Do you know any others? Lets Practice! Create a contraction from the following:

Cannot Will not Should have Could not have 1990 I will You are They are

We will not It is Did you get it right? Lets (a contraction for let us) check your answers!


Wont Shouldve Couldve 90 Ill Youre Theyre We wont Its

Common Errors Plurals- add an s but no apostrophe if its plural and nothing belongs to it Plurals that DO show belonging- add the apostrophe AFTER the s Words that show belonging and end in s anyway (Jess, bus)- add an s its and its/ your and youre/ their/theyre

Its and Its The ownership rule DOES NOT apply to the word IT. *The dog chewed its bone. Use ITS to show the abbreviation of it is or it has.

*Its (it is) a lovely day *Its (it has) been raining all day Oops! Can you spot the spelling and apostrophe errors in this picture? Apostrophe Errors 1. Has the apostrophe been used

correctly here? 2. Whats wrong with this picture? Practice Can you spot the mistakes?

http://www.grammarbook.com/grammar_quiz/apostrophes_1.asp A large number of todays children do not know who Betty Crocker is. "Their a lot of people who used to rely on her cookbooks," says my mother. True! Back in the 1930s, Betty Crocker was a name everyone knew. However, Betty Crocker actually came from an employees imagination. Marjorie Husted said in 1930, "Wheel make her look like the average American homemaker." Betty Crockers 101 Delicious Bisquick Creations was the name of one of her books. And a television commercial asked, "Whose the person who's cookies we love?" Soon boxes of Bettys

cake, brownie and biscuit mixes appeared on the supermarkets shelves. In 1946, Betty Crocker was voted the United States most popular woman. (Eleanor Roosevelt was first.) Few people realized that she dint really exist. She was simple General Mill's icon. As womens fashions changed, the company updated her picture. Her appearance became more professional looking as women enter the business world. People agreed with the commercial that told them, "Buy Betty Crocker. Its a quality you can trust." In honor of this fictitious woman, a street was named after her. The street's name is Betty Crocker Drive. http://www.grammar-quizzes.com/punc-apostrophes.html

In this session we have: Reviewed the fundamental rules of apostrophe use Learned how to identify and correct apostrophe misuses. Polished our grammar skills to become better communicators. CREATE YOUR GOAL REFLECTION

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