WHAT IS UAC? - Universities Admissions Centre

WHAT IS UAC? - Universities Admissions Centre

THE ATAR AND SUBJECT SELECTION Year 10 Information Session WHAT IS UAC? UAC processes applications for: -

University Entry College Entry Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) Educational Access Schemes (EAS) Equity Scholarships (ES) Calculates the ATAR for NSW HSC students. The ATAR

HSC vs ATAR Performance vs Position. HSC marks are about a students performance against the standards. ATAR is about a students position against all other students in NSW. Good performance does not guarantee a high position. The only thing a student can control is their performance. WHAT IS THE ATAR?

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is - A numerical measure of a students overall academic achievement in the HSC in relation to that of other students. - A number between 0.00 and 99.95 (only ATARs above 30.00 are reported). - Intended for use by universities to rank and select school leavers for admission to university. ATAR ELIGIBILITY To get an ATAR you need at least 10 units of

Board Developed courses these are HSC courses that are examined by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Your teachers will tell you which courses will count. Year 11- HSC requirements 12 units English Math Science

History ATAR CALCULATION The ATAR is based on an aggregate of scaled marks in 10 units of ATAR courses comprising: The best two units of English The best eight of the remaining units (can include up to two units of Category B courses) 1 unit

1 unit (English) (English) 1 unit 1 unit

1 unit 1 unit Aggregat e 1 unit

1 unit 1 unit 1 unit THE ATAR AND SCALING Scaling is the first step in calculating the ATAR. Different HSC courses have very different groups of students studying them. Marks need to be adjusted before they can be used to calculate an ATAR.

So no student is neither advantaged or disadvantaged because of their subject choice Scaling calculates what your mark and your position would be if all courses were studied by all students. UAC doesnt scale courses, we scale the students academic abilities within the course. Thats why some courses have higher scaled means than others. ATAR MYTHS Its a myth that choosing certain courses will automatically increase

you ATAR. There is no magic formula for getting a good ATAR; it just depends on how well youve done in all your courses in comparison to other students. Studying courses that you are not good at or happy with may mean you wont do your best or achieve good marks. As long as you have chosen the courses you are good at and do well in, you will have the best chance of maximising your ATAR. Subject selection is about choosing courses that

you are good at, are interested in and that may help you succeed in tertiary studies. SUBJECT SELECTION STEP 1: Think about your future. Consider: your interests your future career courses you show an aptitude in courses that will prepare you for success at uni and beyond.

INTEREST + ACHIEVEMENT = SUCCESS STILL NOT SURE? Access at: https://www.uac.edu.au/subject-compass/#/ YOUR FUTURE Explore and research your FUTURE career and study options: What do you need to do to get where you want to go?

What study areas and courses are on offer? university, TAFE, college, work Which courses will help you reach your potential? What is your back-up plan? SUBJECT SELECTION STEP 2: Consider the HSC courses on offer at your school Is the course: of interest to you? a good foundation for success at uni?

an ATAR course? And does it satisfy any uni course prerequisites? COURSE PREREQUISITES Prerequisites HSC courses you must have studied before a uni will offer you a place in the course. Assumed knowledge HSC courses the uni assumes you have studied before you start the uni course.

Not a requirement for entry, but set you up to succeed. Recommended studies HSC courses the uni suggests will prepare you for core first-year courses. Not a requirement for entry, but helpful. SUBJECT SELECTION STEP 3: Course checklist

I have researched future careers and relevant courses. I have considered my abilities and interests. I have checked course prerequisites and assumed knowledge. I am interested - and prepared to study hard - in the HSC courses Ive chosen. Ive got a back-up plan.

I am eligible to get an ATAR. Now youre ready to make an informed choice. UAC RECOMMENDS Dont choose courses because of a perceived ATAR or scaling as this could set you up for failure. Take on the highest level of study you can as this will help you better understand the course content at university. Always have a back-up plan.

In addition to the ATAR, be aware that many institutions have admission requirements such as prerequisites, assumed knowledge and recommended studies as well as additional selection criteria. Study hard and be happy with your decisions. WHAT IF? What if I dont meet the course prerequisites? YOU HAVE OPTIONS You can still get an offer to a similar course that has no course prerequisites. You may need to catch up on background knowledge through:

bridging courses extra subjects within the course structure. Remember, you must be ATAR eligible regardless of the HSC courses you choose. WHAT IF? What if I dont get a high enough ATAR for entry into university? GO TO YOUR PLAN B preparation courses at uni TAFE (TPC, Cert IV or Diploma) uni colleges

private colleges. CONNECT WITH US

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