What is Philosophy? - Mount St. Joseph University

What is Philosophy? - Mount St. Joseph University

What is Philosophy? Ronald F. White, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy Human Inquiry Human Inquiry as questioning and answering State of Belief State of Doubt Individual Inquiry Collective Inquiry

Familial Cultural Socio-Political Generational Intergenerational Two Forms of Human Inquiry Descriptive Inquiry (Facts) Discerns Truth from Falsity (is) Prescriptive Inquiry (Values)

Discerns Good from Bad Descriptive Philosophy Metaphysics Epistemology Ontology Cosmology Philosophy of Science (general or particular) Religion

Mind Physics Medicine Prescriptive Philosophy Axiology: Study of value (good) Aesthetics Political Philosophy Logic Ethics Deontology

Teleology virtue Metaphysical Inquiry Epistemological Inquiry Ontological Inquiry Epistemological Inquiry What is Epistemology? Foundationalism (knowledge) Realism

Rational foundation Empirical Foundation Pragmatic Foundation Objectivity Anti-Foundationalism (power) Social Construction Subjectivity Ontological Inquiry

What is Ontology? Entity-Based Ontology (stability) Materialism (material entities) Idealism (mental entities) Subjective idealism Transcendental idealism Mind-Body Problem (pluralism) Nature v. Nurture Controversy Process-Based Ontology (change)

Systems-Based Ontology Systems-Based Ontology What is a system? Closed v. Open Systems

Simple v. Complex Systems Macro v. Micro Systems Evolutionary (adaptive) v. Non-Evolutionary (non-adaptive) Systems Living v. Non-Living Systems

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