Welcome to the LogistiCare Web Seminar

Welcome to the LogistiCare Web Seminar

Welcome to the LogistiCare Web Seminar MAINECARE FACILITY SERVICE PRESENTATION Who is LogistiCare ? LogistiCare is a transportation management solution; not a transportation company. Maine is unique, this is the only state in which LogistiCare maintains a small fleet of recovery vehicles. We are focused on the growth of the local networks of professional transportation companies. These networks consist of local, commercial, non-profit and public transportation companies. We are continuously partnering with high quality providers to deliver a transportation service that is safe, reliable and timely. Credentialing of our network. Prior to becoming a provider in our network, a company must undergo the

LogistiCare 3-step credentialing process Company financial and reference review Review of safety compliance procedures, driver and attendant background checks Site visits that include vehicle and driver inspections During the site visit, LogistiCare inspects provider records and vehicles. The transportation provider must produce: An operations manual A certificate of insurance

Records of criminal background checks for drivers and attendants Vehicle information and recent maintenance schedules Drivers' licenses and required business licensing We insist that our network takes the credentialing requirements seriously by focusing on: Adherence Documentation Commitment Transportation Protocols and Hours of Operation Standard Days and Hours of Customer Service Center Operation for Routine Reservations Open Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Closed Saturdays and Sundays Closed on national holidays

Transportation Services Available 24/7/365 Standard Days and Hours of Customer Service Center Operation for Trip Recovery, Discharges, and Urgent Requests Available 24/7/365 Screening Criteria Who can request transportation? Members over the age of 16 years Members relative or legal guardian, or authorized representative Medical provider Hours of Notice for Routine (non-urgent) Medical Appointment

48 business hours (2 business days) How far in advance can members make reservations? No more than 30 days Instructions if Member calls less than required hours of notice If this is the Members first time calling, educate Member, schedule trip and note in LogistiCAD All future attempts, educate Member, note in LogistiCAD, and ask Member to reschedule their appointment to be within the hours of notice requirements. Exception will be made for reservations deemed urgent. Will Call for return trips (when members are not sure how long appointment will last) Member should call the ride assist line to schedule return trips. Provider has up to 1 hour for urban locations and 2 hours for rural locations from the time of the call to pick up member.

Screening Criteria (cont.) Modes of Transportation Covered Ambulatory: Sedan, van, taxi Wheelchair lift-equipped vehicle Mass Transit Public Transit Mileage Reimbursement- Family and friends Meals and lodging Covered with Pre-Authorization from MaineCare Transportation to/from Hospital Emergency rooms

Not allowed to ER Allowed from ER Not allowed between ERs Screening Criteria (cont.) Trips to the pharmacy Allowed Limits to trip length, as measured in miles Allowed following mileage guidelines set by MaineCare Requests for transportation out of state Requires prior authorization MaineCare Wheelchair/DME/Car Seats

LogistiCare does not provide wheelchairs for transportation. If a member requires a car seat, please let the customer service representative know at the time of the reservation. Minors traveling without an adult escort A minor under the age of 16 years requires a consent form on file with LogistiCare if they need to travel alone. The consent form needs to be complete and signed by the minors parent or guardian. Reservation- Toll Free Numbers (Facilities) Facility Service Department: 877-659-1305 (Medical facilities including but not limited to: Dialysis, hospitals, cancer centers)

Facility Fax Number: 877- 637-9091 Facilities are able to fax in Standing orders and single trip requests using this toll free number Reservation -Toll Free Numbers (Members) The numbers listed below are specific toll free numbers for the beneficiaries, their families/care givers or medical providers call to reserve a demand response/episodic trip for the beneficiary. E.g.: a trip to the doctor on Thursday. 855-608-5174 Region 1 (Includes Aroostook County) 855-608-5176 Region 2 (Includes Washington County and Hancock County)

855-608-5178 Region 6 (Includes Cumberland County) 855-608-5180 Region 7 (Includes Oxford County (not including towns in region 8), Androscoggin County and Franklin County 877-659-1302 Region 8 (Includes York County, and Brownfield, Denmark, Fryeburg, Hiram, Porter, Lovell, Stoneham, Stow, Sweden cities in Oxford County) Ride Assist- Toll Free Numbers Where case managers, social workers and beneficiaries (or their families/care givers) call concerning a service issue E.g.: transportation is late dropping off or picking up the patient. 855-608-5175 Region 1

855-608-5177 Region 2 855-608-5179 Region 6 855-608-5181 Region 7 877- 659-1303 Region 8 Ride Assist Ride Assist Ride Assist Ride Assist Ride Assist Standing Orders What is a standing Order? To eliminate the need to arrange trips for members who have One or more trips to

the same facility each week, a standing order form and process has been created. This allows a facility to arrange trips in advance for a member scheduled for treatment three days or more a week to the same location. Example: dialysis, wound care, mental health, and medication management. A Standing Order will be created and inserted in our system. Our system will propagate the information based on the schedule furnished by the treating facility. Every standing order must be recertified by LogistiCare on a quarterly basis. The treating facility will be asked to verify that the members information has not changed since the original standing order was created. Who fills out the Standing Order Request Form? Standing order forms must be completed by a representative of the treating facility. How can I get a Standing Order Request Form? Standing Order Forms can be obtained through the website or by contacting the Facility Department or it can be completed by accessing the LogistiCare Facility Service Website

Frequently asked questions What if a facility has a same day or next day urgent trip? Urgent/same day trips can be booked through LogistiCare. Such trips should be true urgent conditions where a physician is requiring the member be seen the same day or the next day. What happens if a trip is booked and the transportation provider is late picking up the member? In the event that a transportation provider is late, LogistiCare maintains a staff trained to resolve late arrivals. A dedicated phone line is available to inquire about the status of their ride. The line is called the Ride Assist line and the phone number to call is: 877-659-1303 What happens if we dont know what time the members appointment will be over and no time is arranged in advance for the return ride? Once their appointment is finished, the member or facility will call the "Ride Assist" phone number and request transportation be sent to return the member. The transportation provider will be dispatched and will have up to one (1) hour for urban locations and 2 hours for rural location to arrive for the members return ride.

The member/facility will use the same "Ride Assist" phone number: 877-659-1303 What if a Facility has an emergency trip? Emergency ambulance trips are not arranged through LogistiCare. If a medical emergency ambulance trip is needed, 911 should be called. FAQ (cont.) How do hospitals arrange discharges? Physician's Transportation Restriction Forms are not needed for hospital discharges. Dedicated Facility Coordinators are assigned to handle discharges. Once the discharge is arranged, the transportation provider has up to four (3) hours to respond and pick-up the patient. Contact the Facility Department: Facility Phone: 877-659-1305 Facility Fax: 877- 637-9091

What if a facility has multiple trips to book for different members? The facility can fill out individual Single Trip Request Form for each member. We do ask that the request not exceed 30 days in advance notice. You can fax the completed form to: 877- 6379091 . Again, two business days notice is required for routine trips. Can a facility ask for a preferred transportation provider? Yes, if a facility has a transportation provider they prefer, please mention this when scheduling transportation. LogistiCare will note the request on the trip and will do everything they can to honor the facilitys request, depending on availability of the transportation provider and/or if the preferred provider is a participant in the LogistiCare network. Even though the request will be documented, trip assignment will be based on routing criteria that includes provider compliance. LogistiCare does not guarantee that a preferred provider will be assigned based on a request. Can a skilled nursing facility or a MCRD facility utilize LogistiCare for transportation services? Skilled nursing facilities and MCRD facilities are required to provide transportation to their residence. If the skilled nursing facility is not able to provide transportation, LogistiCare will accommodate the transport. The request will need to include the reason the skilled nursing facility is not able to accommodate the transportation.

Urgent Transportation Requests Applies only after the member has been educated on the notification policy Urgent calls are defined as reservation requests for unscheduled episodic situations in which there is no threat to life or limb, but the recipient must be seen with less than 48hours (2-business days) notice. If the members appointment type is related to the following list, it is considered Urgent in nature and does not require verification: Dialysis Wound Care, Chemo & Radiation Hospital discharge follow up Surgical follow up New on-set of non-life threating injury/ illness.

In the event that a member requires an urgent transport, it is imperative that LogistiCare have the available resources to accommodate the transportation request. If a member is able to safely reschedule a non-urgent appointment, we do ask that they work with the medical provider to schedule their appointment to accommodate the 48-hour notice. Notification Policy To ensure proper trip assignment, we require 48 hours notice(2-business days) In the event that a transportation provider is not able to accommodate an assigned trip, the provider is required to notify LogistiCare 48 hours prior to the scheduled date of service. This notification process allows LogistiCare additional time to secure a transportation provider.

If it is the members first time calling - LogistiCare will educate the member on the required notification process and schedule their transportation. Future attempts - If the member attempts to schedule a non-urgent reservation outside of the 48-hour ( 2 business days) required notice, the CSR will ask the member to reschedule their appointment to meet the 48 hour notice. Coverage Area LogistiCare is responsible for members who reside and are registered in Regions 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8 Coverage Area (cont.)

Region 1 = Includes Aroostook County Region 2 = Includes Washington County and Hancock County Region 6 = Includes Cumberland County Region 7 = Includes Oxford County (not including towns in region 8), Androscoggin County and Franklin County Region 8 = Includes York County and the Townships of Brownfield, Denmark, Fryeburg, Hiram, Porter, Lovell, Stoneham, Stow, and Sweden in Oxford County Facility Website Information Facts and forms Enter the LogistiCare Website: www.logisticare.com

Choose the option Healthcare Facilities Select FAQs & Forms Facility Website Information Facts and forms (cont.) Select State Maine Facility Website Information Facts and forms (cont.) Select Downloads Select FAQ Facility Service Website (Schedule trips on line)

The LogistiCare Facility Service website supports transportation request from healthcare facilities on behalf of their members. The Facility Services Web lets you: Enter a single trip or standing order request for review and approval by a LogistiCare Facility Representative Look up and view trip requests Modify or update pending requests Withdraw pending requests Manage Facility Services Web user accounts The secure login function, data encryption, and other security features are designed to protect your clients and your organization. The LogistiCare Facility Services Web site meets all requirements of the Health Insurance Portability

and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regarding Protected Health Information (PHI) to ensure the privacy and security of your data. Facility Service Website (cont.) Accessing the Facility Services Web site To access the Facility Services Web site, establish your Internet connection and open your browser. In the Address line of your browser, enter the Internet address http://facility.logisticare.com/ and then press ENTER or select the GO action. TIP! You can save the Facility Services Login page as a Favorite web location. On the Favorites menu in your browser, select the Add to Favorites option. The Login page also provides notices of scheduled maintenance or system updates. Logging in to the Facility Services Web site To log in to Facility Services, you will need the User Name and Password that you received from LogistiCare when you signed up for the site or from your system administrator or manager.

Questions Please take this time to asks questions about our process

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