Welcome to Holy Cross

Welcome to Holy Cross

Welcome to Holy Cross Primary 1 Induction June 2018 About our school originally Holy Cross Academy (once situated across the road) current building built in 1964

enjoys a wide catchment area including Trinity, Newhaven, Wardie, Inverleith, Warriston and Goldenacre is served by the Parishes of St Margaret Mary and Holy Cross Our Faith

As a Catholic school we aim to develop as a community of faith and learning. We follow This is Our Faith and regularly pray and celebrate Mass together. Our School Motto Sancta Crux est spes nostra Our Vision To create a nurturing, respectful community

where confident pupils can grow in faith and achieve their best. Key Staff James McDevitt Angela Burnett Megan Cutter Carolyn Blackhall Head Teacher Depute Head Teacher

Principal Teacher Business Manager Primary 1 Classes Two Primary 1 classes P1H Sarah Munro/Jenny Heron P1C Grace McCafferty

The First Day Wednesday 15th August 2018 Pupils come to the playground and will be admitted by their teacher directly into the classroom at 8.50 am Feast of the Assumption Please note P1 will this day. Please collect your child/children at 12 noon not attend Mass on

Wednesday 15 , Thursday 16 and Friday 17th August th th Pupils come to the playground and will be admitted by their teacher directly into the classroom at 8.50 am For the first week only, school will finish at 12 noon every day

The First Week There may be a chance for PE but the children will not change- they will be exploring the gym hall The teacher will not be able to speak with you at the classroom door as she will be busy with the children. If you need anything, come up the path to the school

office Coming and Going From Monday 20th August 2018, the school week will be as follows: Monday- Thursday: Friday:

8.50am-2.55pm 8.50am-12.15pm Collection Only a named person can collect your child. They will not be allowed to go with another parent unless the school has written permission. Lunches

One small healthy snack is suitable for break time ALL P1-P3 children are entitled to a free school meal Lunches are ordered through Parentpay Packed lunches should be healthy and the box should be clearly labelled Milk

Must be ordered in advance Whole session 2018/19 costs 30.40 Non-refundable ALL cheques for Milk should be made payable to City of Edinburgh Council Please also give your child a bottle of water

to school each day Free Milk a Children are entitled to free milk if their parents are in receipt of Income Support or Income-based Jobseekers Allowance

Forms available from school if applicable Parentpay Where payment is required - trips, lunches, milk etc. Every parent is required to be registered with Parentpay as we are a cashless school in common with every other CEC school. Holy Cross Nursery no action required Any other nursery Activation required in August

Groupcall This is used for sharing important information. For example; Letters, Newsletters, and communication of special events happening within the school. Please download the Groupcall Expressions App to your mobile device Website and Twitter Website - school policies, class work and

items of general interest. Twitter - news, announcements, key dates, links What to Bring School Uniform: Please label everything!

You will be given a gym bag in week one Messy work: please send in an old T shirt for painting activities Outdoor learning: plenty of opportunity to learn outdoors. Please ensure they have appropriate

footwear and jacket. Also for Daily Mile Attendance Please call the school office should you know your child will be absent The school will continue to call you unless you have communicated with the school office

Please ensure your child arrives and is collected on time each day- late comers MUST come into school via the school office After School Club Places still available before school Limited places available after school but worthwhile putting names on the waiting list

Information on handout Family Holidays in Term Time Normally categorised as Unauthorised absence Exceptional circumstances do NOT include Cheap holidays Holidays which overlap at start or end of term

Poor weather during school holidays Where schools prior permission has NOT been sought, the absence will normally be automatically classed as unauthorised School Uniform All pupils at Holy Cross wear uniform

green blazer with embroidered school badge white shirt with school tie green cardigan/ jumper

grey trousers/ skirt/ pinafore/ shorts green and white summer school dress dark shoes

green sweatshirt with embroidered badge white polo shirt with embroidered badge School Uniform School branded items are available from Border Embroideries border-embroideries.co.uk

Plain green and white items are available from most supermarkets PE Kit All classes have at least two sessions of PE Wear a polo shirt if possible (helps changing!)

Bring white T-shirt, navy shorts, black plimsolls (Velcro fastening) Better Behaviour Better Learning Behaviour is of a high standard and based on mutual respect for people and property. We will support children if they are finding things challenging. Where there are concerns, school will seek to involve parents at an

early stage. Parents are expected to support the school in promoting high standards of behaviour. Whole-school Behaviour Whole-school behaviour is based on promoting the Holy Cross Values. These are: Kindness Compassion Honesty Respect Responsibility

Resilience Whole-school Behaviour All children are allocated to one of the four Houses: St Teresa - BLUE St Pio - GREEN St John Paul - RED St Mary McKillop YELLOW Every year, children in P7 are elected to be House Captains Rewards

Children can win Golden Tokens for their House by demonstrating the school values. Each week, one child from each class will be awarded the Gold Medal at assembly Golden Tokens are counted at the end of each week

Winning House has extra break End of session, winning House receives House Trophy Rights Respecting School The Rights Respecting School award (RRSA) helps our pupils to grow into confident, caring and responsible young citizens both in school and within

the wider community. By learning about their rights our pupils, your children, also learn about the importance of respecting the rights of others. This is our RRS Logo: Positive Behaviour in the Playground We have a playground charter at Holy Cross which details the rights children can enjoy in the playground when both the adults and pupils follow it. Pupils are rewarded for good behaviour by the PSAs with Owl

tokens. The winning class gets an extra playtime the following week. Parental Involvement Parent Forum As a parent, you are automatically part of the Parent Forum. You can: Ask school for advice and information on childs education Come along to meetings to offer ideas Elect members of the Parent Council Parent Council

Elected by the Parent Forum, ideally with reps from each class Represent views of parents Explore ways of parents supporting school, e.g. property issues, budget cuts Current Chair- Mrs Lisa Dunbar Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Organise social events and fundraising, e.g. Halloween Disco, Spring Fayre

Monies raised make possible a whole range of events for the children- outings, trips, ICT Contact- Mrs Clear or Mrs Russell School Improvement During session 2017/18, we have been working on: Raising attainment in numeracy and literacy Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) Building Resilience Develop links with community and parents School Improvement

In session 2018/2019 we will be working on: Raising attainment in numeracy and literacy Learning though Play at the Early Level Rights Respecting Schools Award RRSA Gold Level Family Learning Tuesday 12th June P1 Induction Bring your child to the classroom at 11am Leave your child with the class teacher Come to the school dining hall for refreshments, meet the PTA and the Family Learning Worker

Second-hand uniform will also be on sale Return to the infant playground for collection at 11.45am Finally Please refer to the school website for further information Any questions, just ask

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