Welcome to Global History and Geography I

Welcome to Global History and Geography I

Welcome to Global History and Geography I Global History and Geography is a required course for graduation. Global History and Geography is a two-year course. The first year

of the course examines the history of the world before 1770. The first humans were hunters and gatherers. They were nomads. A nomad is a person who moves from place to place.

Our Story Begins Before Farming It took humans thousands of years to learn how to farm. Before people learned to farm, they had to move in search of food. They were

nomads. Humans were hunters and gatherers. Men hunted animals and women gathered or collected the plants, nuts, and berries that could be found and eaten.

Nomads do not build permanent settlements. They do not build cities. They move too frequently. Societies Changed When People Learned to Farm

The Neolithic Revolution refers to the time when people learned to farm. In our study of World History, we will discover that societies changed greatly with the introduction of farming. Can you list three changes that occurred

when people learned to farm? Humans first learned to farm near rivers. Why were rivers so important for farming? Of course, our course is not solely

about nomads and farmers In Global History and Geography I, we will also study great civilizations. We will intellectually travel around the world to discover the accomplishments of the worlds peoples.

We will examine great societies in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. The Mayas built magnificent pyramids in southern Mexico and Guatemala. The Romans conquered many lands

and built a vast empire. The Chinese built the Great Wall of China to protect China from invaders. In Global History and Geography, we

examine great societies and great works of art. We study the human experience. As we journey around the world, we discover new cultures and new

ideas. There is so much see. There is so much to learn. Questions for Reflection:

What is Global History and Geography? Why do we study Global History and Geography? What is the difference between history and geography? What country or region are you most

interested in learning about? Why? How will studying Global History and Geography help you?

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