Welcome Parents

Welcome Parents

Welcome Parents To 6th grade Meet the Teacher Mrs. Kalmar Who am I? Ive been teaching at Cedargrove for 31 years!

Taught 4th,5th and 6th Bachelors, Masters, CAG Training, USC Summer Institute for the Gifted and a Love of students and teaching. Married, mother of 3~ A Son and two Daughters. 6 grade th

Learn more independence Get organized Self discipline Self motivated Responsible Growing up Hormonal School Theme Be Golden Treat others the way you want to be treated!

Cedargrove Knowledge takes you to College! What Does it mean to be Gold? Golden Rule~Give of Yourself Own Your Actions Lead With Kindness Do your Best Field Trip & Fun Activities Pali Institute~ 3 days and 2 nights of outdoor learning! https://www.paliinstitute.com/ Picnic and Dance for 6th graders Promotion on the last day of school

Reading *Common Core~ Benchmark Advance and Novels~Text Based questions to prove your answer is correct. Non-Fiction, details & THINK! * increase fluency, vocabulary development, intensify comprehension through inferencing and drawing conclusions. * Focus on literary elements, learn literary analysis, criticism and response. *Create outlines, summaries, notes and reports. No Reading Logs! SSR in class 10 minimum AR points expected per month

I-Ready lessons each week/ 45 min each week Writing Organize and focus a multi paragraph essay in various writing genre Learn about a Thesis & Exposition paragraph (set a purpose) Learn to Lift a Line~quote from text * Well articulated paragraphs that paint visuals for the reader, and prove a point. Concluding paragraph that summarize Create a strong voice Language Sentence Structure~

Learn to use compound and complex sentences. Understand colons and semicolons Spelling-recognize frequently misspelled words and patterns in spelling. Grammar~ parts of speech and conventions Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations~ Egypt China India Rome Americas Greece In class projects Science

NGSS Standards Energy Molecules to Organisms Heredity Earth Systems Earth and Human Activity In class engineering projects 1 at home project~ Invention

Math Focus~ Common Core Whole numbers & Decimals Fractions, Rational Numbers

Ratios/Rates & Percents Units of Measure Algebra~ Expressions and Equations Geometry & Statistics Critical Thinking~Real Life Problems i-Ready~complete lessons each week 45 mins! Fine Arts/ P.E. Choir~ Wednesdays at 9:50-10:35 P.E.~ Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 11:25 focus on skill building, games, boot camp and

track and field. Art/Music/Dance throughout the year! Computer One to One Chrome books Focus on typing fluency

Computer literacy Research Google Slides Presentation and layouts i Ready lessons~ELA & Math individualized lessons Grading and Report Cards Common Core Based Grading system 5 (90% +) Excelling at grade level 4 (80% - 89%) Meeting grade level standards

3 (70% - 79%) Approaching grade level 2 (60% - 69%) Below grade level 1 (60% - 0%) Far below grade level Parent Conferences: Sign ups in back! Honor Roll Gold Silver Bronze All 5s 4s and 5s All 4s

Yellow Cards and Incentive 3.0 or higher overall average per trimester earns an incentive day Students that do not maintain a 2.0 on their yellow card or have missing projects will not participate in the 6th grade end of the year activities. Contract! Homework Cousd Website No late work! All homework is accounted for, graded together, its practice. Points given for all assignments

Counts as 10% of the final grade in each subject. Given Monday-Thursday unless its a project. Class Work Given daily with plenty of time to finish Assignments due throughout week Some are corrected together others are graded and used as a specific grade. Points given for all assignments Counts as 20%of the grade. Classroom Behavioral Expectations

Social Contract~ Created as a whole class Students are expected to be on time each day, 3 tardies per trimester allowed. Absent students must make up their work, have someone come pick up work to avoid falling behind. All students are expected to do their work and try their best, ask questions and ask for help. Differentiation

Students will receive the core 6th grade curriculum The core curriculum will be differentiated to provide novelty, depth, and complexity. Kaplans iconic prompts for Depth and Complexity Kaplans Content Imperatives Characteristics of a Scholar After School help for 1 hour on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays The Study of Disciplines What What

What What What Details vocabulary is used? Who..? What..? tools are used? When? Where..? methods are used? service is provided? Why? How? products are made? Unanswered Questions

What words dont you understand? What is unclear? Rules What are the rules? How it is structured? Patterns What patterns do you notice? Can you predict what will come next? Why do you think so?

Ethics Who believes the behavior or action to be right or wrong and why? What information is missing? Depth & Complexity Icons Use this page to make icon transparencies, to use as discussion guides on your white board, as cue cards

during literature circle book discussions or as writing prompts to generate ideas & encourage critical thinking. Shared by Point of View Who agrees & disagrees? What are their opinions? Who believes what & why? Change Over Time

What was it like in the past, the present & what might it be like in the future? What caused the change? Trends Identify cause & effect relationships What are influencing factors? Big Ideas What is the theme?

Identify the Big Idea, principle or generalization. Interdisciplinary Connection What common theme connects the topics? How is one topic like the other? Power has the ability to influence Power can be used and abused Power can come in many forms Power is always present in some form

Society Business Days once a trimester Student created business in which items are handmade. Unites class, teaches monetary value, promotes the entrepreneur and creativity Fun!!! Communication Charter Oak Website Email Notes Phone call After school and Before school

What Else ? PTA~Please Join $8 Parent volunteers for popsicle sales/end of year activities Cell Phone/Toys Parent contact card~ Email please Birthdays Box tops/ Wish list Tissue & Paper towels Hand soap Baby wipes/ Clorox wipes Jolly Ranchers

Questions Mission Statement: Become the person/student you need to be so that success continues throughout your life. You may need help with organization or self-discipline. You may be someone who does not like a subject but will learn to see another side. You may need love or kindness and will receive it. You may need help, Ill be here for you always. We are all here for different reasons, we are a family and we are all on a unique journey. Always try and Never Quit!!! Thank you all for coming this evening, this will be a wonderful year and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your childs life!

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