Vocabulary Unit 11 - Mrs. Sullivan

Vocabulary Unit 11 - Mrs. Sullivan

Vocabulary Unit 11 Sophomores Level E Allude Verb To refer to casually or indirectly In class today, Mrs. Sullivan alluded to the possibility of a quiz being given the

following day. Allude Synonyms Suggest Insinuate Hint at intimate Clairvoyant

Adjective Supernaturally perceptive Noun One who possesses extrasensory powers, seer The show Ghost Whisperer is about a woman with clairvoyant powers who guides earthbound spirits into the light. Clairvoyant Synonyms

Adj. Antonyms Adj. Insightful Blind Discerning Unseeing Uncanny

Myopic Dense Noun visionary Imperceptive Conclusive Adjective

Serving to settle an issue; final The test results held conclusive evidence that the patients tumor was in fact malignant. Conclusive Synonyms Antonyms

Unsettled Decisive Provisional Indisputable Indefinite Convincing Definitive Disreputable Adjective Not respectable, not esteemed

Chris Browns disreputable actions against Rhianna have brought about a decline in his popularity. Disreputable Synonyms Antonyms Disgraceful

Honest Discreditable Aboveboard Shady Respectable Creditable Endemic Adjective

Native or confined to a particular region or people; characteristic of or prevalent in a field. In countries outside of North America, it is difficult to obtain a turkey for Thanksgiving as the fowl is endemic to that region. Endemic Synonyms

Antonyms Indigenous Alien Restricted Foreign to Extraneous Exemplary

Adjective Worthy of imitation, commendable; serving as a model. Because of her exemplary academic performance over a four year period, Little Flower named Gail the valedictorian of the graduating class. Exemplary

Synonyms Antonyms Praiseworthy Infamous Meritorious Notorious Sterling

Scandalous Illustrative Disreputable Fathom Verb To understand, get to the bottom of; to determine the

depth of Noun A measure of depth in water I cannot fathom why students do not manage their time better in order to get all of their homework done. Fathom Synonyms Grasp Comprehend Figure Plumb out

Guile Noun Treacherous cunning, deceit In the Crucible, Abigail Williams guile ties the noose around many a Puritan neck. Guile

Synonyms Antonyms Trickery Candor Duplicity Artlessness Chicanery Navet

Plain dealing Integrity Noun Honesty, high oral standards; an unimpaired condition, completeness, soundness. Many colleges have academic integrity policies

in order to deal with occurrences of plagiarism. Integrity Synonyms Antonyms Rectitude Dishonesty Probity

Corruption Turpitude Itinerary Noun A route of travel; a record of travel; a guidebook I employed the help of a travel agent when planning an itinerary for my upcoming trip to the Bahamas.

Itinerary Synonyms Schedule Program Misconstrue Verb To interpret wrongly, mistake the meaning of

The student misconstrued the instructions for writing the in-class essay and was penalized for her faulty interpretation. Misconstrue Synonyms Misjudge Misinterpret Obnoxious Adjective

Highly offensive, arousing strong dislike Using foul language is considered an obnoxious habit by many. Obnoxious Synonyms

Antonyms Disagreeable Agreeable Repugnant Pleasing Hateful Engaging Odious Personable

Placate Verb To appease, soothe, pacify Realizing his customers were getting impatient, the waiter brought the table more bread to placate them. Placate

Synonyms Antonyms Vex Satisfy Irk Mollify Provoke Allay Exasperate Conciliate Annoy

Placid Adjective Calm, peaceful Lullabies are placid songs meant to soothe an upset child into sleep. Placid

Synonyms Antonyms Undisturbed Stormy Tranquil Agitated Quiet Turbulent

Serene Tempestuous Plagiarism Noun Passing off or using as ones own the writing (or orther materials) of another person.

Colleges and universities use sites like turn-itin.com to detect instances of plagiarism in student writing. Plagiarism Synonyms Piracy Theft Potent Adjective

Powerful; highly effective Some advocates of the death penalty think it is a potent crime deterrent. Potent Synonyms Antonyms Weak Mighty

Inept Formidable Feckless Forceful Powerless Ineffective Pretext Noun A false reason, deceptive excuse

The girl faked sick in the morning as a pretext to get out of her English test. Pretext Synonyms Pretense Cover story Rationale Evasion Protrude

Verb To stick out, thrust forth Emaciated woman look as though their collar bones protrude from their bodies. Protrude Synonyms

Project Jut out Bulge Stark Adjective Harsh, unrelieved, desolate; Adverb

Utterly The failure warning was a stark reminder to the girl that she needed to be a more diligent student. Stark Synonyms Antonyms Adj. Sheer Downright

Grim Bleak Adv. Absolutely Adj Bright Cheerful Embellished Ornate Superficial Adjective

On or near the surface concerned with or understanding only what is on the surface, shallow. Students often have a superficial grasp on vocabulary because memorize words for a test instead of making longer lasting connections. Superficial Synonyms

Antonyms Skin-deep Deep Insubstantial Profound Cursory Thorough Slapdash


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