Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary Development

VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT Connotation and Denotation CONNOTATION AND DENOTATION Denotation denotation noun \d-nt-shn\ Connotation connotation noun \k-nt-shn\ The most specific or The set of associations direct meaning of a implied by a word in word, in contrast to its addition to its literal figurative or associated meaning.

meanings. The connotation of a The denotation of a word reflects its word is its exact emotional qualities or dictionary meaning. meanings. Negative and Positive Connotations of Colors CONNOTATION AND DENOTATION Mars is a frozen red desert whipped by tornadoes and fierce winds. Which word is an antonym for fierce? A. natural

B. gentle C. ancient D. warm Forty million years ago, when the earth was much wetter and warmer, huge forests with many kinds of trees thrived in the far north. Heres the key, she would say, retrieving a small brass key from her pocket. What is a synonym

for the word retrieving? What does the word A. getting thrived mean in B. turning the sentence? C. locking D. polishing A. became shorter B. died quickly C. grew well D. burned down CONNOTATION AND DENOTATION The canal was so parched that the fish lined up with their towels to take turns swimming

in the few remaining water holes. What is the meaning of the word parched in this sentence? A. The canal was getting bigger. B. The canal was filling up with water. C. The canal was very The nearer he got to Father, the more he dreaded asking for a nickel. He was sure Father would not give it to

him. Millions of years passed, and the climate of the earth altered dramatically. The northlands turned cold and icy. What does dreaded mean in these sentences? What does altered mean in the sentence? A. Feared B. Questioned

C. Avoided D. debated A. Jumped B. Raised C. Stopped D. Changed One way is to conserve energy. If we burn less fossil fuel, well produce less carbon dioxide. What is a synonym for conserve? A. Save B. Ignore C. Waste

D. Increase Read each of the following sentences. Decide from the context whether the speaker is showing approval (+) or disapproval (-) of the topic. Then circle the best word to put into the sentence. 1. The sooner we move out of this (home, dump), said Jack, the happier Ill be. 2. This cell phone is (expensive, overpriced), but I dont mind paying extra because it has so many useful features. 3. Youre lucky to have Jason on your committee. He has lots of (original, crazy) ideas. 4. Fidel and his (cronies, employees) have controlled the politics in this city for more than twenty years. I certainly hope the other party wins this year! 5. It was a beautiful spring day, and the (stench, scent) of apple blossoms filled the whole yard. 6. I hope I dont have to share an office with Martin. Sandra told me how (curious, nosy) he can be. 7. I think Jay is an excellent president, said the principal. He really knows how to (manage, meddle). 8. Will you please turn your stereo off? I cant concentrate with all that (music, noise)

The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Official Trailer The Great Gatsby - Trailer The Reluctant Fundamentalist and The Great Gatsby are good examples for understanding negative connotation in particular and connotation in general, respectively. Especially after September/11, growing a beard is seen as a symbol of terror for many Americans and all the Muslims are considered as potential terrorists. Here is the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=7SQs2Y8drP8

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