Traditional Religious Culture in Korea - Boston College

Traditional Religious Culture in Korea - Boston College

Confucian Culture in Contemporary Korean Context

By James T. Bretzke, S.J. University of San Francisco

Korean TaeGukGi (Flag) Religious Aspects of Korean

Culture Shamanism (ancient to today) Buddhism (c. 9th century onwards)

Confucianism (13th century onwards) Christianity (18th century onwards) New Religions (e.g., Chon-do-kyo)

National Success as Religious Pride Four Pillars (Sa-Chu) Caf:

If you know the Four Pillars you can see the future

Philosophy House Buddhist Bell: Ring Out Truth

This is NOT a Buddhist Monk!

Mandate of Heaven Tien Ming The Proper Tao or Way

Cultivation of Moral Knowledge & Virtue (Personal/Public)

Prince/Superior Person Or Paradigmatic Individual

Chun-tzu (Chinese) or Gun-Cha (Korean)

Reform of Society Beginning with Moral Cultivation of the Individual

Rectification Of Names

2 Core Confucian Virtues Benevolence

Proper Ritual Etiquette

Careful State Ritual 1st Relation: Justice & Loyalty

Scholar as Public Servant

Ministers as Meritocracy Chung (Loyalty) Chong (Justice) Sa (Temple)

Keeping the Law; Real Service

2nd Relation: Filial Piety Respect of Elders & Teachers

New Years Ritual Bow Called the Sae-bae

3rd Relation: Reciprocity & Distinction of Duties and Roles

Campus Barbers Serve Sincerely 4th Relation: Propriety

Keep Propriety Citizenry

New Propriety, New Life, New Korea 5th Relation: Faithfulness

Chingu: Old Friends

Respect for The Ancestors Ancestor Ritual Celebration

Family Chae-Sa or Ancestor Rite

Chusok: Korean Thanksgiving Buddhist Altar

Moral Slogans as Public Virtue

Right Sacrifice, Right Driving, At Every Intersection Smiles Bloom Now We Have to Recycle

Lets Protect Nature!

Moral Exhortation Lets Live Correctly

Virtue Has Its Own Rewards

Calligraphy for Meditation Universities as Guardians of Public Virtue and Justice

Obey Truth: Motto of Sogang Jesuit University in Seoul

In the 21st Century Too: Forward Thinking Sogang U. 100 Day Prayer Cycle for Successful University Admission

Entrance Exam 100 Day Prayers

Student Protest for Justice

Democracy Wall At Sogang Lets Overthrow the Dictator Kim Dae Jung!

Oppose the American Military

Suicide as Political Protest A Divided Korea

Work For Korean Reunification

Reunification Blooms Dae-Han Min-Guk Man-Sae!

Let Korea Prosper For Ten Thousand Years!

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