Title team name member names - University of Colorado Boulder

Title team name member names - University of Colorado Boulder

Biological Acquisition Unit Team Members: Fred Avery Ny Jaa Bobo Gene Council Salvatore Giorgi Advisors: Dr. Helferty Dr. Pillapakkam Outline of Presentation Mission Overview o o o o o Objective

Theory Background / Previous Research Biological Analysis Success Criteria Design o o o o o o o o o o o o Design Process Electrical System Physical Model

Software Flow Chart Power System Components Filter System Optical System Design Compliance Testing Biological Analysis Shared Can Logistics Management o o o o o Schedule Team Members Advisors Part List / Budget Outline Conclusion

Mission Overview Objective Measure the earths magnetic field as a function of altitude. Measure flight dynamics of the rocket. Take biological samples in stratosphere and lower mesosphere. Mini-spectrometer will measure the absorption spectrum of the atmosphere as a function of altitude Theory An inertial measurement unit (IMU) is an electrical device consisting of accelerometers and gyroscopes that are used to measure the rockets flight dynamics (roll, pitch, and yaw). The magnetometer will measure the strength and direction of the earths magnetic field. The filtration system will collect organic and inorganic material suspended in the atmosphere.

Spectrometer measures properties of light over a specific electromagnetic spectrum, specifically UV, VIS, and NIR. Background Biological aerosol defined as airborne solid particles (dead or alive) that are or were derived from living organisms, including microorganisms and fragments of living things. o Include: bacteria, fungi, viruses, unicellular organisms In 2006, the European Science Foundation funded an exploratory workshop on Microbiological Meteorology at the French National Agronomic Research Institute (INRA) in Avignon. o Potential roles of micro-organisms Act as cloud condensation nuclei and to participate in radiative forcing. Many airborne micro-organisms likely metabolize chemical components of aerosols thereby modifying atmospheric chemistry. Previous Research In 2008, a study identified bacterial species

Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus endophyticus, and the fungal genus Penicillium. In 2005, a study showed about 25% of the particles suspended in air in the size range of 0.2 to 5 m are primary biological aerosol particles.m are primary biological aerosol particles. Success Criteria Acquire Stratospheric specimen o Collect a statistically significant sample to compare to previous studies. Amount of samples Type of microbes Spectrometer o Accurately measure and record atmospheric spectra o Determine environment bio samples survive in

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) o Accurately and reliably record data such as: Velocity Flight Dynamics Gravitational Force Magnetometer o Study magnetic field in upper atmosphere. System Overview Design Process Electrical System Block Diagram Physical Model Software Flow Chart Initialize System

Start timer for opening / closing valve Check connection s Sample Sensors (I2C, SPI, and analog pins) First Timer Finished Open Valve Sample Sensors (I2C, SPI, and analog pins) Second Timer Finished Close Valve Sample Sensors (I2C, SPI, and analog

pins) Write sensor data Power Basic System Requirements Microprocessor 90 mA @ 3.3 V Magnetometer 0.9 mA @ 3.3 V Gyroscope 3.5 mA @ 5 V XY-axis accelerometer 15 mA @ 6 V Z axis accelerometer 2.5 mA @ 6 V Spectrometer 0.6 A @ 5 V Sources Voltage regulators will be used to maintain the proper amount of power for each sensor Series of 9 V batteries will power system

Components Magnetometer Power: 2.5 to 3.3 V Field Range: +/- 4 Gauss Current: 0.9 mA Bandwidth: 10 kHz Weight: 50 mg I2C interface Gyroscope Power: 5 V Range: +/- 20,000 /sec Current: 3.5 mA Bandwidth: 2 kHz Weight: 0.5 g Components XY-axis Accelerometer Power: 3.0 to 3.6 V Range: +/- 37 g Current: 15 mA Bandwidth: 400 kHz

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Z-axis Accelerometer Power: 3.3 to 5 V Range: +/- 70 g Current: 2.5 mA Bandwidth: 22 kHz Components Microprocessor Flash Memory: 512K RAM Memory: 128K Operating Voltage: 3.3V Operating Frequency: 80 MHz Typical Operating Current: 90 mA I/O Pins: 83 Analog Inputs: 16 Analog Input Voltage Range: 0V to 3.3V DC Current Per Pin: +/- 18 mA USB 2.0 Full Speed OTG controller I2C and SPI interfaces

Filter System Design Connects to two ports: Static and Dynamic o Dynamic port draws in samples o Air flow exits through the static port Contains four filters in series o Filters are decreasing in size from 5 to 0.2 m are primary biological aerosol particles.m Filter system terminates with NPT connector at each end Testing All parts must be autoclave-able Two filter systems will be constructed o One will be included one rocket o Other kept on ground o Results compared

Mass Flow Rate The mass flow rate is expected to be about 5.3106 kg/s Exposure Time System will open at 30 km and close at 30 km Particle sizes ranging from 0.2 to 5 m Based on previous data we estimate the filter system will be open for 5 min Filter System Rough sketch of mechanical valve system

Proposed placement of filter system on plate Optical System Spectrometer Trade Study Name Range Interface BLUEWave 200 1150 nm BLACK- 190 Comet 900 nm Red Tider 200 850 nm Weight

Company Price 1x3x5 100 mA via inch USB port 0.87 lb StellarNet Inc $2500 USB-2 2.7x4x6 100 mA @ 5 inch VDC

~1.0 lb StellarNet Inc $2750 USB-2 1.3x2.5x 90 mA @ 5 1.4 inch VDC 0.41 lb Ocean Optics $1154 USB-2

Size Power Design Compliance Predicted final mass is 10+0.2 lbs o Total weight of sensors is less than 3 lbs o Projected filtration system weight is less than 2 lbs o More weight needed Payload Activation o G-switch Center of Mass o Preliminary Solid Works projection shows this constraint can be met

Testing Mechanical Air Foil Test to see if filtration system can withstand drag force Low pressure Contacted Physics Department at Temple and Drexel Test to see if filtration system functions at low pressures Spectrometer Ability to measure spectrum while in motion Biological Autoclave Test to see if filtration system can be properly sterilized Test to see if filtration tube can be completely

sealed Electrical Sensors Test accuracy Functioning Properly Data Test processor is properly handling incoming data SD Card / Reader properly storing Biological Analysis DAPI o DAPI (6-diamidino-2-phenylindole) is a stain used in fluorescence microscopy. DAPI passes through cell membranes therefore it can be used to stain both live and fixed cells. BRDU o Bromodeoxyuridine (5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine, BrdU) is a synthetic nucleoside that is used for detecting actively dividing cells.

Genetic Sequencing o Determines the number of nucleotides in samples DNA: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine Scanning Electron Microscope o Scans the sample and re-generates image to be analyzed, i.e. structural analysis of microbes Shared Can Logistics Sharing canister with Drexel University Communication has been opened up between the teams o Both teams expect to use half the canister space and weight Drexels proposed experiments will not effect ours

Close proximity will allow us to integrate entire canister prior to flight Resources from both Universities will be used for testing Management Schedule Goals: November December Finalize Software Construct canister plates

Construct Filtration System Construct Payload Sterilization Tests Air Flow Tests Sensor Tests Spectrometer Test Important Dates: November 30: Critical Design review due December 1: CDR Teleconference Team Members Fred Avery (ME)

Filtration System Center of gravity testing Mass Flow Rates Gene Council (EE) Hardware Magnetometer IMU Chip programming Ny Jaa Bobo (EE) Hardware Magnetometer IMU Power

Salvatore Giorgi (ECE) Team Leader Spectrometer Microprocessor Data Acquisition Filtration System Advisors Electrical Dr. John Helferty Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Mechanical Dr. Shriram Pillapakkam Department of Mechanical Engineering Biological Dr. Erik Cordes Department of Biology Parts List / Budget

Parts Manufacture Cost Quantity Payload Canister - $7,000 1 Microprocessor Microchip $49.50

1 Magnetometer Honeywell $19.95 1 G-Switch Digikey $12.95 1 SD card 2 GB SanDisk

$27.99 1 SD reader Microchip 1 Filter Paper Millipore $37.99 Supplied by Bio Department 4 types Filter canister

Millipore $388.00 1 pack = 8 canisters Gyroscope Analog Devices $90.00 1 Parts List / Budget Parts XY-axis accelerometer Manufacture Analog Devices

Cost $99.00 Quantity 1 Z-axis accelerometer Analog Devices $75.90 1 Spectrometer $2500 1 Fiber Optics Cable

$100 - $200 1 Conclusion Concerns o o o o Opening and closing filtration system Properly sterilizing and maintaining sterilization of the filtration system Properly analyzing spectrum during flight Possible addition of second microprocessor Recently Finished o Ordered microprocessor, accelerometers, gyroscope, magnetometer, and filter canister o Wrote libraries for SPI and I2C interfaces Future Plans

o o o o o Finalize Spectrometer / Optical port design Purchase Spectrometer Machine plates Continue programming processor Build and test filtration system

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