Research Student Induction Gesine Reinert Director of Graduate Studies Department of Statistics University of Oxford 7 October 2019 A quick overview The Department: about 30 Academics, 20 Postdocs, 10 Support Staff, 4 IT Staff, about 4 MSc by Research students, about 70 Postgraduate Research Students (PGR)

StatML CDT: first two terms courses and projects, then doctoral project and further courses MSc by Research and PRS: you should discuss with your supervisor which lecture courses, if any, to take Meet with your supervisor once every 1-2 weeks Keep a log of the meetings At the end of term: short progress report 2 Academic progression Supervisor, and secondary supervisor Each term: report on electronic system

MSc by Research: report of 15-30 pages and oral examination, two assessors, at the end of 1-2 years PRS: Transfer of status: report of 15-30 pages usually, two assessors, oral examination. Hand in after about one year of studies. If transferred to MSc by Research status: see above. If transferred to DPhil status: Confirmation of Status DPhil viva First two years: poster presentation once a year Third year: research talk 3

Transferable skills All EPSRC and departmentally funded research students should spend at least 10 days per year on average in ``transferable skills training. Some examples: Academic English Foundations for a successful DPhil Building a Business interdisciplinary courses 4

Broadening training 100 hours over the course Divisional Graduate School Graduate lectures in our department, Statistics seminar, usually Friday afternoons

Meetings depending on research group (applied probability, genetics, bioinformatics, machine learning, computational statistics) 5 APTS APTS: Academy for PhD Training in Statistics - UK wide 4 weeks, spread across the year. A week consists of two modules, each of which corresponds to about 20 hours of training.

Doctoral students not on the CDT: discuss with your supervisor for which APTS weeks you wish to apply to attend. 6 Teaching Marking and working as teaching assistants is expected Class teaching seminar: Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter on Tuesday week 0

(8 October) 14:00-16:30 7 Support Your supervisor administers a travel budget for you which should cover one national and one international conference for students on D.Phil. status Your college usually helps with funding travel as well Suggestions for book purchases can be

made to the librarian (Hannah Harrison) IT staff are here to help 8 Communication Graduate liaison group Graduate representative on departmental committee Coffee mornings Tuesdays 10:45 9

If something goes wrong Suspension of status (disease, internship) Academic Administrator (Jonathan Whyman; for CDT: Joanna Stoneham) Garett Morris: Deputy Director of Graduate Studies Gesine Reinert: Director of Graduate Studies Judith Rousseau: CDT Director Harassment advisor: Neil Laws Your College graduate advisor Student counselling service Oxford University Student Union 10

What next? Inductions this week Wednesday 16 October from 14-15:30: Information skills training session at the RSL Thursday 17 October: 14:30 graduate lecture Friday 18 October: 16:30-19:00 Welcome reception Non-CDT PRS: Wednesday 23 October from 13:00 sandwich lunch See the Induction Programme 11

Navigating the next few years The research supervision website https://www.mpls.ox.ac.uk/graduate-school/ information-for-postgraduate-researchstudents may help you: tools and strategies for getting started, clarifying expectations, etc 12 Wednesday, February 26, 2 020


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