Title 1 Parent Information Meeting

Title 1 Parent Information Meeting

Title I Parent Information What is Title I? A federally funded educational program designed to supplement the schools existing plan to help struggling students master the information and skills needed to succeed in school. Schools are identified by the percentage of students receiving free or reduced cost lunch and having a high need for extra academic help.

What is Title I? The majority of Title I funding at our school is used to hire additional Title I Support Staff. Title I emphasizes parent and family engagement and involves meetings, trainings, and activities. Parents and families are involved in all aspects

of the program. Our Philosophy To ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to obtain a high quality education and pass state assessments. SO.What does that mean for your child? Basic Steps to Success.

Figuring out what each childs academic needs are. Building a partnership between parents, students, and the school to help kids be more successful. (Family/School Compact) Small group and/or one-on-one instruction by a highly effective teacher in addition to classroom support.

The purpose of this presentation is to inform you, the parents/family, of the Title I program and to answer any questions. Our goal is to establish a partnership with you and your child to support your child in growing academically. Nuts and Bolts of Small Group

Instruction Supplemental/additional instruction in reading, math and/or science. Targets the needs and reviews concepts. Accurately records and monitors student progress.

Takes place in or outside the classroom. Groups may range from one to ten students. How can I help my child at home in MATH? Use real life situations to make up math questions and reinforce concepts. For example, It is 2 oclock now. What time will it be, if the cake bakes for 2 hours?

Use math vocabulary daily, such as inch, yard, triangle, rhombus, money How can I help my child at home in READING? Retell events, TV shows etc. Discuss characters, setting, and plot. Read daily. to and listen to your child read

Encourage letter writing, journals, lists, and notes. How can I help my child at home in SCIENCE? Encourage curiosity by asking, I wonder? and What would happen if? type questions. Give

your child time to investigate the I wonder questions. How can I help my child at home in Social Studies? Discuss current events in the news. Have a conversation about

leaders/good citizens in our world. Talk about ways to make a positive difference in the community. More Ideas that Make a Difference Limit TV, computer, and video time Establish a regular homework time and place Enforce bedtime. (at least 9 hours of sleep)

Know what skills are being taught in your childs grade level. Give your child a wide range of experiences. Parent and Family Engagement Policy The campus policy explains how the school supports the important role of parents/family in the education of

their children. Every school that receives Title I funds must have a written family and parent engagement policy. Family/School Compact A shared responsibility between the entire school staff, parents, and students will help students achieve success!

Each year we all look at what is working and how much progress we have made. Family - School Compact A partnership agreement to support student success! 5 Come Together as a Team

Strengthe n Compact 1 Family School Community Partnership Create Compact Evaluate Results

4 Use Compact 3 2 Parents Rights To be involved in developing the Parent-School

Compact To be involved in the development of the schools Family and Parent Engagement Policy To request the qualifications of your childs teachers To be involved in the development of the District Family and Parent Engagement Policy

Parents Responsibilities To share responsibility with the school and your child for improving his/her academic achievement. (Family-School Compact) Communicate with your childs teacher about academic progress and any important issues that impact your childs education. Are there any questions? Studies find that students with involved parents are more likely to:

Earn higher grades and test scores. Attend school regularly. Show good behavior and adapt well to school. Graduate and go on to higher education. Parent Institute We look forward to partnering with you this year. Thank you for your support!

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