Tips for Trips - NAFT

Tips for Trips - NAFT

Tips for Trips Planning an overseas study tour with home stay Getting started Use a travel company Less leg work, but Arrange it yourself More research, but more expensive Address Risk Management Address Child Protection 1 year to plan more affordable Address Risk Management Address Child

Protection 1 year to plan Step 1 - decisions, decisions... Where to go? France, or When to travel? Who to include? students & staff How many? min. & max. numbers Timeline - what to do when...

Preliminary Research: 12-13 months ahead Expressions of Interest: 12 months ahead More research to finalise costs and start building itinerary: 12 months ahead Initial meeting with parents & participants: 11 months ahead Intention to Plan : 9-10 months ahead Request deposit, consent, medical info, code of behaviour: 9-10 months ahead Commence bookings: 8-9 months ahead

Regular meetings with participants: 6 months ahead Submit Application for trip (DET): 4 months ahead Final payment: 3 months ahead Arrange payment to all agencies: 2 months prior Submit details of group to travel agent: 2 months prior Initaite contact with host family: 2 months ahead Meet with parents & participants, distribute tickets, last-minute medical info, full brief about trip: 2-3 weeks ahead

Register group with DFAT: just prior A useful resource for planning Step 2 - Expressions of Interest Dear Parents, Year 10 French - French Study Tour 2006 As a valuable extension to our French language programs at Cheletenham, we are hoping to organise an 8 day study tour to New Caledonia in the October vacation period, 2006. Two members of staff, including Ms. Rosen, will accompany students and permission will be sought from the NSW Department of Education and Training. We have obtained a quote from GET, a travel company specialising in school study tours. The approximate cost is $1,800 per student and is based on a group of 15 students and the current exchange rate of A$1=CFP71. The basic itinerary includes the following costs:

Return economy airfare Sydney-Noumea (Aircalin) + airport transfers 2 nights accommodation at Hotel Le pacifique 5 nights Homestay (in pairs) 4 mornings of intensive French lessons at C.R.E.I.P.A.C (Centre de Rencontres et dEchanges Internationaux du Pacifique) Continental breakfast at hotel + breakfast and dinner at Homestay 1 Dinner on last evening at hotel City Sights Tour on the Petit Train Day Tour to Amde Lighthouse + Half-Day visits to local attractions Not included in the above quotation: Prepaid airport/airline taxes and levies (approximately $235 p.p.) Passport/Visa costs Travel Insurance (approximately $65 p.p.) Meals other than those specified

Personal spending As we require a minimum of 10 students to proceed with the study tour, we are now seeking expressions of interest from students and parents. If you anticipate that your daughter will participate in the study tour, please complete the information slip below and return it to Mrs. Curtis or Ms. Rosen. If the tour proceeds, a deposit of $200 will be required early in 2006. Yours sincerely, Ms M Rosen Teacher, Languages Mrs A Curtis Head Teacher, Languages Ms S Marshall Principal Dear Ms. Rosen I anticipate that my daughter, ------------------------------------------------------ of Roll Class ----will participate in the proposed study tour to New Caledonia in October, 2006. Signed ------------------------------------------- (Parent/care giver) Step 3 - Initial meeting School Year 10 Study Tour to France Information Evening - Monday 10th February,2007

1. Welcome and sign-on 2. Introduction 3. Outline of tour Itinerary and Risk management 4. Outline of costs for Tour 5. Forms / tasks to be completed - passports -Deposit & code of conduct / consent - Homestay Forms

- Medical form - Travel Insurance - Final Payment DUE: ASAP DUE: 17th February DUE: TONIGHT DUE: Friday, 28th February DUE: Friday, 28th February DUE: Monday, October 3rd 6. Reminders - Expectations and conduct on the tour - Homestay expectations and suggestions - Safety - Hints and Tips what to pack? - Keeping in Touch phones; mobile (international roaming), tlcartes Telstra homelink - Money tour costs, funds for essentials, spending money

7. Questions Costing the trip Try to include airport transfers - its worth it Consider Teacher loading on to the cost per student. Remember to include travel insurance + meals for escorts Err on the generous side, to allow for currency fluctuation Ask for a substantial deposit, that will cover all place holding fees. This should be non-refundable. Step 4 - making reservations In Australia Flight Centre Vanessa Newman Assistant Manager Flight Centre Groups P 61 7 3032 9502

F 61 7 3032 9555 Interstate 1300 557 813 [email protected] Book as much prior to departure as possible - train tickets - Paris Visite cards - Museum visits / tours - dinners / lunches - airport transfers In France Australian Embassy Sophie Guignard Public Affairs Department Australian Embassy 4 rue Jean Rey 75 015 Paris [email protected]

* Group accommodation in France: Accommodation in Paris 1)Fiap Jean Monnet 30, rue Cabanis 75014 Paris T.: 01 43 13 17 00 Rsa.: 01 43 13 17 17 F.: 01 43 13 17 07 E : [email protected] 2)MIJE (Le Marais) Dominique LAMBERT Sjours Educatifs en France Tl. direct : 01 42 74 78 34 Fax direct : 01 42 74 52 05 [email protected] Language Lessons & Home stay CAVILAM (Vichy)

Christine Barge 1, avenue des Clestins BP 2678 - 03206 Vichy Cedex Tl : +33 (0)4 70 30 83 65 Fax : +33 (0)4 70 30 83 84 [email protected] INSTITUT DE TOURAINE (Tours) AnnMarie Johnson Charge de dveloppement 1, rue de la Grandire, BP 72047 37020 Tours Cedex 1 France Tel : + 33 (0)2 47 05 67 22 Portable : +33 682 501 965 Fax : +33- (0)2 47 05 48 98 [email protected] Useful conatcts: French Language Consultants Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

DFAT (Australia) [email protected] French Tourism Office MAISON DE LA FRANCE - AUSTRALIE FRENCH TOURIST BUREAU Tel/Ph: +61 (0)2 9231 5244 Fax: +61 (0)2 9221 8682 [email protected] Little extras... Make a journal de voyage for students to fill in along the way Maps - France, Paris & Paris Metro Discuss home stay gifts / gifts for hosts

Establish Code of conduct - signatures required Take photocopies of each passport and insurance policy. Keep in bottom of suitcase Put all student info in summary tables Put all trip info into a booklet Tie same coloured ribbon on all group luggage Bonne chance et bon voyage! [email protected]

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