The Road to War & The War of 1812

The Road to War & The War of 1812

The Road to War & The War of 1812 Chapter 7, 8th Grade, Glencoe Barbary Coast States North African Nations Barbary Pirates Pirates Tripoli & Barbary States attacked European & American ships ____________ _______________________________ _______________________________ ___________ Capture the Philadelphia (U.S. ship); Stephen Decatur set the ship on fire to

prevent _______________________________ _______________________________ ____________ June 1805 Tripoli agrees to not attack our ships, but U.S. has to pay _______________________________ _______________________________ ____________ American Neutrality is Violated 1803 Britain & France went to war again Both the British & French _______________________________________________

_______________________________________________ _________________ Limits on Trade Embargo Act of 1807 Forbade Americans __________________________________________________ ____________________ It cut off supplies to France & Britain, but it also hurt the U.S. Embargo Act failed because _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____ U.S. couldnt import sugar, tea, or molasses Eventually U.S. agrees to trade with Britain & France again once they __________________________________________________

____________________ Napoleon tricks U.S. and continues to capture U.S. ships; Some Americans call for war 1808 __________________________________________________ ____________________ Conflicts with Native Americans Ohio becomes a state in 1803, but settlers _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Tecumseh & the Prophet thought Indians were _____________________________________ _____________________________________ They called for the Indians to return to their old ways & resist white invaders; although they received support from the British

Tecumseh organized a _____________________________________ ____________________________________ 1811 General Harrison, governor of Indian Territory, leads attack on Prophetstown on the _____________________________________ _____________________________________ No clear winner, but white celebrate; Tecumseh flees to British-held Canada Tecumseh & the Prophet War Hawks

War Hawks = members of Congress from the South & West who called for war with Britain Reasons War Hawks Wanted War To ______________________________________________________ __ To stop British ____________________________________________ To demonstrate ______________________________________________________ To take ______________________________________________________ _______________ To end ______________________________________________________ __________ War Hawks thought war would bring peace & safety to the Frontier and

dreamed of more land Those opposed to war dont want extra taxes & are concerned about British attacking U.S. ports War of 1812 U.S. declares war _____________________________________ Britain still at war _____________________________________ Pres. Jefferson reduced spending on __________________________________________________ _______________________ Few regular troops = relied on volunteers British blockaded American ports to __________________________________________________

________________________ U.S. navy too small _____________________________________ Battles Andrew Jackson American General William Hull was _________________________________________________ _____________________ American Captain Oliver Hazard Perry was successful at _________________________________________________ _________________________ Andrew Jackson able to win the Battle of Horseshoe Bend (1814) against the Creeks Native Americans

___________________________________ Final Battles 1814- Britain defeats France & send ______________________________________________________ __________ British win battle in Maryland & then march on Washington, D.C. British ______________________________________________________ _______________ ___________________________________________________ _____________ able gather important paper of pres. & portrait of George Washington from White House

Battle of Fort McHenry inspired American Francis Scott Key ______________________________________________________ __________________ Battle of New Orleans British attack Jan. 8, 1815 -______________________________________________________ ____________________ Could have been avoided because ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Results of the War of 1812 Treaty of _____________________________________ Pre-war ____________________________________ USA gained _______________________________________________ ______________________

The US showed _____________________________________ Andrew Jackson _______________________________________________ ___________________________ Questions Write Three Deep Questions and answer them (questions that cannot be answered yes, no, or with a simple date or fact) 1. 2. 3.

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