The Original Divine Principle - True Love

The Original Divine Principle - True Love

Original Substance of the Divine Principle Family Pledge The Family Is Gods Ideal of Creation Basic Unit of K/H (Kingdom of True Love) Training Ground for Shimjung and True Love needed to be re gistered in Kingdom of True Love Core entity where loves of three eras come together Basic unit of social and national order Absolute Sex (True Love, True Life, True Lineage) sexual purity, pure blood, pure love So, the eternal original homeland of human beings is the True Family Family Pledge Is The familys bone, core and order Absolute standard and core of the Constitution for accompli shing Cheon Il Guk Gospel among all gospels that connects our lives to God Key that lets us open the gate to Heaven Blessing among all blessings given by Heaven to humanity Family Pledge is the record of True Parents victory in every battle throughout their lives Family Pledge consists of Eight Verses. Family Pledge Verse 1 As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk,

Our Family pledges by centering on True Love To seek our Original Homeland And establish the Original Ideal of Creation The Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven ref. Owner Takes interest I am the owner Takes responsibility Protects Raises, nurture Family Pledge Verse 2 As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our Family pledges by centering on True Love To attend God and True Parents Becoming a Representative Family and a Central Family of the cosmos We pledge to perfect the Way of Filial Sons and Daughters in our Family, Patriots in our Nation, Saints in the World and Dutiful Family Way of Divine Sons and Daughters in Heaven and Earth Family Pledge Verse 3 As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our Family pledges by centering on True Love To perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart The Three Great Kingships And the Realm of the Royal Family Family Pledge Verse 4 As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk,

Our Family pledges by centering on True Love Fulfill God's Ideal of Creation To build the Universal Family encompassing Heaven and Earth And perfect the World of Freedom, Peace, Unity and Happiness Family Pledge Verse 5 As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our Family pledges by centering on True Love To strive everyday to advance the Unification of the Spirit World as Subject Partner and the Physical World as Object Partner Family Pledge Verse 6 As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our Family pledges by centering on True Love To become a Family representing God and True Parents We will perfect a Family that moves Heavenly Fortune and conveys Heaven's Blessing to our Surroundings Family Pledge Verse 7 As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our family pledges by centering on True Love To perfect a World based on the Culture of Heart Which is rooted in the Original Lineage Through Living for the Sake of Others Family Pledge Verse 8 As the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, Our Family pledges by centering on True Love As we enter the Completed Testament Age

To achieve the Ideal Oneness of God and Humankind in Love Through Absolute Obedience Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Thereby perfecting the Realm of Liberation and the Realm of being Completely Free in the of the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven Why We Study The Original Substance of the Divine Principle I. Reasons to study the Unification Principle 1) To solve all problems in the real world Family breakdown (divorce, affairs), Teenage prostitution, AIDS, School violence, Labor and management problems, Racial discrimination, National barriers, Religious conflict, Problems concerning the Spirit World, Ideology conflicts (philosophy, democracy communism), Environmental pollution, Food shortage, Peaceful unification affairs, Global conflicts (Asia and Middle East),

Fundamental issues of philosophy(on existence and fundamental relationships), Conflicting value systems, Conflicting anthropological views, Conflicting theologies 2) How did these problems arise? Due to the Fall of our human ancestors (causing conflict, confrontation, and struggle between our minds and bodies) What kind of being am I? Evil Evil mind (Unhappiness) Evil deeds Sadness Mind Desire Body Original mind

Good (Happiness) Good deeds Joy Contradictory existence Capable of good and evil Unprincipled existence Original sin and fallen nature Rom 7:17-25 1 John 1:8-10 Rom 3:10-11 Thes 5:17 3). What was lost due to the Fall of Man? The Fall brought ignorance, Human Fall conflict, confrontation, fighting True God Original Human Nature

Original Human Beings (Gods children) Ideal of Creation Gods ideal of creation (Ideal family, nation, world) Lost 4) The Spiritual and Physical Ignorance of Fallen People (ignorance in their spirit and their intellect) Spiritual ignorance Spirit Mind Fallen Person The reality of God, His heart, His will Life (origin, purpose, after death) Good & Evil Religion S Unity Physical ignorance

Ignorance Spirit Intellect World of essence Body Flesh Origin of the physical universe Laws of nature Science O World of phenomena 5) Reasons society could not solve all these problems Leaders (in the areas of religion, politics, economy, academia and the media) could not find fundamental solutions. Attempts were made to solve problems while denying the existence of God, our Creator. Even when faith in God was present, attempts to solve problems were made without God. Peoples thoughts were only centered on themselves. People did not acknowledge that they were fallen themselves. 2. How to Solve All Problems

The Original Substance of the Divine Principle is absolutely necessary. ) Necessity of the appearance of The Original Substance of the Divine Principle (From the providential nature of the current times) God Perfection Completion New Word Growth (Principle) (Completed testament Gospel Law Formation Offering AE Realm Devoid of the Principle

1600 Fallen People Ark Noah 400 Abraham 400 (Old Testament) 2000 1600 Moses (New Testament) Jesus Christ at the Second Advent As seen from the Bible (Biblical passages (1) John 16:12

I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear (2) John 16:25 Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is comingwhen I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father. (3) John 16:13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. (4) Revelation 10:10-11 Then I was told, You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings. (5) Luke 5:38 New wine must be poured into new wineskins 3. Overview of the Structure of the Unification Principle and its Core Content ) The Structure of the Unification Principle Part 1 Part 2 Introduction & 7 chapters 13 chapters, 568 pages Korean version Introduction & 6 chapters ) Core Content Principle of

Creation Salvation Restoration The Human Fall Principle of Restoration Eschatology The Messiah Resurrection Predestination Introduction Providence of Restoration Preparation for the Second Advent of the Messiah Christology Who is Jesus? What was his mission? Rebirth and the Trinity The Second Advent : When, How, Where Messiah Lord of Second Advent Savior True Parents (Blessing Rebirth) True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

4. The Principle was Revealed by True Parents 1920.1.6 Born at 2221 Sangsa-ri, Deokon-myon, Jeongju-gun, Pyong-anbuk-do Korea 1935 (15yrs old) Easter morning, Received Heavens mandate 1945 Completely prepared and revealed heavens principle before the liberation of Korea Victorious in his fight with myriad Satans in Heaven and Earth, received Heavens recognition (seal), came to earth and proclaimed life-giving truth Difficulty discovering the Principle: More difficult than picking up a specific grain of sand from the bottom of the Pacific ocean Meeting the Messiah (True Parents) is more difficult than catching a species of fish of which there is only one in the entire Pacific ocean The truth of the Principle, which appeared in the 20 th century, is the atomic bomb of True Love, the atomic bomb of eternal life, the truth that brings salvation, eternal life, unification, peace, and blessing. The nature of the Principle is that it is a revealed truth (not a simple text or product merely of human thought) April 17, 1935 (15yrs old) Heavens mandate received April 17, 1935 August 15, 1945 Deep study of the Principle 1945 1952 Propagation of the Principle May 10, 1952

Divine Principle Original Copy (Wol-li Won-bon) (Witnessing in Pusan, Daegu, Seoul May 1, 1954 HSA-UWC is established in Seoul August 15, 1957 Explanation of the Divine Principle (Wol-li Hae-seol) (Symbol-level principle) May 1, 1966 Exposition of the Divine Principle (Image-level principle) September 1, 2008 Ontology of the Principle (Substance-level principle) October 10, 2008 OP Education Begins (Hawaii King Garden) Unification Thought and Victory Over Communism Theory were revealed on the basis of the Unification Principle ref. Crown of Glory Father wrote this prayer poem in 1935, the year that he turned 15.

In the beginning part of the book in which this prayer poem was publish ed, Father wrote : I met God on the morning of Easter Sunday in the year that I turned 15. From that day on, I have gone the way of following heavens orde rs in order to fulfill Gods Will. When I doubt people, I feel pain. When I judge people, it is unbearable. When I hate people, there is no value to my existence. Yet if I believe, I am deceived. If I love, I am betrayed Suffering and grieving tonight, my head in my hands. Am I wrong? Yes I am wrong. Even though we are deceived, still believe, Though we are betrayed, still forgive. Love completely, even those who hate you. Wipe your tears away and welcome with a smile Those who know nothing but deceit, And those who betray without regret. O, Master, the pain of loving. Look at my hands. Place your hand on my chest. My heart is bursting, such agony. But when I love those who acted against me, I brought victory. If you have done the same things, I will give you the Crown of Glory 1935 Sun Myung Moon This prayer poem was brought to America by a missionary sent in the late 50s. In 2001, one American member was so moved by reading this poem that he sent it

to the International Society of Poets, a world-renowned international poet association. Judges for the International Masterpieces category evaluated the poem based on nine criteria. This poem was selected as the best poem and was included in the associations annual bulletin. In 2002, it was read and displayed at the Annual Convention of the International Society of Poets in Orlando, Florida. The trophy and medal are kept in the Cheon Jeong Goong museum. <9 Categories of Examination> (1)Creativity (2)Origin (3)Writing Style (4)Theme (5)Selection of Phrases and Vocabulary (6)Coherence (7)Consistency (8)Logic (9)Ability to understand and analyze Principle of Creation Introduction (1) What is the Principle of Creatio n? It is Gods blueprint for the creation of human life and the universe. We must know God with certainty in order to understand human life and the universe 1) How do we live well? (By following the blueprint behind our cre ation Things are meant to be used according to the design of the m anufacturer (100V and 220V appliances should be plugged into the right outlets) Human beings are meant to live according to the Principle of Creation 2) People who live in accordance with the Principle of Creation are

living well. People who dont live in accordance with the Principle of Creatio n are not living well (broken people, people with severe illnes ses) 3) When is the blueprint determined? Things The Unification at the time is ofnot manufacturing Principle a doctrine, but (blueprint) Human Beings at the Creation the True Principle bytime whichof all the people must live.(Principle of Crea tion) 1,The Dual Characteristics of God Exodus 3/14 God is self existent. Romans 1/20 Gods power and deity are perceived in the things that have been made. (There is a common law) Genesis 1:27 : God created humankind in his own image, male and female he created them 1)Laws of existence Law of cause and effect

Law of resemblance Cause Artist God Works Effects Created Romans 1/20 things Common law) God First Cause Creator, Absolute and Unique Being Harmonious union of Original Internal Nature and Original External Form Harmonious union of Original Masculinity and Original Femininity Position of the masculine subject partner Heart True Love, Character Infinite spirit (deity) Internal . Nature External form Yin

Characteristics Yang God Universal Prime Force Principle, Law, Order Infinite force (ability) O Internal nature Mind Yang Yin Male Female External form Body Animals Mind Male

Female Body Plants Mind Stamen Pistil Body Internal inclination Positive ion Protons Negative ion Electron Material Atom Material Particle Yang type nature

Yin type nature Energy Ma n Created things O Molecules Rom1/20 Common law Atoms Particles Internal inclination Internal inclination Subject, Relationship Internal, Cause, Vertical, Incorporeal Subject Internal

Object External Object, External, Result, Horizontal, Corporeal The Relationship of Gods Original Internal Nature and Original External Form completely identical elements (Union) Ice, water, and water vapor = H2O Dual Characteristics theory = Only One Theory God exists in dual characteristics Internal nature Yang External form Yin Union Internal nature (Heart True Love Character) External form (Principle Law Order) Union

Absolute sex (Absolute Purity) Harmonious Union Male Female Man Woman Union Masculine subject Father Mind (Heart True Love Character) Body (Principle Law Order) Internal nature, External form (Heart, Principle) Yang, Yin (Absolute sex) Union Subject, Object Relation Preceding of creation God of Night, God of Day God as King of Kings, True Parents (Jesus' ancestor, True Parents ancestor) Absolute sex (Absolute Purity) (2) The Relationship Between Gods Divine Form and His Divine Nature Gods appearance

Divine Form Common characteristics Individual Characteristics God Heart (structure) All created things Individual nature Gods essential characteristic Core of internal nature True love Root of Gods true love Character of Gods character Core Logos : Law, order Divine Nature function, nature, ability Relationship foundation

Int Ext Yang Yin logic laws Self regulating Necessary, Mandatory Creativity: The basis of creation is Heart (True Love) Creativity must resemble Heart (True Love) Origin Division Union Action, Four position (3) Within Gods Internal Nature Intellect Intellectual function; cognition (ability to recognize) Inner Internal Nature (functional elements) Internal Nature Logic Universal ability to seek the truth Reason Moral ability to seek and understand causes and

reasons Sensibility Ability to perceive through the five senses (intuitive cognition) Emotion Emotional function ; Emotional sensibility (ability to feel emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure) Will Function of will: Desire (Ability to pursue, determine, and make decisions) Conception : Specific representation Inner External Form (form elements) General idea : Abstract images Rules : Laws of value, Laws of nature Numbers : God is the Supreme Mathematician (scientist, artist) External Form Outer Internal Nature: principle, law, order Outer External Form: universal prime force 4 God Origin of Heart and True Love Origin of Intellect, Emotion and Will, Truth, Goodness and Beauty Origin of the Principle and Source of Principle, Law and Order Origin of Absolute Sex and Source of True Love, True Life and True Lineage Subject partner of the human conscience Origin (Source) of Life

Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, Eternal, Self-existing, Omnipresent being God of Night, God of Day, God as King of Kings, True Parents Exists as Infinite Spirit with Infinite Power (Origin of Power) God is my Father and my Parent Heart, True Love, Character, Absolute Sex I am Gods true child (heart, true love, character, absolute sex) We must attend and worship God with our heart, not conceptually The Origin of Each Individuals Nobility God Inner Internal Nature Internal Nature Inner External Form External Form Nobility, dignity, divinity, absoluteness of individual character From God What is the Essence of the Universe? Is it matter? Is it spirit? The relationship of Original Internal Nature and Original External Form

completely identical elements (Union) Water, Vapor and ice H2O Theory of Dual Characteristics Union Theory of Only One Philosophy The Only One Only Onlyone one Only spirit Only material Only OnlyOne One Theory Theory Spiritualism Materialism Science The First Cause Only Only One One Ideology Ideology

Spiritualist ideology Materialist ideology Religion God Godism Godism Democracy Communism Head-wing Head-wing Ideology Ideology Right wing Left wing True Love Ideology Godism True Parents Ideology What is the Origin of the Universe? In Search of the Origin of the Universe (1) God is the Origin of the Universe. union of dual characteristics of Original Internal Nature & External { Harmonious

Form union of dual characteristics of Original Masculinity & Femininity God is Harmonious God of Heart, True Love, Character, Principle, Law and Order { Origin of Absolute Sex and Source of True Love, True Life and True Lineage God is OM OF Masculinity Man Femininity Woman God has two sexual organs. People have a masculine or a feminine sexual organ (The Absolute Being is the Owner of Sexual Organs) Through love, God, man and woman become one. To take on a body (form) (2) Purpose of Creating People To love in substantiation (Love is felt, experienced and perfected through a substantial partner) To multiply children Love is a concept, not an actual reality. What is the Only One Ideology? It is the ideology of Parent and child.

The fundamental law of the universe is that of parent and child. To believe in, attend and honor God as your parent God is not a conceptual being. He is in a parent child relationship with mankind. Therefore, the Creator God is the parent of humanity and is my parent. This ideology is the Only One ideology. The Only One ideology is the Head-wing ideology, God ideology, Parent-Child Ideology. Godism The essential characteristic of the Only One is Shimjung. (True Love) The relationship between God and Relationship of Mind and Body (People are Second Gods Mankind First mind Mind God Man Body Second mind Second God See people as God Human beings are Second Gods Listen to what people say as if it is God

speaking Peoples divinity, value, dignity Relationship of Parent and Child All beings exist because they have parents. Parents need children to become parents. The greatest desire of man is to become True Parents Father Husband Groom Son Parents rest) Mother Wife Bride Parents Knowledge Loyalty Filial Piety Fidelity Attendance Daughter Safe Settlement)

God (Satan) God Shimjung Love Character Children Qualification Man Perfection Man Fallen people are the object of sadness Adam and Eve were Gods children True love travels the shortest distance (True love True life True lineage) Adam Gods son and Gods body Eve Gods daughter and Gods partner (Adams wife) Adam and Eves marriage is Gods marriage. (Appearance of the substantial God) Adam and Eves first love is Gods first love.

Until now, God couldnt give love substantially while in a body. Long journey of god's sperm With the appearance of the True Parents, He was finally able to. To become Gods True Sons and Daughters We must resemble God. Children resemble their parents (internally, externally, lineage) A True Person is one who resembles God. God Internal Nature External Form Union Yang Yin Man Mind Body Husband Wife Union Essential Characteristic Shimjung Essential characteristics Shimjung, True Love, Life, Lineage, Absolute Sex Motivation of Creation : Shimjung Motivation of life : Shimjung Creation

Create Own Character Invest in oneself, Live for others, Self progression Investment of Self Unfolding of self Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, Eternal Sacrifice, Service Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, Eternal (Individual, Couple, Family) True Love, True Life, True Lineage (Absolute Sex) True Love, True Life, True Lineage (Absolute sex) Absolute Faith, Love, Obedience Absolute Faith, Love, Obedience Gods responsibility: create man who

resembles Himself Mans responsibility : Resemble God Content= Shimjung, True Love, Character, Principle, Order, Law, Absolute Sex Absolute Sex Absolute Divine Character Completion of Gods Portion of Responsibility Conclusion love Absolute Human Character Completion of the ideal oneness of God and Humankind in God is my parent. I am His Child. A True person is a person who resembles Gods Shimjung, True love and Absolute Sex (True Love) True Education Edu Human Education Shimjung, Model pattern 1) To become True Children of God Educational ideal (Gen1/28) 3 Great Blessings Purpose of Creation Fruitful Multiply Dominion

Intellect Education Skills, Knowledge Education Principles Education methods Education Goals Wholeness Perfection of Individual Shimjung Education Person of Character Multiplication Perfection of Family Moral education Good people Dominion (Perfection of Dominion Knowledge Skills Genius Mat7/21 He who does the will of God will go to Heaven.

God God Body Mind Man Oneness of God and Man Divinity Shimjung Perfect Temple Man God Woman All things Man Children Good People Ideal World

2) Educate Clearly about God, the Spirit World, True Parents and Restoration through Indemnity (Live the Principle) 3) The Unification Education achieves the 3 Great elements of Culture Unification : Unity of Shimjung, Unity of Thought, Unity of Lifestyle 4)Philosophy of true education: Love Heaven, Love Humanity, Love Your Country 5 The Dual Characteristics: key to solving all problems of the world (1) Internal Nature, External Form are the Master Key Internal Nature (Shimjung) God Man External Form (principle) Mind Internal Nature All things were created with Man as the model External Form

Body Therefore, all places where people gather should have a balance of Sungsang and Hyungsang and fulfill the Purpose of Existence and Value of that place Internal nature Internal nature Family ethics Family Education principles Teacher Student Internal nature Mngmt Employee Internal nature Guiding principles

Company ethics Company School Parents Children Internal nature Nation Peaceful, United World principle World Leader People The internal values must be established firmly. Unity of Values Absolute Goodness (Life of Shimjung = Life of living for the sake of others) Humankind Nations (2) Solving the problems of Yang and Yin with the Characteristics of Internal Nature and External Form First

Later God Parent Man (Children Internal InternalNature Nature And And External ExternalForm Form Perfection PerfectionofofCharacter Character (Individual Perfection, (Individual Perfection, Moral Moraltraining) training) Yang Yangand andYin Yin

Unity Unityofof Husband Husbandand andWife Wife (Family perfection, (Family perfection, Household) Household) (3) Mans Last Revolution Industrial, political, religious, cultural revolution Solve problems Unified Peaceful World World of Happiness Revolution of Man Past revolutions Guns Swords Power How will we conduct the Revolution of Man?(True Education What are we going to use in the Revolution of Man? True Love and Principle that flow from Shimjung Revolution of Man Revolution of Shimjung (Roots) True Love (Flowers, fragrance) True Character (Fruit) Revolution of Absolute Sex (True Family) The Relationship between God and the Universe Internal

Nature mind Principle of Creation God External Form Unfolded Individual Embodiments Of Truth All Created Things Relationship Subject Object Cause

Result Image (Map) Symbol (Flag) Man body All Things Internal Nature External Form

Man All Things Imitation Sounds of All Things Encompasses The 5 Viscera and 6 Entrails Elements Qualities Natur e 5 Great Seas 6 Continents Internal External 12 sets of Ribs 24 12months, 24Solar terms Vertical Horizontal Hair Plants Skin

Earths crust Muscles Substrata Veins Underground waterways Skeleton Rocky Mantle Bone Marrow Molten core Invisible Masculine Subject Tangible Feminine Object The Book of Changes and the Bible from the Viewpoint of the Principle of Creation The The Book Great of Changes Ultimate

Yang Yin Five Agents All things The Way One yang and one yin; this is the Way Word Bible God Word Internal Nature Principle The Book of Changes God External Form

Bible God John1/1 The word was with God and the Word was God. All things The root concept of East Asian philosophy and the Bible can be fully elucidated only with help from the Principle of Creation Does not explain that God has character Yang Yin God Father Explains God with personality But does not explain His characteristics Eastern and Western of the Original Divine Western Ontology : Form and Matter Eastern Ontology

: Yang, Yin Western Culture Eastern Culture Internal Nature and External Form Unity Positivity and Negativity Unity United UnitedCulture Culture III. Universal Prime Energy, Give and Take Action, and the Four Position Foundation Universal Prime Energy Entities Need energy Universal The fundamental energy of Gods being Prime The origin of all energies that allow Energy created beings to exist Give and Take Action UPE Sub Universal Prime Energy

Cause, Subject, Internal Obj. Energy Give and Take Action The forces generated by Give and Take Action Result, Object, External Existence, Multiplication, Action Relationshi p All beings are co-relative Why co-relative? To have Give and Take What do they reciprocate? Love and Beauty Happiness S O Universe : Parents Children Husband Wife

Teacher Student Superior Subordinate Employer Employee Government People Butterflies Animals Animals Male Female Arteries Plants Stamen Pistil

Inhalation Minerals Man Development Joy Sun Planets Earth Flowers Plants Veins Moon Bible Mat7/2 Exhalation Judgment you give Measure

receive Judgment you take Measure receive The Function of the Conscience from the View of Give and Take by give and take action The force of Generated All people have an active conscience guiding them to goodness the ConscienceThe ultimate subject partner of our conscience is God God God Force of the Truth Conscience Goodness Original Mind Conscience The Function of the Conscience in Fallen Man God

The Function of the Conscience in Original Man Truth What Fallen people mistake as the Truth The force of the Conscience Conscience Wrong direction Origin Division Union Action, The Three Object Purpose, The Four Position Foundation Origin-Division-Union Action The process in which out of God, the Origin, two entities are separately manifested and reunited in oneness is called origin-division-union action God O Gods Principle Satanic theory T Formed by Fallen man A S Man Woman

Children Dialectic Conflict, Struggle Hatred Dialectical materialism Feuerbachs Materialism Combine Hegels dialectic D U Law of Give and Take Give and Take Action Love Reciprocal Only One Theory 3 stages of development The Three Object Purpose When any one of the four positions assumes the position of subject partner, the other three are engaged as its object partners. God Subject Object Union

If the four positions have give and take action, the 3 object purpose is fulfilled. The center of all beings is God. All motivation is from God. Do not let yourself be your motivation. The Four Position Foundation When the 4 positions have give and take and fulfill the three object purpose, the four position foundation is formed. God Object Subject Union Foundation for the realization of Gods purpose of creation Foundation for existence Fundamental foundation for love Fundamental foundation for goodness Fundamental foundation for all force Fundamental foundation of 3 stages Fundamental foundation for the numbers 4, 3,12 ( Types of Four Position Foundations Individual four position foundation Family four position foundation

God Mind Dominion four position foundation God Body Man Man God Woman Child All things Man Ideal Individual Perfection Family Perfection

Perfection of Dominion (Perfection of Character) (Ideal Family) (Ideal World) Heart (shimjeong), Absolute Sex The Mode of Existence of the Four Position Foundation Circular movement Spherical movement Up Behind Left Right Front Down Standard of Absolute Value God Absolute Value True Love, True Life, True Lineage, Absolute sex True Loves special rights right of equal status, right to live together, right to participate in work Right of inheritance

(4) Reasons all Beings are Composed of Dual Characteristics UPE Subject Object Force 1) In order to exist Energy is required for any being to exist Energy is produced through give and take action A partner is needed in order to reciprocate 2) To have eternal nature 3. The Purpose of Creation Motivation and Purpose of Creation Motivation for Creation Shimjung Joy Purpose of Creation Gods essential attribute Root of Gods True Love Core of Gods Character Joy Love Object

No form The impulse of shimjung The irrepressible emotional impulse of the heart that desires to feel joy through loving the object partner Substantial body Temporary Eterna l Object Object of resemblance Gen1/27 Object of goodness John14/20 Object of Perfection(Mat5/48) Object of Shimjung(Gen1/28) Object Partners of Goodness to Gods Joy Gen1/28 (1) Gods Works Four Position Foundation Gods Joy Four Position Foundation 3 Great Blessings The 1st Great Blessing The 2nd Great Blessing The 3rd Great Blessing Fruitful Multiply Dominion over all things (Individual Perfection Family Perfection Ideal FamilyPerfection of Dominion Ideal World

Perfection of Character) God Mind God Body Man Divinity Shimjung Heavenly Person Shimjung Education Oneness of God and man John14/20 Temple(1Cor3/16) Perfect(Mat5/48) Man God Woman Children Good People World of Goodness Life of Heaven Education

about rules All Things Man Ideal World Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven Cheon Il Guk Education regarding skills, knowledge, and physical ability) (2) The great blessing among the 3 Great Blessings Blessing Marriage (Inherit Gods True Love, True Life, True Lineage and Absolute Sex) Absolute sex Completion of the Realm of Liberation through fulfilling ones portion of responsibility ( ) Dual Purposes Entities Internal nature part Internal nature purpose whole Public External form part External form purpose individual Personal Connected, Organic body Energy Individual

Particles Family Atoms Molecules Plants Animals Man God Clan Tribe Nation World Cosmos God 3, Four Great Realms of Shimjung and Three Great Kingships God

Perfected Man Husband Wife Grandparents Past Position representing God PerfectedParents Present Representing Mankind Woman Shimjung of Parents Shimjung of Husband and Wife Shimjung of Brothers and Sisters Shimjung of Children A E Children Children Future Kings of the future 3 Great Kingships Family Realm of the Royal Family Mankind is Gods Children (1) Why do we marry? 1) To become complete (Before marriage, we are only half)

To resemble God, who is complete To dominate Gods True Love To perfect love (Individual perfection) So the partner is the owner of your sexual organ Love is experienced and perfected through a partner 2) To perfect God and perfect the realm of liberation of love The marriage of Adam and Eve Gods marriage The substantial appearance of God First Love Gods first love The point where Gods love and Mans love meet The sexual organs 3) To multiply Gods True Love, True Life and True Lineage (Eternity) Gods body (To take on a body) Conclusion: Gods purpose for creating man Object partner of love (to love in substantial form Multiply Gods children (to multiply children) (2) Principled View on Marriage Marriage for the sake of the partner Why? Humankind was created, born, matures, marries and lives for the sake of the other; we perfect each other; and the path towards of world where people live for the sake of one another is the path to a true life.

Consequently, such a world of altruism is the ideal world and kingdom of heaven. Therefore, the family is the basic unit of the kingdom of heaven. Completing the True Family Ideal ref3 1) Completing the Husband-Wife Ideal Completing the Parental Ideal) God The husband in the subject position unites with God, the subject, and then completes the wife. God The wife in the object position unites with her husband, the subject, and completes the husband. Subject partner Subject partner The husband and wife were born as sons and daughters. They grow to perfection by attending their parents. Man Object partner

Husband Subject partner Wife Object partner Therefore, the husband must attend his wife as he attends his mother and the wife must attend her husband as she attends her father, and this is how they perfect each other through their lives. This way they become a True Couple that resembles God, who is complete, and they become completed True Parents. (Son) (Daughter) 2) Fulfillment of the Sibling Ideal (Fulfillment of the Childrens Ideal) Parents Parents Subject partner Subject partner Children Elder Brother

Younger Brother Object partner Object Subject partner partner The elder brother in the subject position unites with the parents, the subject, and completes the younger brother. The younger brother in the object position unites with his elder brother, the subject, and completes his elder brother. The elder brother and younger brother are both born as extensions of their parents. Therefore, the elder brother should attend the younger brother as he attends his parents The younger brother should attend the elder brother as he attends his parents. This is how they perfect each other through their lives This is the way they become True children resembling their parents and become true siblings. A true husband and wife are unalterable Parents Husband and Wife Children Unalterable

? Unalterable (4) True Parents and Completed Testament Age Ultimate unity, perfection, completion and finalization of True Parents Gods Ideal of Creation True Parents A Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by Gods Substantial Self Fulfillment of the Ideal of Creation True Parents E Fruitful Individual Perfection Gen1/28 Multiply Family perfection 3 Great Blessings Dominion Perfection of dominion Korea is God's homeland and hometown King of Cosmic Peace, True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind -Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families, Peace

and Unity of the Cosmic True Parents, True Parents of Heaven and Earth, -The King of Cosmic Peace, Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, Opening Cheon Il Guk The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind -Establishment of Gods Kingship -Safe Settlement of the Unity of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind True Parents -Blessing True love, True life, True lineage, Absolute sex) -The Principle and Gods Words -Messiah, True Love (Seed),The Principle Messiah Word Restoration through Old Testament New Testament Indemnity Judaism Christianity Completion Liberation and Complete Freedom Completed Concluding Dominion of the Ideal of Testament Creation Realm of Cosmic Sabbath for Parents

Unification church 40years Family (CIG) Federation) Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Church) IndemnityFamily Federation for World Peace and Unification (Family) The Family House of Cosmic Peace and Unification (Cheon Il Guk) Completion of Tribal Blessing Blessed Tribal Messiah Hoon dok Family Church Families Restoration of Gods Fatherland Cheon Il Guk of Heaven and Earth) (5) Parents of Heaven and Earth Cosmic Realm of Sabbath Is Eternal Theme God Invisible True Parent (mind) All-immanence Unified Settlement of Parents of Heaven and Earth True Parents Visible True Parent (body)

Daily Life Realm All-authority All-power All-transcendence Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth (July 7, 1997) (1) This realm is established on basis of absolute sex Sperm from True Fathers Absolute Sex (seed of true love) womb Ova from True Mothers Absolute Sex (body of true life) Reproductive organs of a true husband and wifes Absolute Sex (true lineage realm) (2) True Mothers ova is wrapping for True Father True Mother is like clothing to True Father Mother has no substantial body. Until now, no substantial mother, so she was Holy Spirit So True Mother must be born again within True Father and by True Father. True Father must raise True Mother as a substantial body (re-creation) (3) Victory of the Coronation Ceremony for the Authority of the Liberation of God (Era of All-immanence, All-authority, All-power, All-transcendence) victory (6 Completion of the authority of the liberation of God God Invisible True Parent (mind) True Visible True Parent (body) Parents Unified Settlement of Parents (Noon-time settlement ) of Heaven and Earth True Father

(mind) Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heave Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by Gods Substantial Self (Noon-time settlement ) (body) True Mother True (mind) Parents Complete unitedly established(Noon-time settlement ) Blessed Family (body) Completion of the authority of the liberation of God Ultimate unity, perfection, completion and finalization of True Parents All-immanence All-authority All-power All-transcendence Freedam, Equality, Peaceful, Happiness, Union Reign of Tranquility and Peace True Parents Eog-Mansei . Determining Original Value and the Standard for Such Value 1. Defining Value Desire Subject Object Satisfaction

Content Characteristics Value 2. Determining Value Determining the Value from how its purpose is viewed Eg. knife paper house View of Purpose Filial child Subject Patriot Saint Divine child Object Family (Body) (Body) (Mind)

(Mind) Union (Me) (Self) Way of Family Nation World Cosmos Determining Original Value God Ideal of Creation Entitys Purpose Subject Person Original Value God Subject Person Entity Union The original value of an entity is determined by the formation a partner relationship between the

purpose of the entitys existence as an object partner centering on Gods ideal of creation and the original desire of a person standing in the subject partner position to pursue value. So for an object partner to possess original value, it must form a union through a give and take action with a person standing in the subject position, thereby becoming a third objective partner to God and forming an original four-position foundation. Third Objective Partner Original four position foundation 3. Standard of Original Value God S.P. O.P. Since God, the center of the four position foundation is absolute, the standard of value is also absolute. So, with God as the standard, the value of any object partner that is determined relative to Him is also absolute. Union (1)Standard of Value: Absolute, Unique, Unchanging, Eternal Person

Sovereign Leaders Intellectuals Conscience Jeong Mongju Example Yi Sun-sin Ito Hirobumi Goryeo Patriot Joseon- Traitor Korea - Patriot Japan Enemy Japan- Patriot Korea - Enemy (2) So the standard of Original Value: God True Parents 4. Original Emotion, Intellect, Will and Original Truth, Beauty, Goodness God Intellect Emotion Will Responsive Feeling Mind Intellect Emotion Will

Action Man Body Truth Beauty Goodness Value The human mind has three faculties: emotion, intellect and will. The body is a responsive entity to the minds intellect, emotion, and will, so its actions appear as being in pursuit of the values of truth, beauty, and goodness. Because God is the subject partner to the human mind, He is also the subject partner to human intellect, emotion, and will. So a person can manifest the values of original truth, beauty and goodness only when, because of his desire to realize original value, he responds through his mind to Gods intellect, emotion and will and then acts on these through his body. Love and Beauty, Good and Evil, Righteousness and Unrighteousness (1) Love and Beauty God Love Love S.P. type Parental Love Conjugal Love Childrens Love

type Loyalty (choong: Subjugate God Filial piety (hyo: Subjugate Parents Fidelity (yeol: Subjugate Partner: faithful husband, virtuous wife O.P. Union Beauty Beauty When two entities, discrete manifestations of Gods dual characteristics, form a common base and seek to engage in give and take action so as to form a four position foundation, thereby forming a union that is Gods third object, The emotional force given by the subject partner to the object partner is called love, and the emotional force given by the object partner to the subject partner is called beauty. The force of love is active, and the stimulation of beauty is passive. (2) Good and Evil God Subject Satan Object Union Good Good

Subject Object Union Evil Evil An act or its result is called good when it fulfills Gods purpose of creation; this takes place when subject and object partners unite through the harmonious and smooth give and take of love and beauty, become the third object partner to God, and form the four position foundation. An act or its result is called evil when it fulfills Satans purpose by forming a four position foundation centered on Satan. (3) Righteousness and Unrighteousness Righteousness Unrighteousness Good Good Person Element of human life to pursue goodness Evil Element of human life to

pursue evil In the process of bringing about the purpose of goodness, those elements in human life that are for the sake of goodness are called righteousness; while in the process of bringing about the purpose of evil (Satan), those elements in human life that are for the sake of evil are called unrighteousness. . The Process of the Creation of the Universe and Its Growing Period The Process of the Creation of the Universe 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day 6th Day Bible Gen. 1:1-31 light waters

ocean sun fish mammals darkness under/above the firmament land moon birds plants stars Human beings Water era ocean plants

animals Science Non-water era Gas Human beings Azoic era Archaozoic era Palezoic era Mesozoic era Cenozoic era land Proterozoic era Bibles Revelatory character

6 Days Periods of Creation6 orderly periods of creation 1 Day24 hours II Pet. 3:8 The Growing Period for the Creation Evidence for the Existence of the Growing Period Seen from the Process of Creation (6 days) Seen from the Human Fall Cannot Fall after Completion Seen from the Human Portion of Responsibility Incomplete Seen from the Bible (Gen. 1:5) 3, The Growing Period for the Creation and Portion Responsibility to Human Bei God Complete Subject Direct Dominion Dominion of True Love) Growing Period (Morning) First Day Perfection Perfection Complete Object Completion Night Indirect Dominion Power of Principle Realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle

Growth Formation Gen.1:5(Evening) Creation Human Reasons for Human Responsibility beings PrincipleAutonomy Human Responsibility Governance Man of Instinct Creation of Character Man of Character Complete Gods Will 100 Gods Responsibility 95 Human Responsibility 5% Gods Word

faith, practice Right to be Gods child Right to govern creation Owner of dominion Creator 2nd Creator Take part in the creation process (3) Reason God Gave Portion Responsibility to Human Beings As the Creator of human beings, God is qualified to govern human beings. If human beings are to be qualified to be Gods children and have dominion over creation, they must also create all things. But human beings dont have the power to do this. So instead of creating all things, God has human beings create our own character under our own portion of responsibility. By having human beings do this, something that even God cannot do for us, God intends to make us qualified to be His children and to exercise dominion over all things. Then how is the creation of human character accomplished? The human character is created and perfected by God giving His Word to human beings according to His 95% portion of responsibility, and human beings believing in that Word and putting it into practice according to our 5% portion of responsibility so as to act with Absolute Sex and self dominion (self-discipline). So human beings create our own character by our own portion of responsibility and come to possess creativity, become second creators and participate in Gods creative enterprise in a way that completes that enterprise.

This is the reason God gave a portion of responsibility to human beings. The liberation realm of responsibility can be completed on the foundation of Absolute Sex. . The Incorporeal World and the Corporeal World Whose Center is Human Beings Does Spirit World exist? If so, how does it relate with us? (1) Seen from the Principle of Creation Dual structure of the Cosmos Subject Spiritual Vertical Infinite, eternal transcends time & space Eternal Life God Internal nature God Mind (fruit) Spirit 5 spiritual senses Incorporeal World world Spirit self

Heaven Man External form Earth Body Heb. 8: 5 Corporeal World Nature Cosmos Microcosm Mediator Physical Center of harmony Owner of two worlds self 5 physical senses (tree) Finite, temporary restricted by time & space Object Position of

Human Beings physical horizontal Matt.16:19 Matt.18:18 Soil Seen from the Bible Gen. 1:1 Gods creation of the universe Created the spiritual world and the natural world Seen from the creation of the spirit self 1) Bible verses about the spiritual body Gen. 2:7 I Cor. 15:44 nostrils Body of Gods spirit breath of life live again dust from the ground physical body planted physical body Ecc. 12:7 spirit (soul) returns to God Eternal life dust (body) returns to the earth 2) Reappearance of spirits Matt.17: 1-10 Moses and Elijah with Jesus Luke 9: 28-30 Peter and John and James, and went up on the mountain to pray. And behold, two men talked with him, Moses and Eli'jah, Acts. 9: 3-5 Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?

II Cor. 12: 1-4 (Saul) whether in the body or out of the body I do not know Rev. 22: 20 Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! Luke 16: 19-26 poor man named Laz'arus and the rich man The Three Life Stages of Human Beings Life in the womb Life on earth baby Spirit body spirit mind womb Physical body physical mind air water 10 months formation growth completion Preparation for physical life dust 100 years

Birth - individual perfection -marriage - completion Preparation for the spirit word Perfect True Love Perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart Life in the spirit world Spirit mind Spirit body love Eternal Life Seung hwa eternal life Eternal happiness by attending God Structure of the Physical Self and the Spirit Self and Their Reciprocal Relationship Spirit self Physical self air, light food, water

Principle Physical Life elements ( ) mind Gods life element Principle, love Spirit mind Vitality elements Spirit Physical body body revitalized character Completion Divine spirit Kingdom of Heaven Paradise Luke 23:43 Growth Life spirit Formation Form-spirit level Form spirit spiritual world Physical body

Perfect personPerfect spiritual bodyPerfect original mindPerfect heart Perfect true love Perfect Absolute Sex Perfect true blood lineage) The Importance of Physical Life The spirit self grows and matures through the physical self Completes the Stages of the Growing Period Physical Life Perfect the Great Realms of Heart Experience True Love Realize True Love Redemption must be done on earth Resolution through indemnity conditions Physical Self Birth of the Spirit Self Reproduce Life on earth determines the life in the spirit world Physical Life Life of goodness Spirit self becomes good Heaven Life of evil Spirit self becomes evil Hell Spirit self is the best product of life Do we find our own way to Heaven? Or are we sent there? We find our own way there. You can live a heavenly lifestyle by perfecting your spirit self and so become a citizen of heaven Conclusion Why do people need to live lives of goodness? because the spirit world exists Importance of the Spirit Self Owner of the spirit world Owner of love Subject of the physical self Spiritually communicates with God Live through attendance Eternal life

Same shape as the physical self Life is automatically recorded in the spirit self video tape How Heaven or Hell is Determined Hell egoistic consciousness Self altruism selflessness egoism self-centeredness Heaven altruistic consciousness Reference Three Stages of Judgment in Spirit World Judgment of Character Love Judgment of Public work Public lifestyle People are public beings Judgment of Public money All things are public property

The Three Great Laws which human beings must follow Preserve of blood lineage purity Do not violate human rights Do not misuse public money Points to note: (1) Principle Gods Word is the food for my spirit self. Physical food material food and drink Spiritual food Principle Gods Word True Love If you listen and forget the Principle, only Satanic thoughts and words will remain. (2) Prayers of repentance act as air for the spiritual body. If you do not pray every day, you do not have air so you are dead. Prayer is similar to a conversation with God. If you do not converse with God, you are conversing with Satan. (3) Complaining is poison to the spirit self. deathly poison (4) Judgment Judgment of the Word Did you believe in Gods Word? Judgment of Character Did you practice Gods Word? Judgment of the Heart Did you love? Love God? Love humanity?

Love the creation? Lets Letslive livefor forothers! others! The Human Fall Introduction All people have an original mind, which inclines them to pursue goodness. Yet, even without our being aware of it, we are driven by evil forces to perform evil deeds, which we do not want to do. In Christianity, the master of these evil forces is known as Satan. The human beings who were created as Gods children became Satans children by falling under Satans temptation to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which God had commanded not to eat. They inherited the original sin and came to live under the dominion of Satan, who became the false god of the world and the owner of evil forces. The explanation of the human fall will clarify the issues of the Fall and the fundamental questions of sin, by examining the root of sin (original sin), the identity of Satan, the motivation and process of the Fall, and the reason why the omnipotent God did not intervene in the Fall of the first human ancestors. The Root of Sin Original Sin Literal Gods Word : Gen. 2:17Death more valuable than

life Jesus Word : Mar. 7: 15, Matt. 15: 11 becomes sin Fruit of the knowledge of Symbolic What does the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil good and evil symbolize? What was the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that made God cast Adam and Eve out of the garden? Jesus; forgiveness, love your enemy (1) The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Fruit of good and evil Evil fruit Love Eve AA Tree of the knowledge Perfected woman Eve

Gen. 2:9 of good and evil Tree of life Good fruit God Love Tree of evil (responsibility) Tree of goodness Perfected man Adam Adam Jesus 2nd Advent Life Life Life Rev. 22: 13 Adam Old New Testament Testament

Tree of Life Adam who perfected the ideal of creation Person tree Prov. 11: 30; fruit of the righteous tree of life John 15: 5 grapevine Rom. 11: 17 true olive tree Gen. 3:24 Prov. 13:12 Rev. 22:14 Tree of the knowledge of good and evil Eve who perfected the ideal of creation Jesus Fruit of the knowledge of good and evil Eves love (2) The Identity of the Serpent Conversed with people Knew the Will of God Tempted human beings, intellectual Lived in heaven Rev. 12:9 Ability, power Transcended time and space Lower animal Spiritual Being Angel (3) The Fall of the Angel and the Fall of Human Beings Lucifer

Rev. 12:9 Great dragon Ancient serpent Devil/Satan rules the universe Isa. 14:12 II Pet. 2:4 Angel Person Gen.2:25 Crime Crime Gen.3:7 Fornication Lower parts Job 31:33 Jude 1:6~7

John 8:44 Matt. 3:7 Matt. 23:33 Rom. 8:23 Fallen person Satans child II Cor. 4:4 John 12:31 Snake(Satan) Fallen Archangel Lucifer worldly god, acts as a king) Root of Sin Illicit sexual (blood) relationship between the fallen Archangel and Eve lustful desires Fallen Man Satans children inherit the servants false love, life and lineage Evidence Many religions consider fornication as the greatest sin Israelites practice circumcision The Last days: perish due to fornication (reap what you sow) Reality in society: Cultural development and sexual crimes Heredity is passed through blood lineage Rise and fall of nations- Fornication AIDS Immoral and rebellious teenagers, destruction of family morals AA Eve

uncle daughter Mother Adam Child Religious chastity Contradicts with Gen. 1:28 Contradiction 2. The Motivation and Process of the Fall Why did the Fall Occur Purpose of the Creation of the Angels 1) Mission as servants Heb. 1: 14, Rev. 22: 9 Gen. 18: 10 Sent Gods message of the great blessing to Abraham Matt. 1: 20, Luke 1: 31 Spread the message of the birth of Christ Acts 12: 7-10 Helped Peter to escape the prison by taking the chains off his hands 2) Song of worship Rev. 5: 11 And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the living beings and the elders; and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands, Rev. 7: 11 And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four living beings, and fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, ( ) The Motivation and Process of the Fall God Heavenly children Archangel

Eve Spiritual Fall Adam Physical Fall Lack of Love Motivation With the heart to return once again to God Spiritual Fall Process Inherit the Archangels nature after the Fall Guilty conscience fear, dread, Angels wisdom Physical Fall Result (Fallen Nature Become Satans child Satan becomes the owner of the world . How did the Human Beings Fall during the Growing Period?

1 The Power of Love and the Power of the Principle Power of Love Power of Principle Faith Power of Love Power of Principle Power of Unprincipled Love Power of Principle Power of Unprincipled Love Power of Principle Faith Immature Adam and Eve in their growing periods had the possibility to Fall through unprincipled love (angels love) Similar to a train which cannot run off track unless some outside force collides with it and pushes it in a different direction. (2) Why God Set Up the Commandment God gave the Commandment in order to prevent the Fall. In their immature state, Adam and Eve could not be directly governed by God through love. Because the power of love is stronger than the power of the Principle, God gave the Commandment in order to prevent the Fall. 3 The Period during which the Commandment was Necessary The Commandment was necessary during the Growing Period Eat Perfection Direct Dominion Completion Do not eat

Growth Formation A E Growing Period Indirect Dominion . The Consequences of the Human Fall 1 Satan and Fallen Humanity Ideal of creation Fallen world believe G Gen. :1 don't believe S 1)Humanity becomes 1) True Parent 2) True Children 3) True Family

Satans children E A Good royal sovereignty Child Evil A E 2)Satan is the parent of humanity 3)Original sinfallen nature 4) Satan is the Motivation Direction Goal Action Result itself Good Heaven desire love actions

Child Evil On earth In heaven Hell On earth In heaven owner of the world e Three Great Changes and The Three Great Liberat (1) The Three Great Changes Change of blood lineage Change of possession Change of the Realm of Shimjung (Original nature) practice the life of attendance (2) The Three Great Liberations From Satans blood lineage eradication - Blessing Realize the True Family From Satans dominion fallen nature - Principle Ideal World Life From Satans lifestyle environment - Cheon Il Guk Establish Establish Gods Godshomeland

homeland Cheongju CheongjuPyeonghwa PyeonghwaTongil TongilGuk Guk (Nation of the Cosmic Peace and (Nation of the Cosmic Peace andUnity) Unity) Cheon CheonIlIlGuk Guk 3) Satans Activities in the Human World Satan Evil spirit Luke 22: 3 Satan entered Judas Iscariot Spirit world Natural world Spirit self Physical self Evil thoughts actions 4) Good and Evil Seen from the Viewpoint of Purpose Had Adam and Eve formed a four position foundation centered on God, they

would have established a good world. But when they loved each other with a purpose contrary to this and established a four position foundation centered on Satan, they ended up forming an evil world. This demonstrates that good and evil refer to the results produced from identical content used in the pursuit of opposite purposes. God Satan Object Subject Union Good Good Object Subject Union Evil Evil 5) What is Sin? 1) Meaning : Sin is a violation of heavenly law which is committed when a person forms a common base with Satan, thus setting a condition for give and take action with him. 2) Classification of sins

Individual sin (leaf) Collective sin (branch) Hereditary sin (trunk) Original sin (root) 6) Fallen Nature Adam and Eve inherited from the Archangel all the proclivities incidental to his transgression against God when he bound Eve in blood ties through their sexual relationship. These proclivities have become the root cause of the fallen inclinations in all people. Original Nature Fallen Nature Restoration God Gods standpoint love Satan Eve Adam Ones position (mediation) Obedience, Submission ( ) Failing to take Gods standpoint (envy, jealousy)

Love Leaving ones proper position (temper) Mediator Reversing dominion (arrogance) Obedience Submission Multiplying the criminal act (stubbornness) Sacrifice Service Heaven Multiply goodness . Freedom and the Human Fall 1) The Meaning of Freedom from the Viewpoint of the Principle (1) There is no freedom outside the Principle. Perfect freedom Principle Mind

Free will Free action (2) There is no freedom without responsibility. Human beings, created according to the Principle, can reach perfection only by fulfilling their responsibility based on their free will. Freedom without responsibility is self-indulgence. (3) There is no freedom without accomplishment. Freedom will ceaselessly pursues concrete actions through free actions. 2) Freedom cannot have caused the Human Fall Human beings lost their true freedom as a result of the Fall Unprincipled Love Not Free Death Line Death Life Man Satan True Love God Freedom 3) Reason for giving freedom Freedom Seeks to return joy to God through accomplishments while fulfilling ones responsibility in accordance with the principle of creation.

Free action resulting from free will Good results Gives joy to God 4) Desire Desire Inherited creative nature of God Purpose of Creation Happiness Happiness is felt by fulfilling ones desire. If human beings did not have desires joy could not exist, and we would have no desire to receive Gods love, no desire to live, do acts of goodness, or develop. Gods purpose of creation and the providence of restoration could not be fulfilled and human society could not be maintained or developed. . The Reason God Did Not Intervene in the Actions of the Fall To Maintain the Absoluteness and Perfection of the Principle of Creation G Complete subject Direct dominion true love P. Creation Complete object P.Person Completion

Indirect dominion Realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle Growth Formation Creation autonomy Principle dominion Person Gods Word 95 human responsibility Human responsibility 5 Creation of character 100 If God intervened, it would result in His denying the absoluteness and perfection of the Principle. So He could not intervene

Creativity 2nd Creator Right of Gods child Right of Lord of Creation (2) That God Alone Be the Creator God Dominion over Recognize as the 2nd Creator Satan creation intervene Creation Fall Sin Hell God only governs over a principled existence which He has created If God intervened, he would recognize Satans creation such as the Fall, sin and hell as principled. If God had intervened, it would have resulted in recognizing Satan as a second the creator who had created evil. So in order that God remain the sole Creator, He could not intervene in the Human Fall. (3) To Make Human Beings the Lords of Creation God Direct dominion

true love P. Creation P. Person Completion Indirect Dominion Growth Principle autonomy human responsibility dominion Formation Creation Person unfulfilled If God exercised direct dominion over human beings still in the indirect dominion, human beings could not fulfill their portion of responsibility human beings could not inherit the nature of the Creator human beings could not become Gods children human beings could not become qualified to rule the universe. So God did not intervene in the Fall so as to make human beings the lords of creation. Reference Gods Heart and Anguish

Satan is the Adulterer of Love (Enemy of Love) (1) Satan is the enemy of enemies who violated the Four Great Realms of Heart Violation of the Four Great Realms of Heart (daughter sister, wife, mother, grandmother) (2) Gods heart that must love the enemy of love (3) Gods heart that must love the children of the enemy of love more than his own children. God cannot become the absolute Creator by carrying the concept of enemy within His heart. We must understand Gods unspeakable heart and liberate Him from His anguish. Reference Why must we love our enemy? (1) Because the motivation for creation was shimjung. This is the reason Satan accuses God by saying: You have to love your enemy. Human beings reach perfection with the help of the angels during the growing period. How can these human beings be Gods children (2) God is the parent of shimjung. Striking the enemy might satisfy ones resentment for the moment, but God cannot strike His enemy because He knows that the pain he would afflict on the enemys parents, spouse, children, siblings and relatives is greater. (3) If you hit the enemy, it would mean that you acknowledges its existence. There is no concept of enemy in Gods ideal of creation. So God cannot strike his enemy Satan (Devil). If God were to strike Satan, it would mean that He recognized Satan as His enemy. This is the reason God has conducted the providence to subjugate Satan naturally.

Reference 3 Motives for Becoming Satan (1) When we are unable to love as God loves (feelings of being excluded, lack of love, resentment) (2) When we leave our place of existence (complain, dissatisfaction) (3) When we attempt to dominate in reverse (When we break discipline and do things according to our own thinking) Live a life of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, Absolute obedience Reference 4 What We Must Do (1) Lets become people whom God can trust. (2) Lets understand and console Gods Heart. (3) Lets become people who can liberate God. Eschatology and Human History Introduction We dwell in ignorance of history, uncertain about its origin, the direction in which it is heading, and its final destination. Concerning eschatology, or the doctrine of the Last Days, many Christians believe literally what is written in the Bible. (II Peter 3:12 - Heaven, Earth, Judgment of Fire; I Thessalonians 4:16~17 - rise into the air; Matthew 24:29 sun, moon, stars; Matthew27/52 resurrection,) One pertinent question for Christians is whether these events will take

place literally or whether the verses are symbolic, as are many parts of the Bible. The Meaning of the Last Days Origin and purpose of human history II Pet. 3 / 12 : heaven, earth ,fire judgment I Thess 4 / 16-17 : ascend to heaven Matt. 24 / 29 : sun, moon, stars ; Matt.27 / 52 : resurrection, (1) Original history Righteous history (2) Fallen history Sinful history (3) History of the Providence of Redemption Providence of Restoration 1) History of cultural development Far Eastern cultural realm Hindi cultural realm Christianity 21 26 cultural realms Islamic cultural realm God Christian cultural realm 2) Way of religion and science Person mind - religion body- science 3) Tendency of historical conflicts Cain view of life

Conflicts of Abel view of life good and evil Unificatio n Humanism(Hellenism) (Hebrew) spiritualism materialism democracy communism Unificat 4) Bible : Restoration of the Tree of Life Gen. 2: 9Rev. 22: 14 Rev. 22: 14 Gen. 2:9 the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Tree of Life Perfected Adam

True Father Garden of Eden Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates. Revelation 22:13 Tree of Life Second Advent True Father World of the Original Ideal of Creation The Last Days Fallen world Ideal of creation G A S Turning point Last days E faithfulness unfaithfulness

Gen. 2: 17 E Child Child Evi l Good original sinX redemption In heaven X Heaven On earth prayerX faithX MessiahX Last daysXMeaning of Last Days: A Hell original sin repentance In heaven prayer faith On earth Messiah

Last days The world of evil centered on Satan (dominion of evil centering on Satan) ends, and the world of goodness centered on God (dominion of goodness centering of God) begins. The Last Days Occurred Several Times Noah : Gen. 6:13 I have determined to make an end of all flesh; for the earth is filled with violence through them; behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Jesus : John 5: 22, Mal. 4: 1 Second Advent : Matt. 24: 29, Luke 17: 26 (As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of man. ) Creation Completion Formation God Noah Satan Jesus 2nd Ad. Growth

Bible verses about the coming of the Last Days 1 Earth destroyed II Pet. 3: 12 13 Noah : Gen. 6: 13 I will destroy them with the earth Jesus : II Pet. 3: 12 the elements will melt with fire) Second Advent : II Pet. 3: 13 Literal? we wait for new heavens and a new earth) Earth remains forever 1) Earth Ecc 1: 4 A generation goes, and a generation comes, Symbolic? but the earth remains forever. Isa. 66: 22 For as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before me Matt. 6: 9 Our Father who art in heaven John 3: 13 he who descended from heaven, the Son of man

Heaven 2) Meaning Earth Earth destroyed Good High Holy Truth Symbolize good sovereignty Symbolize Satans evil sovereignty Satans evil sovereignty destroyed Evil Low Lowly Lies

(2) Rise into the air (I Thess. 4:17) shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. 1) Rise into the air Literal Symbolic Heaven Good High Holy Truth Symbolize good sovereignty Earth Evil Low Lowly Lies 2) Meaning Rise in the air

= Paradigm Shift Symbolize Satans evil sovereignty (3) Judgment by Fire II Pet. 3: 12 Literal :? Jesus Mal. 4: 1 so that it will leave them neither root nor branch Second Advent II Pet. 3: 12 the elements will melt with fire 1) Fire Symbolic : ? 2) Meaning James. 3: 6 : the tongue is fire Tongue Word John 5: 24 Fire Truth ..he who hears my word and believes him who sent me, has eternal life John 12: 48 ..the word that I have spoken will be his judge on the last day Isa. 11: 4 ..he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked.

Luke 12: 49 I came to cast fire upon the earth Judgment by Fire Judgment by Truth (4) Sun, Moon, StarsMatt. 24: 29 the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken; 1) Sun, Moon, Stars Literal Symbolic 2) Meaning Gen. 37: 9-10 the sun, the moon, and eleven stars were bowing down to me Sun Moon Father Mother Moses Jesus 2nd Advent Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Stars Brethren Law candlelight Judaism Lose Position Gospel electricity, light Christianity Lose Position Word of the Completed Testament sun Be darkened Foreshadows the end of the mission Stars fall Foreshadows failure by not fulfilling ones responsibility . Last Days and the Present DaysMatt. 24: 32 : fig tree leaf

(1) Signs of Restoration of the Three Great Blessings 1) Signs of the Restoration of the First Blessing Individual Perfection Phenomenon Restoration of spirituality Original Ideal World One in heart Restoration of the freedom Freedom of the of the original mind original mind Modern World Increase of spiritual people Pursuit of the freedom of the original mind Revolution for freedom Restoration of true human value Nobility cosmic value Height of democratic ideals Pursuit of individual values Human rights movement liberation movement Restoration of original,

World relating horizontally with Gods love Charity Return to find the original love ideal true love We can know from the signs of the restoration of the First Blessing that the present days are the Last days. Signs of the Restoration of the Second Blessing Original Ideal World Modern World History of cultural development World of one great family History of the World under Gods fall of nations sovereignty Cain view of life

Adam Abel view of life centered on God Gods cultural realm centered on Christianity Division and intersection of the democratic world and the communist world Humanism(Hellenism) materialism communism Unification God-centered (Hebrew) spiritualism democracy Signs of the Restoration of the Third Blessing Restoration of Dominion

Internal External religion, philosophy, ethics science, technical development spiritual restoration economical growth preservation of nature comfortable environment Conclusion: The signs of the restoration of the Three Great Blessings show us that the present days are the Last Days. (2) Seen from Social Phenomenon 1) You reap what you sowAdam and Eves Fall in the Garden of Eden Illicit sexual relationship Eve

Archangel Uncle Adam Daughter Mother 2) Close relative relationship Child incestual relationship Through observing social phenomenon, we can know that the present days are the Last Days . Section The Last Days and Our Attitude G Heaven S Paradise(Fisherman,tax accountant,prostitute,Burgl ar) Last days

Confusion S G Center: New Gods Word Hell:Secretary,Lawmaker (1) The Last Days Bring old era to resolution Providential beginning of new era (2) Confusion Internal fear dread confusion Contradiction External conflict war (3) Our Attitude Receive inspiration from Gods spirit through humble prayer. Do not be strongly attached to conventional concepts. Be receptive to Gods spirit. Find the new expression of truth in the providence of the new era. The Messiah: His Advent and the Purpose of His Second Coming Introduction The word "Messiah" in Hebrew means the "anointed one," signifying a king. The chosen people of Israel believed in the Word of God as revealed through the prophets, which promised that God would send them a king and savior. Such was their messianic

expectation. God sent this Messiah in the person of Jesus Christ. "Christ" is the Greek word for Messiah. Salvation through the Cross ascended to heaven Christ Messiah Jesus - 33 years old Christianity church of the cross faith of the cross redemption through blood (1) The Purpose of Jesus Coming as the Messiah Salvation Restoration G Gen. 2: 17 believe 1 Fruitful DivineOne in body John 14: 20 Temple I Thess. 3: 16 naturePerfect Matt. 5: 48 2 Multiply 3. Have dominion over creation A E don't believe

Complete the purpose of the Providence of Restoration Child Good Original sinX redemptionX Heaven prayerX faithX MessiahX Jesus In heaven On earth S Evil Nature Become one with Satan Satans temple original sin Fallen human beings A E Child Satan is the worldly God

Fallen man are Satans children Gods lamentation lost children Gen. 6: 6 Humanitys lamentation lost parents Rom. 8: 23 Creations lamentation lost owner Rom. 8: 19 Evil In heaven On earth Hel l Original sin repentance prayer faith Messiah (2) Was the Providence of Salvation completed through the Redemption of the Cross? Conclusion No, it was not completed. Why was it not fulfilled? because Jesus died on the cross The purpose of the providence of salvation was not fulfilled.

Resolution of original sin Rom. 7: 23, I John 1: 8-10 Restoration of the original human nature of creation Necessity of prayer and faith for indemnity I Thess. 5: 17 Necessity of the descendants life of faith and salvation Rev. 22: 14 3) Did Jesus Come to Die on the Cross? Seen from Gods providence Nation Judaism high priests, rabbis, scribes Zechariahs family JB Josephs family Mary & Jesus Jesus words and deeds John 6: 29,John 10: 38), miraculous powers Matt. 12:24 Beelzebul Heart of anguish Matt. 23: 37 hen, Luke19:41-44,John 5: 39-40 Bible, John 5: 43-46 Fathers name, Matt. 26:24 woe to that man through whom the Son of Man is betrayed! , Matt. 26:36-39 Gethsemane prayed , Disciples testimonies Stephen Acts. 7: 52-53 And they killed those who announced beforehand the coming of the Righteous One, whom you have now betrayed and murdered, you who received the law as delivered by angels and did not keep it. Paul I Cor. 2: 8

None of the rulers of this age understood this; for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. Jesus death on the cross result of ignorance and unbelief Jesus death on the cross was predestined X There is limit of salvation (4) The Limit of Salvation through the Redemption by the Cross and the Purpose of Jesus Second Advent If people believed in Jesus S Did not believe G S G M J John 14: 20 Become one M physical

J spiritual physical spiritual (Isa. 9: 6) physical spiritual spiritual (Rom. 7: 23, I John 1: 8-10, 1. Thes. 5: 17) Physical body invaded by Satan Physical salvation failed Made foundation for spiritual victory physical Spiritual salvation achieved Returns to complete spiritual and physical salvation (5) Two Kinds of Prophecies Concerning the Cross Lord of Suffering

dont believe Cross Isa. 53 believe, attend Jesus Lord of Glory human responsibility King of kings Isa. 9 11 60 Gen. 2: 17 death dont believe Die in thedont believe wilderness Adam Moses believe believe

life Canaan (6) Gospel Passages in Which Jesus Spoke of His Crucifixion as if It Were Necessary John 3: 14 : And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of man be lifted up Bronze serpent Salvation Fire serpent Moses people don't believe Jesus Salvation people don't believe Jesus John 19: 30 : It is finished Jesus asks his disciples: Who do men say that I am?"

Simon Peter : The Son of God Peter Betrayed Jesus in Caiaphas courtyard Luke 23: 43 : Thief on the left did not believe Thief on the right testified to Jesus as Messiah paradise Meaning of It is finished Received testimony as the Messiah Accomplished spiritual salvation It does not mean that Jesus completely accomplished Gods Will. Matt. 16: 23 : Said to Peter, Get behind me, Satan! Luke 9: 30 : And behold, two men talked with him, Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glory and spoke of his departure, which he was to accomplish at Jerusalem. Now Peter and those who were with him were heavy with sleep, and when they wakened they saw his glory and the two men who stood with him. And as the men were parting from him, Peter said to Jesus, "Master, it is well that we are here; let us make three booths, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah" --not knowing what he said. Physical resurrection, Substantial body cross), to go the way of spiritual salvation was decided Satan tried to enter Peter in order to prevent spiritual salvation. Satan entered Judah to betray Jesus. Conclusion Jesus did not come to die on the cross, but he died on the cross due to the unbelief of the Jewish people and his disciples. The Second Coming of Elijah and John the Baptist

(1) The Direction the Jewish People would choose Mal. 4: 5 E M Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet JB John 1: 21 not Elijah Jesus Matt. 11: 14 Matt. 17: 13 He is Elijah who is to come Born in Zechariahs family Miraculous birth Ascetic life J B Messiah? John 1: 20, Luke 3:15 don't believe believe Jewish People Lowly carpenters family

Unlearned youth Violated the Sabbath (Matt. 12:1-8) Befriends tax-collectors, prostitutes and sinners Puts himself in the same position as God Should love him more than anyone else Direction of the Jewish people (2) The Mission of John the Baptist Prophecys missionJohn 1: 23 : Make straight the way of the Lord John 1: 33 : Testimony at the Jordan river Mission of Attendance Unbelief of John the Baptist : in holiness and righteousness before him all the days of our life. Luke 1: 75 Unbelief of the entire Jewish people Jesus crucified on the cross (3) The Unbelief of John the Baptist Ignorant about Gods Will and the providence Matt. 11: 17 Judged centered on himself False view of the Messiah Disbelieved in Jesus words and deeds

Worried about his social authority and reputation Believed in the Old Testament literally (4) Jesus's disappointment at The Mission of John View the Bible in a new perspective (5) The Sense in Which John the Baptist was Elijah John the Baptist Return of Elijah Mission of Elijah Luke 1 : 17 and he will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready for the Lord a people prepared." (6) Our Attitude Toward the Bible Heavenly secret No one knew John the Baptist's ignorance and unbelief in Jesus brought about the Jewish people's unbelief,

which eventually led to Jesus' crucifixion. because we have been reading the Bible based on the unquestioned belief that John the Baptist was a great prophet We should dispense with the conservative attitude of faith. We should constantly make effort to have the right faith by searching both in spirit and in truth. Resurrection Introduction If we are to believe literally the prophesies of the Scripture, we should expect that when Jesus comes again, the saints will come back to life in the flesh. Their bodies, buried in the earth and completely decomposed, will be reconstituted to their original state. (I Thess. 4: 16, Matt. 27: 52) As people of faith we must accept them, but given the modern state of our knowledge, they do not make rational sense. Therefore, it is important that we elucidate the true meaning of resurrection. The Meaning of Resurrection (1) General Concepts of Life and Death (2) Biblical Concepts of Life and Death One in heart with God (Gods love is the origin of life State of being inside Gods true love) Life Resurrection

Fall process phenomena Death Luke 9: 60 Death Life state in which the physical self maintains its physiological functions Death end of physical life corpse John 11: 25 he who believes in me shall live whoever lives and believes in me shall never die. John 5: 24 he who hears my word and believes him who sent me he who believes ---has eternal life State where Shimjung Relationship with God has been severed Death dead body active person Resurrected Resurrected spirits Earthly people

(State where a person has left Gods realm of love, and exists within Satans realm of dominion, where there is no true love.) Rev. 3: 1 name of being alive------dead I John 3: 14 he who does not loveabides in death Rom. 6: 23 wage of sin ------ death Rom. 8: 6 set the mind on the flesh---death set the mind on the Spirit-----life and peace (3) The Meaning of Resurrection Resurrection may be defined as the process of being restored from the realm of Satans dominion to the realm of Gods direct dominion, through the providence of restoration. Accordingly, whenever we repent of our sins and rise to a higher state of goodness, we are resurrected to that degree. (4) What Changes does Resurrection cause in Human Beings? External: No change Internal: Spiritual change (From Satans haunt to Gods home) Ex.) Jesus disciples No significant external changes after becoming disciples. (5) The Death Caused by the Human Fall Resurrection is needed, because human beings died as a result of the Fall. What type of death was brought about by the Fall of the first human ancestors? 1) Gen. 2: 17 on the day they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they will surely die. These words did not refer to the end of physical life. Adam and Eve after the Fall continued their earthly life for over 900 years, living their lives and bearing children. Hence, the death caused by the Fall was not the end of physical life, but rather a state of spiritual death in which we are cut off from Gods love. The Fall was not the cause of physical death. 2) We see in the Principle of Creation that no life form consisting of material can exist for eternity. If human beings were to live on earth forever in the flesh, there is no need for God to create

the spirit world. According to the Principle of Creation, human beings were originally created to grow old and return to dust. (Ecc12: 7) Death caused by the Fall Descent from good dominion of God into the evil dominion of Satan 2 The Providence of Resurrection Providence of Resurrection Providence of Restoration Providence of Re-creation In accordance with the Principle of Creation (1) Basic Principles for the Providence of Resurrection Believe in Gods word and practice it Completion of the Providence of Resurrection = Gods responsibility (Word) Human responsibility believe and practice Only on base of physical self can spirit can grow to perfection Merit of the age Completed through three orderly stages (2) The Providence of Resurrection for People on Earth Tr ut

h Perfect Person N ew Completion stage Justification by attendance Divinespirit Kingdom of Heaven os pe l Ret. Christ G Growth stage Justification

by faith Life-spirit Justification by works Formspirit Paradise La w Jesus Formation stage Form-spirit level spirit world Abr. A Fallen

man O.T. Formation- N.T. C.T Growth- CompletionAge of the stage stage stage providence to resurrectionresurrectionresurrection lay the foundation for resurrection physical body Spiritual Phenomena in the Last Days The reason God promised to pour out His Spirit in the last days(Acts. 2: 17) Last Days is the time when people return to the spiritual level reached by the first human ancestors just prior to the Fall. You are the Lord Dominion over the universe Chosen people of the age are appointed as the substitute the Second Advent

You are the best. Levels of the spirit world differ according to their spiritual standards. a)Focus only on their vertical relationship with God, not sensitive to their horizontal relationships. That is why spiritual mediums receive the revelation that they are the best. b)It means they are the best in carrying out ones particular mission, not the best among everyone. Spiritually sensitive people will encounter confusion stemming from horizontal conflicts. The First Resurrection (144,000) The first resurrection spoken of in the Bible describes the fulfillment of restoration for the first time in providential history through the Christ at the Second Advent, who will cleanse people of the original sin and restore them to their true, original selves, enabling each to fulfill the purpose of creation. 12X12 = 144,000 (3) The Providence of Resurrection for Spirits Purpose Spirits can grow and reach perfection through the physical self Spirits cannot be resurrected apart from the physical self. Method: Form a common base with the spiritual activities of the people on earth. Spiritual Resurrection of Believers Divine-spirit (Heavenly Kingdom) Life-spirit Paradise Matt.17: 3 Elijah

Growth-stage returning resurrection Matt.17: 11 JB Jesus Form-spirit Completion-stage returning resurrection Returning Christ Heb. 11: 39 Matt.16: 19, 18: 18 Returning Resurrection of Spirits Who Abide Outside Paradise Spirit world A B Assisted returning resurrection

B Decease B Death Physical world Form a common base good spirit believer of other religion physical good person believer of other religion body Revelation, Spiritual experience Dream Fire, Prophecy 5) The Returning Resurrection of Evil Spirits In order for evil spirits to receive the benefit of returning Resurrection, their works must have the effect of punishing earthly people to help them make conditions to indemnify their fallen nature that has frustrated Gods past efforts to cleanse them from their sins. Direct

Punishment (Judgment) Indirect Evil spirit Resurrection Punishment Judgment Earthly person Evil person Criminals Earthly person (4) The Theory of Reincarnation Examined in Light of the Principle of Returning Resurrection Spirits who could not complete their missions during their earthly life must return to people on earth who share the same type of mission they had during their lifetime. When a spirit assists an earthly person to fulfill Gods Will, the person will fulfill not only his own mission, but also the mission of the spirit who has helped him. Hence, this earthly person may sometimes be called by the spirits name and appear to be the reincarnation of that spirit.

Spirits C B A Elijah Second Advent John the Baptist Earthly people The Unification of Religions through Returning Resurrection Spirits of other religions Good spirit Confucian Good person Confucian Earthly believers Buddhist

Christian Second Advent Buddhist Christian Unification of Religions Predestination Introduction Controversy over Predestination Prosperity and decline, Fortune and misfortune in human life Salvation and damnation Rise and fall of nations Support Predestination Rom. 8/29 30 Deny Predestination Matt. 7/7 Those whom He predestined He also called; Ask and it will be given to you;

Rom. 9/15 16 James 5/14 I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, Rom. 9/21 Has the potter no right over the clay, Rom. 9/11 13 Yet, before the twins were born Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated. Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him Gen. 2/17 But you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil Gen. 6/6 The Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth Predestination of Gods Will Purpose of Creation Purpose of the Providence of Restoration God Will Absolute, Unique, Eternal Unchanging

Absolute, Unique, Eternal Unchanging Predestination of Gods Will: Absolute Predestination of Fulfillment of Gods Will Absolute Gods Will Purpose of Creation Providence of Restoration Fulfillment of Gods Will 100 Gods Responsibility 95 Human Responsibility 5 Matt. 7/7 Ask and it will be given to you; James 5/14 Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him Gen. 2/17 But you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

Gen. 6/6 The Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth Predestination of the fulfillment of Gods Will: Conditional Predestination of Human Beings Gods Providence One Point Of Salvation Qualifications of a Central Figure Human Responsibility Whole Chosen people Ancestral line with many good accomplishments Requisite character Qualities during earthly life Most fitting time and place Fulfilled Figure completes his mission Fulfillment of Gods Will Unfulfilled Figure fails his mission Fulfillment of Gods Will X Ex Acts 1/15 26 Judas Iscariot Matthias Predestination of Human Beings: Conditional Elucidation of Biblical Verses Which Support the Doctrine of Absolute Predestination Rom. 8:29 30

God Foreknow Predestine Call The verse does not mention Human responsibility Justify Human Responsibility Gods Responsibility Glorify Fulfillment 1) Rom. 8/29 30 For those whom He foreknew He also predestined Gods predestination concerning an individuals glorification is thus contingent upon the fulfillment of his portion of responsibility. Because the biblical verse does not mention the human portion of responsibility, people may misinterpret it to mean that all affairs are determined solely by Gods absolute predestination. 2) Rom. 9/15 16 I will have mercy on whom I have mercy This verse was written to emphasize the power and grace of God.

3) Rom. 9/21 Has the potter no right over the clay This verse teaches us that fallen people have become like refuse, fit to be discarded, and in such a state, no matter how God may treat them, they have no cause to complain. 4) Rom. 9/11 God favored Jacob over Esau from before they were born This was in order to set up a certain course in the providence of restoration. Womb Adam Isaac Abel Responsibility Is loved by God Esau Hated Cain Earth Earth Jacob Loved Responsibility X Is not loved by God -The End- Christology Introduction For fallen people who seek salvation, perhaps the most important questions among the many they must resolve concern Christology. Issues which fall within its scope include the Trinity, which deals with

the relationship between God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, as well as rebirth and the relationship between Jesus, the Holy Spirit and fallen people. Until now, the controversies surrounding these issues have never been clearly settled. Consequently, considerable confusion remains in Christian doctrine and ways of faith. Is Jesus God Himself? What is Rebirth? What is the Trinity? The Value of a Person Who has Fulfilled the Purpose of Creation Relationship of Dual Characteristics between God and Perfected Person Perfect God Mind First Mind Body Second Mind Oneness Perfect True Person

Experiences the Heart of God Temple of God (I Cor. 3:16), Divine Nature Perfected Person: Divine Value Eternal Value Purpose for which Human Beingss were Created God C B Joy Human Beings C A Joy Joy A Only One B Perfected Person: Unique Value

Human Relationship with the Universe Spirit World Internal Character Spirit Self God Cosmos External Form Physical Self Physical World Perfected Person: Cosmic Value Jesus and the Person Who has Fulfilled the Purpose of Creation Value of Perfected Man Value of Jesus God Mind God Mind Body

Man Divine Value Eternal Value Unique Value Cosmic Value Body Jesus Divine Value Eternal Value Unique Value Cosmic Value Jesus = Human Being (Who has Fulfilled Ideal of Creation Perfected Adam, Jesus and the Restoration of the Tree of Life Eden Gen. 2/9 Tree of Life Perfected Adam Fulfilled Ideal of Creation

Second Adam Rev. 22:14 Jesus Fulfilled Ideal of Creation Jesus = Person (Who has Fulfilled the Ideal of Creation Is Jesus God Himself? John 14/9-10 He who has seen me has seen the Father Mind First Mind Body Second Mind not the Mind Itself God Jesus Gods First Self Gods Second Self God

Rom. 8/34 Christ Jesus is at the right hand of God Matt. 27/46 Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? John 17/1 After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed He was tempted by Satan, and died on the cross Jesus = Not God Himself John 1:10 The world was made through Jesus Word God Word John 1/14 Word became flesh John 1/3 Natural World Jesus A fully mature person Encapsulates the universe A creator (creativity) John 1/10 Natural World

Through a Perfected Person is Fulfilled the Value of Creation. From this Perspective, it can be said that the World was created through Jesus. Jesus = Not God Himself John. 8/58Before Abraham was, I am By Lineage By the Providence of Restoration Jesus Abraham Jesus Descendent Abraham Jesus = Not God Himself First Ancestor (to give rebirth to all humankind) Jesus and Fallen People Value of a True Person Dominion over all things Original Sin X Experiences Gods heart Savior

Jesus Jesus Head of the Church Main temple Vine First fruit True Parent Rebirth Value of a True Person X Dominion over all things X Original Sin O Experiences Gods heart X Sinner Fallen Person Restored Person Body, members Branch temple Branch Next fruit True Child Rebirth and Trinity Rebirth Jesus and the Holy Spirit and Their Mission to Give Rebirth

God Ecc7/28 One upright man, One upright woman Holy Spirit Spiritual True Mother Jesus Spiritual True Father Believer True Mother, Second Eve (Feminine) Consoles and moves the hearts of people Cleanses peoples sin Works on the earth Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the Dual Characteristics of the Logos God Logos Substantial Object Partner Adam Eve Second Adam

Jesus Holy Spirit True Father True Mother Second Eve To give rebirth to fallen people, Jesus came as the Second Adam, the True Father of humankind. Therefore, there should also come the True Mother of humankind, the Second Eve. This is the Holy Spirit. Spiritual Rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit Fall Salvation Satan God God Salvation God Ecc.7/28 Adam True Ancestors True Couple

True Parents True Child Eve Child Perfection of Body and Spirit Adam False Ancestors False Couple False Parents False Child Eve Jesus Second Adam Child Holy Spirit Second Mother

Second Father Second Eve Child Believer Rebirth Spiritual Child Adopted Child Child Rev. 19/7 Rev. 21/9 Rebirth Spiritual and Physical Child True Child Ecc. 7/28 While I was still searching but not finding I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all. Rev. 19/7 For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready Rev. 21/9 Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb. Ref God Satan

Adam Eve Child Death Holy Spirit Jesus Body and Spirit Spirit Spiritual Rebirth (Adopted child Child Life Second Jesus Body And Spirit Second Holy Spirit Body And Spirit True Child Spiritual

(Child) and Physical Rebirth The Trinity God Holy Spirit Jesus To fulfill the purpose of creation, Jesus and the Holy Spirit must form the four-position foundation with God as the center. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit thus become one, and this oneness constitutes the Trinity. Original Trinity Fallen Trinity God Adam Spiritual and Physica l Restored Trinity (Spiritual) Satan

Eve Spiritual and Physica l Adam Spiritual and Physica l Restored Trinity (Spiritual and Physical) God Eve Spiritual and Physica l Jesus Spiritual God Holy Spirit True Father

True Mother Spiritual Spiritual and Physica l Spiritual and Physica l Trinity and the Will God Adam Eve Original Trinity Fall Jesus Holy Spirit Restored Trinity (Spiritual) True

Father True Mother Restored Trinity (Spiritual and Physical) Principle of Restoration Introduction Creation Principle of Restoration Fall Human history is the history of Gods providence of restoration. It is called providence of restoration, because it is Gods work of re-creation, which has as its goal to recover and realize the purpose of creation and because God works this providence in accordance with the Principle. The Principle of Restoration explains Gods Providence through which fallen human beings can be restored to their original state. Therefore, without knowing the Principle of Restoration, fallen people can never find the path of life. So we must understand the Principle of Restoration in detail. I. Providence of Restoration and the Messiah Providence of Restoration Positions of the Original Person of Creation and Fallen Person One with God Gods Divine Nature Gods Temple Perfected Person

Completion Gods Child (Heart) God-like thoughts and actions Perfected Person Restored) Messiah Rebirth (Removal of Original Sin Blessing Growth Path of the Principle Path of Shimjung Path walked Path of Restoration Path of Indemnity Path sought Formation Realm without Principle God Basis of God-like Goodness

Fallen Person Satan Goodness Satanic and Evil elements (Parent Basis of Evil Body) One with Satan Satans Evil Nature Satans Haunt Satans Child Satans thoughts and actions Fallen Nature, Original Sin Embodiment of Goodness and Evil God Satan Evil Good Fallen Human Being Goodness and Evil act inside people to differing degrees. In a fallen person, the basis for evil is a concluded and decisive element. So it is easily invoked and manifested. The basis of goodness is incomplete, however. So it has difficulty bearing fruit without the person making conscious effort to stimulate it.

Restoration of Fallen Human Beings Perfected Perfected Person Completion Restored) Person Rebirth (Removal Messiah of Original Sin Blessing Growth Course of Separation From Satan Formation Fallen Person Through the Course of Separation from Satan On the Foundation of having been restored to the completion level of the growth stage Restored to the position before the Fall by receiving the Messiah and being reborn (removal of original sin) Become a Perfected Self by following (serving) the Messiah (True Parents) and achieving further perfection of growth (perfection of heart).

Complete Salvation is Achieved through True Parents Two Messiahs True Parents Where does the Messiah come to? Perfection stage of the growth stage Reason: Adam and Eve fell at the perfection stage of the growth stage What is the reason for receiving the Blessing? To remove the original sin Why should people receive the Blessing at the completion level of the growth stage? Perfected Person Completion Restored) Perfected Person Rebirth (Removal of Original Sin Blessing Messiah Growth Course of Separation From Satan Formation Fallen Person Three-Dimensional History of the Conflict between Good and Evil Satan

Individual Family Nation World God Fallen Person Property Land People Ideology Individual Family Nation World ) Primary Factor in the Development of History Gods Will Fulfilled 100 Gods Responsibility 95

Human Responsibility 5 Fulfillment Failure Gods Will manifested in history Satans will manifested in history Providence of Restoration through Indemnity Fallen Person is in Midway Position Midway Position Satan Evil Conditions Evil Mind Original Mind God Good Conditions

Fallen Person Meaning of Indemnity: When someone has lost his original position or state, he must make some condition to be restored to it. The making of such conditions of restitution is Indemnity. Restoration through Indemnity: Process of restoring the original position and state through making conditions Condition of Indemnity: Condition made for the restoration through indemnity Providence of Restoration through Indemnity: Gods work to restore people to their true, unfallen state by having them fulfill indemnity Types of Conditions of Indemnity Condition of Equal Indemnity Exod. 21/23-25 Life, Eye, Tooth, Hand, Foot Condition of Lesser Indemnity Faith, Baptism, Holy Communion, Debt Condition of a Greater Indemnity Sacrifice of Isaac, 40 years in the Wilderness How Should Indemnity Conditions be Made? Reversing the Course Adam Forsook God God Forsook Jesus (Matt. 27/46) Israel Reviled Jesus Israel Should Love Jesus and Bear Adam Violated the Will Caused God Grief Humankind Should Love the Will Should comfort Gods Heart Adam forsook God Humankind ended up in the bosom of Satan For Jesus to take humankind out of the bosom of Satan and return them to God, he had to worship and honor God even after being forsaken by Him.

Do Not Blame God. Do Not Blame Anyone. Who Should Make Indemnity Conditions? 50 Fallen People must make them. 20 50 What Indemnity Conditions Should Fallen People Make? We need to know the conditions Adam and Eve should have made. Why? Because Indemnity Conditions are made by reversing the course. Conditions Adam and Eve Should Have Made God [Vertical] Foundation Of Faith Heaven, All Things Person Gods Word Incarnation Faith Substance of the Word Perfect Character Horizontal Foundation

Of Substance L M S P Dominion over the Creation and Angels as a Perfected Person Establish the Order of the Natural World Indemnity Condition to Remove Fallen Nature God Satan Eve Adam Angel Fallen Nature Indemnity Condition Failing to Love from Gods standpoint (Envy, Love L Jealousy)

Leaving ones proper position (Temper) Mediation M Reversing Dominion (Arrogance) Submission S Multiplying Evil (Obstinacy) Propagation of Gods Will of Goodness (P) Foundation to Receive the Messiah The hope of history is to receive the Messiah For fallen people to be restored to their original state, we must receive the Messiah. Before we can receive the Messiah, we must first establish the Foundation to receive the Messiah. Without such a foundation, fallen people will kill the coming Messiah. Foundation of Faith Securing Ownership Gods position-Ownership Our position-Faith Dispensation falls Under Gods Ownership Central Figure Father Object for the Condition Symbolic Offering

Word , Sacrifice, ark, Ark of the Covenant, Temple Laws, Gospel, Jesus, True Parents (Principle, Speech) Period Growing Period 12, 4, 21, 40 Foundation of Substance Securing Dominion Good Dominates over Evil Evil Submits to Goodness Dispensation falls Under Gods Ownership Central Figure Second son Condition Substantial Offering Indemnity Condition to Remove Fallen Nature II. The Course of the Providence of Restoration Perfected Person Completion Second Coming Growth Jesus Formation Abraham Fallen

Person 2000 years 2000 years 2000 years With Reference to Gods Word Age of the Providence to lay the Foundation for the Word Old Testament Age (Formation) New Testament Age (Growth) Completed Testament Age (Completion) With Reference to Gods Work of Resurrection Age of the Providence to Lay the Foundation for Resurrection Age of the Providence of Formation-Stage

Resurrection Age of the Providence of Growth-Stage Resurrection Age of the Providence of Completion-Stage Resurrection Providence to Restore through Indemnity the Lost Periods of Faith Age of the Providence to Lay the Foundation for Restoration Age of the Providence of Restoration Age of the Prolongation of the Providence of Restoration Age for Completing the Providence of Restoration With Reference to the Expanding Scope of the Foundation to Receive the Messiah

Age of the Providence to Lay the Family Foundation to Receive the Messiah Age of the Providence to Lay the National Foundation to Receive the Messiah Age of the Providence to Lay the Worldwide Foundation to Receive the Messiah Age of the Providence to Complete the Cosmic Foundation to Receive the Messiah Age of the Providence to Lay the Foundation for Gods Responsibility Age of the Providence based on Gods Responsibility Age of the Providence Based on Jesus and the Holy Spirits Responsibility Age of the Providence Based on the Believers

Responsibility Age of Symbolic Parallels Age of Image Parallels Age of Substantial Parallels With Reference to Responsibility With Reference to the Parallels in the Providence III. The History of the Providence of Restoration and I Adam God Heart Original Purpose Providential Mission I Fruit of History Last Runner in the Heavenly Stadium Creator of New History

6000 years Purpose Demanded by History Oneness (Attend Him) Course of Restoration Messiah Through Indemnity Miraculous Restoration Success Saint Failure Perfected PerfectedBeing Being(Restoration (Restoration ofofPeople People Realization RealizationofofKingdom Kingdomofof Heaven Heaven(Restoration (Restorationofof Environment Environment Cheon CheonIlIlGuk Guk

Ref. Perfect Person Completion Word Gen. 2/17 Substance X Central Figure Foundation of Faith Object for the Condition Word, Faith, Substance Period Growth Formation Fallen Person Embodiment of Good and Evil Fallen Nature Foundation of Substance (Indemnity Condition to remove Fallen Nature) Original Sin Messiah *Person on the side of Goodness (Second Son) dominates over the person on the side of Evil (First Son)

*Person on the side of Evil (First Son) submits to the Person on the side of Goodness (Second Son) Blessing Removal of Original Sin Oneness in Heart Attend him and become Perfected Ref. Providence of Restoration in 8 Vertical Stages God Father Father Mother Adam Son Son Son of Concubine Ultimate unity, perfection, completion and finalization of True Parents Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by Gods Substantial Self Korea is God's homeland and hometown King of Cosmic Peace, True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Entrance Ceremony for

Cheong Jeong Gung and Coronation Peace King of Heaven & Earth The Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parent True Father and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk True Mother Coronation of Gods Kingship Completed Testament Age (Parents) Son Son of Concubine Adopted Son Adopted Son New Testament Age (Son) Old Testament Age (All Things)

Servant Angel Servant Servant All Things Servant of Servant Cain Fallen Person Angel All Things In place of the Word Servant of Servant (Ownerless) Abel Adam Ref. Providence Heaven Individual

of Restoration in 8 Horizontal Stages Resolved Unresolved Family Earth Adam True Parent Clan If resolved If not resolved Tribe Nation World Cosmos God Providence of Restoration in Adams Family Introduction The Will of God in the Providence of Restoration to send the Messiah and save fallen human beings began immediately

following Adams fall. Therefore, the Providence to lay the Foundation to Receive the Messiah was begun in Adams family. Fallen people must know clearly about Adams Family. This is because Adams family encompasses Gods Creation, the Fall and Restoration. I. Foundation to Receive the Messiah For fallen people to be restored to their original state, we must receive the Messiah. Before we can receive the Messiah, we must first establish the Foundation to Receive the Messiah. Without the Foundation to Receive the Messiah, fallen people will kill the coming Messiah. Foundation of Faith Central Figure: Adam Abel Object for the Condition (Symbolic Offering) Lamb Period Growing Period Foundation of Substance Substantial Offering Central Figure: Abel Condition: Indemnity Condition to Remove Fallen Nature Cain Angel God Indemnity Condition To remove Fallen Nature L M S

P Abel Adam The Reason Adam Could Not Be The Central Figure The Person who Fell Unprincipled Being (Serving Two Masters) Embodiment of Good and Evil Transferred Blame God Satan Adam Embodiment of Good and Evil History of Separation (of Good and Evil) Satan Midway Crop Adam Ex. When the Israelites fled Egypt, God struck the firstborn God sons and firstborn of the livestock (Exod. 12/29 In the wilderness course, only the younger sons were allowed to carry the Ark of the Covenant Num. 31/25 God hated Esau and loved Jacob even when they were

Lamb in the womb (Gen. 25/23 When Ephraim and Manasseh were blessed Gen. 48/14 Separation Abel Cain Signify God Indemnity Condition to remove fallen nature Signify Indemnity Condition to remove fallen nature Cain Archangel First Love Eve Second Love Adam Archangel Unprincipled Partner

Desire) Principled Partner Shimjung L M S P Abel Adam Body Mind Fallen Person Offering Fallen Humanity Messiah . The Reason God Accepted Abels Offering but Rejected Cains Offering

Abel Separated Younger son Adams position Adam can directly relate to God. God accepted Abels Offering Cain Separated Firstborn son Archangels position Archangel cannot directly relate to God God cannot accept Cains Offering By receiving Abels Offering, God showed us that a sinner can make an offering acceptable to God, provided he satisfies the necessary conditions. Even fallen people can be accepted by God when they satisfy the necessary conditions. For a person who has a connection with Satan to return to Gods side, he must make the requisite indemnity conditions. Foundation of Faith

Central Figure Adam Abel Object for the Condition: Lamb Period: Growing Period Foundation of Substance Central Figure Abel Condition Indemnity Condition to remove Fallen Nature God Indemnity Condition to remove fallen nature Cain Angel L M S P Abel Adam Result Foundation of Faith: Success Foundation of Substance: Failure Cain murdered Abel) Foundation to Receive the Messiah: Not Established Providence prolonged Human History: History of Separation of Good and Evil Fallen person Embodiment of good and evil Human History: History of Conflict of Good and Evil

Struggle between the sides of good and evil Until Goodness is Established God first receives a blow then takes, Satan first strikes then is deprived Evil dominated over Goodness Evil started first: Cain murdered Abel Ref. The Sins in Adams Family: The Origin of the Sins of Humanity Sins of Humanity (Center of the Ten Commandments Parents: Unbelief Treachery Adultery Child Murder Unbelief (Treachery) Archangel Lying Adultery Steeling Do not have any other gods other than God Adultery Murder Theft X (Greed ) Do not bear false witness (Lie) II. Lessons Lesson In Regard to the Principle Gods predestination and attitude towards the accomplishment of His Will:

He does not intervene in the human portion of responsibility. Gods predestination in regard to the Will is absolute: He began a new chapter of His Providence by raising Seth in Abels place. Gods Will Fulfilled 100 Gods Responsibility 95 Human Responsibility 5 Lessons to Note Abel Do not be arrogant, Be obedient and modest, Do not boast, Be self-sacrificing (blood, sweat, tears) Abels Responsibility: He should have loved Cain absolutely He should have passed on and practiced Gods love He should have brought Cain to voluntary submission ( )Cain Control your desire to murder someone (Do not be discontented, Do not feel less loved) Killing Abel may provide momentary satisfaction of anger, But cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven (Murderers go to hell) Cains Responsibility: He should have submitted to Abel

absolutely and voluntarily Cain receives blessings through Abel He should have controlled himself with patience Law of Cain and Abel God Cain Abel Archangel Adam Become absolutely one with God (Love) Abel should love Cain with the love he receives his own love Abel is Cains pathway to Heaven Only God can intervene with Abel: Pray Cain does not have a heart or true love (Desires to kill, hates) So he must be taught. Teach him shimjung, she can live for others (Loving his enemy) The Attitude for Going to Heaven (1) Abel: Should consider Cains feelings to maximum extent (The good person walks the path of sacrifice to save the evil person) (2) Cain Goes to Heaven through Abel. Cain should sever his relations with Satan (Separation from Satan) Whose words should he accept? If he is to believe in God, he must sever his ties with Satan

Abel Roots Cain Soil 5. Everything is decided in the moment The relationship between moment and lifetime. Providence of Restoration in Noahs Family Introduction Cain killed Abel, thereby preventing the providence of restoration in Adams family from being accomplished. Nevertheless, God had predestined absolutely the fulfillment of the purpose of creation, and His Will remained unchangeable. Hence, upon the foundation of the loyal heart which Abel demonstrated toward Heaven, God chose Seth in his place (Gen. 4:25). From among Seths descendents, God chose Noahs family to substitute for Adams family and commenced a new chapter in His providence. It is written in Genesis 6:13 that God judged the world by the flood: And God said to Noah, I have determined to make an end of all flesh; for the earth is filled with violence through them; behold, I will destroy them with the earth. This shows us that Noahs time was the Last Days. I. Foundation to Receive the Messiah For fallen people to be restored to their original state, we must receive the Messiah. Before we can receive the Messiah, we must first establish the Foundation to Receive the Messiah. Without the Foundation to Receive the Messiah, fallen people will kill the coming Messiah. God Foundation of Faith Central Figure Noah Object for the Condition Symbolic Offering Ark

Period 120 years, 40 days, 21 days, 40 days Indemnity Condition to remove fallen nature Cain Foundation of Substance Substantial Offering Central Figure Ham Angel Condition: Indemnity Condition to Remove Fallen Nature Shem L M S P Abel Adam Ham Foundation of Faith Central Figure Noah (The first ancestor of faith,10 generations, Righteous man, Descendent of Seth Object for the Condition Ark Symbolizing new cosmos Period 120 years, 40 days, 21 days, 40 days Significance of the Ark (Symbolizing New Cosmos) Noah Ark

3 Decks 8 Members of Noahs Family Animals God New Cosmos 3 Stages of Growth 8 Members of Adams Family Entire Humanity) Natural World ) 40 Days of Flood (Separation of Good and Evil) God Satan Noahs Family Sinful Humanity Meaning of Number 40 The number 40 of Flood became characteristic of dispensations for the Separation of Satan, which are necessary for restoring the Foundation of Faith, in the following courses of the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity. Ex. Noahs 40-day flood, 400 years from Noah to Abraham, the Israelites 400 years of slavery in Egypt, Moses 40-day fast, 40 days of spying in Canaan, Israelites 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, 40-year reigns of King Saul, King David and King Solomon, Elijahs 40-day fast, 40-day period of Jesus resurrection. 40 days of Flood : Period of Chaos after Creation of Universe Works God Performed Around the Ark : Symbolizes the Entire Course of History following Gods Creation of Heaven and Earth

Gods Works After the Judgment by Flood 120 years 7 days Ark Flood Declared Ark 40-day Flood Raven Third 40 days 150 days40 days Flood Judgment 7 Raven Dove Symbolizes new cosmos Formless Emptiness (Gen. 1/2) Symbolizes Satan 7 Dove 7

Dove Archangel Sought Eves love Satan Cain and Abels Offerings (Gen. 4/7) Satan Targets Noahs Family after the Judgment Third Adam Symbolizes Second Advent Did not return Gods Ideal is fulfilled on earth Dove Second Adam Symbolizes Jesus Olive leaf (Promise) If Jesus was not believed, he would be crucified

First First Adam Symbolizes Adam Returned Symbolizes fallen Adam God withdrew His ideal from earth Dove Second Dove Foundation of Substance Central Figure Ham To restore the position of second son To become one in heart with Noah (Gen. 9/20-26) Satan Felt Ashamed (Covered himself) Fall Rebuked One in Shame

(Gen. 9/23) God Adam Naked (Gen. 2/5) Indemnity Noah Naked (Gen. 9/21) One in Heart Ham ) The Reason Feeling Ashamed Constituted a Sin What is Sin? To form a common base with Satan and provide him with a condition enabling him to act, thereby violating Heavenly Law. Before the Fall: After the Fall: Naked but not Ashamed Ashamed of Nakedness Feeling ashamed provided Satan with a condition 2) Ham failed to become the Central Figure for the Foundation of Substance 3) Languages and Races Divided

Result Though the Foundation of Faith was successfully laid, due to the mistake of Ham the Foundation of Substance was not established. Therefore, the Foundation to Receive the Messiah in Noahs Family was not Established. II. Lessons Lesson In Regard to the Principle (1) Gods Will is Absolute, but its achievement is Conditional Because of human portion of responsibility (2) Gods predestination in regard to human beings He began a new chapter in His providence by raising Abraham in the place of Noahs family Gods Will Fulfilled 100 Gods Responsibility 95 Human Responsibility 5 Lessons to Note Do not act based on your own thinking. If you dont know, ask. You will be taught when the time comes.

The Path to Heaven Have humility, obedience and patience (Wait for the right time) Be grateful, and joyful 4. Everything is decided in the moment The relationship between moment and lifetime. Providence of Restoration in Abrahams Family Introduction Due to Hams fallen act, the providence of restoration in Noahs family was not fulfilled. Nevertheless, God had predestined absolutely the fulfillment of the purpose of creation. Therefore, upon the foundation of Noahs heart of loyalty toward Heaven, God called Abraham, the son of Terah who was an idolater most beloved by Satan, and commenced a new chapter in the providence of restoration with his family. I. Foundation to Receive the Messiah For fallen people to be restored to their original state, we must receive the Messiah. Before we can receive the Messiah, we must first establish the Foundation to receive the Messiah. Without the Foundation to receive the Messiah, fallen people will kill the coming Messiah. Foundation of Faith Central Figure Abraham Objects for the Condition Symbolic Offering 3 Sacrifices God Period Foundation of Substance Indemnity Condition Central Figure Isaac (Jacob) to remove fallen nature

Condition: Indemnity Condition to Remove Fallen Nature Cain Abel Angel L M S P Adam Foundation of Faith Central Figure Abraham Gen. 1/28 Gen. 9/7 Gen. 12/2 10 generations 10 generations Abraham Adam Noah 1600 years 400 years 10 Generations 40 Days First Father of Faith Ham (Second Son) Ur of the Chaldeans

Iraq 10 Generations 400 Years Second Father of Faith Abraham (First Son) Haran Canaan Syria Israel It is the same as Noah building the Ark for 120 years. Position of Adams Family Canaan Egypt Abraham Adam Sarah Pharaoh Eve Archangel Position of Noahs Family Satanic world

Wife Noah Children Animals Wife Abraham Lot Wealth Heavenly world Earth Ark Egypt Canaan Abraham was established as the Central Figure for the Foundation of Faith Thus, he can make the Symbolic Offering Symbolic Offering 1) Symbolism of the 3 sacrifices: Symbolized the Cosmos, completed through the 3 stages Symbolizing Heifer Ram Dove Completion Stage

Symbolizing Growth Stage Sybolizing Formation Stage Judg. 14/18 Second The completed stage Completed Testament Advent Providence John 1/29 Jesus Matt. 3/16 Jesus To begin the growth stage New testament mission To complete the formation stage Old Testament Providence Matt. 5/17) Judg. 14/18: If you had not plowed with my heifer, you would not have solved my riddle Rev. 19/7 Feast of the Lamb Age of the Wife is the Age of the Heifer Meaning of the 3 Sacrifices

Symbolized the cosmos, completed through the 3 stages To restore in Abrahams generation (horizontally) all the indemnity conditions which had accumulated in the course of the providence (vertically) through the 3 generations of Adam, Noah and Abraham. To restore through indemnity all the defiled conditions containing the number 3, which were invaded by Satan, thereby fulfilling the entire providence of restoration once and for all. How was Abraham to make the Symbolic Offering? He should have cut them in two, but he did not cut the dove 4) Meaning of dividing the offering (Gen. 15/8-13) Separation of Good and Evil Purpose of the Providence of Salvation is the Restoration of the Good Sovereignty) Adams Family Separation of Cain and Abel (Adam is the Embodiment of good and evil) Noahs Family Separation of other people from Noahs family Centered on the Ark, Judgment by Flood, Separation of good and evil Abrahams Family Separation of the realm of Gods good sovereignty out of the Satanic World To sanctify the Offering by draining out the blood of death which had entered fallen humanity through Satan 5) Consequence of Not Dividing the Offering Failure to separate good and evil (Under the dominion of Satan) After the Creation of Humankind The Archangel targeted human beings Adams Family Satan targeted Cain and Abel at the time of their Offering Noahs Family Satan targeted them after the flood Abrahams Family Satan targeted them after the Symbolic Offering Symbolizes

Satan Consequence of Abrahams Mistake Failed to restore the Foundation of Faith 400 years of slavery in Egypt Period of punishment and of separating Satan To indemnify the 400 years from Noah to Abraham Providence prolonged through 3 generations through Isaac to Jacob (Offering of Isaac If the Symbolic Offering had been Successful, The Foundation of Substance would have been laid centering on Ishmael and Isaac Abrahams Offering of Isaac Abraham The one who failed Same as fallen Adam Principle of Gods Providence A person who fails is not used a second time as a central figure However, He ordered Abraham after his failure in the symbolic offering to offer Isaac (Gen. 22/2) Why God gave Abraham another chance Principle condition requiring providence to restore the Foundation to Receive the Messiah be completed on third attempt. Satan had attacked both Adam and his son Cain, defiling the family over the course of two generations. Hence, according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, God could work to take back Abraham and his son Isaac

over the course of two generations. On the basis of the foundation of shimjung whereby Abel and Noah were successful in their symbolic offerings. Condition for Abrahams Offering of Isaac Position of Adams Family Canaan Abraham Adam Gerar Kingdom Sarah Abimelech Eve Archangel Position of Noahs Family Satanic world Wife Noah Children Earth Animals Wife Abraham Lot Wealth Gerar Heavenly world Ark

Canaan 3) Offering of Isaac 3 day course period of separating Satan new beginning) Tried to kill him To separate him from Satan Did not kill him Because Isaac was separated from Satan Abrahams absolute faith Loyalty Isaacs absolute faith (Obedience) Now I know! revealed Gods reproach to Abraham for his earlier failure in the symbolic offering and His joy over the successful offering of Isaac) Results of the Successful Offering of Isaac Abraham died symbolically, Isaac is the resurrected Abraham Abraham and Isaac are as one person Isaac can make the symbolic offering as the central figure for the foundation of faith Foundation of Faith Centered on Isaac Central Figure Isaac Abraham Object for the Condition: Ram Gen. 22/13 Foundation of Substance Central Figure Jacob Individual Restored birthright Elder brother Esau Blessing Father Isaac Family: Restored family in Haran Dominion over the Creation: Restored wealth Brought archangel to submission Condition Substantial Offering Indemnity Condition

To remove the Fallen Nature Esau M S Abel Noah Shem Ham Abraham Isaac Esau Abel L Cain Ishmael God Cain Adam

P Jacob Cannot be the Central Figure because he is the Offering Esau and Jacob Embrace Gen. 33/1-12 Jacob Became Central Figure Result Isaacs family horizontally restored the indemnity conditions accumulated vertically from the time of Adams family Adams Family Restored through Indemnity In Abrahams Family Adam, Eve Adultery Cain, Abel Murder Archangel Lying Treachery, Theft Abraham, Isaac Restored Eve (Did not commit adultery

Jacob, Joseph Restored Adam Did not commit adultery Joseph Indemnified Murder Loved his enemy, restored wealth) Jacobs victory brought about the Rise of the Chosen People Through Jacobs Victory 1) Rise of the Chosen People Abrahams descendents became the Chosen People 2) Gods Side (Abel) Subjugated Satans Side (Cain) 3) Jacobs course is the model course to subjugate Satan 4) The history of Israel is central in the history of the providence of restoration 5) God of 3 generations Exodus 3/6 From the providential viewpoint, 3 generations are the same as 1 generation Abraham Isaac Jacob One Generation The person to walk the central path in all courses of indemnity is the Abel-type central figure of the Substantial Offering. Abel, Ham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph Prolongation of the Providence 1) Through Jacobs victory, the Foundation to Receive the Messiah was established, but Satans side National foundation was established Gods side Family foundation was established The Messiah can come only when the National Foundation is established 2) Abrahams failure in making the Symbolic Offering 400 years of slavery in Egypt still left to do The Foundation to Receive the Messiah was

successfully established in Abrahams family, but the Messiah could not come. Foundation to Receive the Messiah is needed until the Messiah comes II. Lessons Human portion of responsibility is necessary in Fulfilling the Will Lessons to Note Small mistake made Greater indemnity condition required Divide yourself in two to separate good from evil Cooperation between mother and son Be careful of small mistakes thinking Surely not causes mistakes The Path to Heaven Jacob With blood, sweat, tears, devotion and effort He did his utmost for Esau (for 21 years) Esau Obedience, submission 4. Everything is decided in the moment The relationship between moment and lifetime. Ref.Comparison of Adam, Noah, Abraham Cleanse Original Sin Messiah Messiah Noahs Adams Abrahams Family Family Family Jakob

Ham Shem Adams Noahs Abrahams Family Family Family Abel Cain (Success)(Failure) (Failure) Oneness in ideal, action, life & heart Foundation for the Messiah Foundation of substance Esau Man

Complete the purpose of creation Abel Noah Ram Ark Abraham Isaa Foundation of faith HeiferRemDove (Success)(Success)(Failure) Fallen man Ram (Success 400 years of slavery in Egypt Offering of Isaac Providence of Restoration

Centering on Moses Introduction 1 Moses and Jesus in the Providence of Restoration Amos 3:7 "Surely the Lord God does nothing, without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets. Bible = Secrets concerning God's work of salvation subjugation of Satan Jacob's Course (in symbolic form) the model course to bring Satan to submission by submitting Esau (Amos 3:7) Moses Course (in the level of image) the national course to bring Satan to submission (Acts 3:22) Jesus Course (in the substantial level) to pioneer the path to bring Satan to substantial submission; and educate all people to follow this path and bring Satan to submission (John 5:19) 2 The model course to bring Satan to submission (1) Why Jacob's Course and Moses' Course Were Set Up as the Models for Jesus' Course Satan, who does not meekly surrender even before Satan God, would by no means readily surrender to Jesus, much less to ordinary believers. God, who takes responsibility for human beings, whom Jesus

He created, called upon Jacob and worked through him to show us, in symbolic form, the course for bringing Man Satan to submission. Jesus who came as the ancestor of humankind brought Satan to submission by following the courses of Jacob and Moses. By following Jesus' course, people of faith can also bring Satan to Angel submission. God (2) Jacob's Course as the Model for Moses' and Jesus' Courses (Comparison of the facts seen in the courses to bring Satan to submission) Adam Jacobs Course Moses Course Jesus Course Course of Fall Symbolic (Family) Level Image (National) Level Substantial (World) Level Wrestling with the angel (Gen.32:25)

The Lord tried to kill Moses (Exod.4/24-26) Bread & lentils Manna & quail (Gen.25:34) (Exod.16/13,14) Sanctification of corpse for 40 days (Gen.50:3) Sanctification of corpse (Jude1/9) Restoration of the numbers: 3 (stages) , 12 (generations) & 7 (days of Creation) 3-day course (Gen.31:22) 3-day course (Exod.5:3) 3-day course (Luke18/33) 12 sons (Gen.35:22) 12 tribes (Exod.24:4)

12 disciples(Matt.10:1) 70 members of the family (Gen.46:27) 70 elders (Exod.24:1) 70 followers (Luke10:1) 5 Staff Ford of Jabbok (Gen.32:10) Red Sea(Exod.14:16) 6 Mothers help Mothers help (Gen.27:43) Mothers help (Exod.2:2) Mothers help (Matt.2:13) 7 Restoration to Canaan Haran Canaan (Gen.31:33)

Egypt Canaan (Exod.3:8) Egypt Canaan 8 Eradication of Satan Idols Buried under an oak tree (Gen.35:4) Golden calf Ground into powder (Exod.32:20) His Words and power 1 Trial 2 Flesh & Spirit 3 4 Corpse The Three Temptations

Jesus flesh & blood Sanctification of corpse (Resurrection) (Matt.28/12,13) Turbulent waters (Rev.12:5, 2:27) 1. Overview of the Providence Led by Moses The basic principle of the providence of restoration is identical. 1 The differences from the previous providence Family level National level (difference in the scope) Age of the Providence to lay the foundation for restoration Age of the providence of restoration Symbolic offering Gods Words (Condition of indemnity) 2 Position of Moses (Uniqueness) Representative of God(Exod.4:16, 7:1) Moses God Model for Jesus(Gen.37:5-11 ) Incarnation of God Jesus Moses course Model for Jesus course Moses course in the level of image (Deut.18:18) ; Growth & death Jesus course in substantial level (John.5:19) : Growth & death 3 Unbelief by the nation leads to the prolongation to three courses. First course Second course 40 years 21-day course 40-year palace life 40 years 21-month course Wilderness of Midian

Egypt Third course 40 years Wilderness of Sinai Moses & Joshua Canaan Route Map of Israelite Exodus Jericho Canaan Mediterranean Sea 2 spies Dead sea 12 spies Ramesese First Course (21 days) 3 day period Fire & Cloud Manna & Quail Kadesh-barnea Succoth Nile river 2nd Course (21 months)

Egypt Riphidim Red Sea Ford of Jabbok Wilderness of Midian Amalekites Mt Sinai Jordan Shitim 2. The First National Course to Restore Canaan 1 Foundation of Faith 2 Foundation of Substance 3 Providence for the Start Central figure Moses (Pharaoh) Object for the condition 40-year palace life (unshakable loyalty & fidelity, reason) Central figure Moses Condition Indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature (The Israelites should stand in the position to love and respect, believe and follow Moses.)

Moses act of killing an Egyptian to show the Israelites Moses patriotism and let them believe in him to cut off Moses attachment to Egypt to restore through indemnity by Satan side on the position of eldest son The whole period Egypt Canaan Course of faith of all humankind To follow with absolute faith, love and obedience Unbelief of Israelites(Exod.2:15) Prolonged to 21-month course(Exod.13:17) 3. The Second National Course to Restore Canaan 1.Foundation of Faith Central figure Moses (Jethro) Object for the condition = 40-year period in the wilderness of Midian (Exod.3:7-10 Moses calling) 2 Foundation of Substance Central figure Moses Object for the condition Indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature (The Israelites should stand in the position to love and respect, obey and receive Moses.) 3 Providence for the Start: Power of three signs & ten plagues To restore through indemnity the position of the eldest son defiled by Satan To cut off the Israelites attachment to Egypt To let the Israelites know that Moses was sent by God The Israelites had already completed the due indemnity period

of 400 years as slaves in Egypt (Exod.12:41) God heard the Israelites cries and groaning (Exod.2:24-25) (1) Representative of the Word(Exod.4:10) God Moses Exod.4/14 Aaron MiriamExod.15:20 (Representative of the Word) Jesus Holy SpiritJohn.1/14 (Incarnation of the Word) (2) God tried to kill Moses (Circumcision) God tried to kill Moses Moses wife Zipporah circumcised their son. Reason To indemnify by shimjung Adams betrayal against God To set up the condition that Moses started by his own will To foreshow that Jesus would also survive by the mothers help (3) Circumcision

Circumcision of Moses sons saved his family enable the Israelites Exodus When Jesus will come circumcision of Israelites enable God to save them 1) The meaning of circumcision To signify removing the blood of death To signify the restoration of mans right of dominion To signify the restoration of mankind as Gods true children 2) Three types of circumcision Circumcision of the heart (Deut.10:16) Circumcision of the foreskin (Gen.17:10) Circumcision of all things (Lev.19:23) (4) Three signs (Exod.4:3-9) 1) Aarons Staff Moses Staff Symbol Jesus God Serpent (Restoration of Adam) Serpent

Meaning of the staff: Supporter, Protector, Guide (John 3:14, Matt.10:16 Wisdom) Pharaohs Staff Serpent 2) Moses hand leprous(Restoration of Eve) Incurable disease Fall of Eve Complete recovery (Complete restoration) Symbol of Holy Spirit Restoration of Holy Spirit Providence of redemption of all mankind 3) Water of the Nile Blood (Restoration of Children) Symbolize people of faith Inorganic substance Organic substance (Fallen humanity) (Living humanity) Restore children of life Result : Restoration of Four Position Foundation (Restoration of Three Great Blessings) (5) Ten plagues (Exod.7:14 11:10) 1) Meaning to foreshadow that Jesus would come with miracles and signs to save Gods chosen people. 2) Reason Laban cheated Jacob ten times during his 21-year hardship in Haran.(Gen.31:7)

In Moses time Egyptians cheated Israelites ten times (for 30 years) 3) Contents The water of the Nile was hit to be changed into blood (Exod. 7/17) Frogs(8/2) DustLice(8/16) Fly(8/21) Livestock killed by plague (9/3) Boils (9/9) Hail(9/18) Locust(10/4) Darkness(10/22) Killing all the firstborn among Egyptians 4) God(11/5) hardened the Pharaohs heart after each plague Pharaoh to make his best efforts to hold on to Israelites; so as to realize his powerlessness natural surrender Israelites to cut off their attachment to Egypt God wanted to show He was on the Israelites side through the defeat of Satanic side and victory of Gods side. 4 The Course of Exodus(Exod.8:28) 3-day journey Pillar of cloud & pillar of fire Staff Red Sea Manna & quail Rephidim: Rock & water Fight with Amalekites I Cor.10:4 Rev.2: 7 Rock God

Hur Joshua Caleb Enemies Vanquished Jesus Water Water of life Savior of life Moses Aaron Christ Jesus Holy Spirit Saints Enemies Vanquished 5 The Providence of Restoration and the Tabernacle (1) 40-day fast & the two tablets of stone (2) The significance of the two tablets of stone & the Tabernacle 1) Two tablets of stone Jesus & H.S. Heaven & Earth Offering 2) Tabernacle representation of Jesus in symbol 3) Structure of the Tabernacle Word

(Foundation of (Providence of restoration) restoration) Holy of Holies Holy place Mercy seat Tabernacle Ark of the Covenant Spirit Heaven Symbol of Messiah Flesh Earth (3) Ark of the covenant (placed in the Holy of Holies) Two tablets of stone Jesus & H.S. (Symbolizing Heaven & Earth) Manna (in a golden urn) Main staple of the Israelites, symbolizing the body of Jesus Golden Urn : to symbolize the glory of God Aarons staff with budding: demonstrates Gods power to the Israelites The Ark represented the cosmos, on a large scale, and the

Tabernacle, on a smaller scale. The mercy seat placed on top of the Ark of the Covenant Two cherubim made of hammered gold : placed on either of the mercy seat.; God promised He would personally appear between the cherubim, to give guidance to the Israelites. Cherubim had blocked fallen Adams way to tree of life. It foreshowed that everyone would be able to come through the divided cherubim before Jesus, the tree of life, and receive the fullness of Gods Word Holy of Holies only the high priest could enter only once a year when making a sacrifice of the Day of Atonement Matt.27:52 : The curtain in the Tabernacle was torn in two when Jesus was crucified. This meant that Jesus' crucifixion laid the basis for spiritual salvation, when the gate was opened between spirit and flesh, or between heaven and earth. Gods purpose to give the Tabernacle a) The Israelites are to complete the restoration of Canaan b) The Israelites continued not to believe c) Even Moses might act faithlessly as he is human. d) God needed an unchangeable object of faith, even if man fell faithless. e) It means that as long as even one person revered the object with absolute faith, God could continue the providential Will through that person. Building the Tabernacle: The Messiah had come symbolically Foundation of Faith (4) Tabernacle (Symbolic Messiah) Central figure Object for the

condition Second Foundation for the Tabernacle Moses Moses Moses 40-day fast 40-day fast 40-day scouting Two tablets of stone Two tablets of stone Two tablets of stone 4 -day fast 4 -day fast Central figure Foundation of substance First Foundation for the

Tabernacle Moses God Moses Third Foundation for the Tabernacle 4 -day scouting God Moses 4 -year wilderness God Condition Israelites Moses Nation Golden calf centered on Aaron Moses: became angered and broke the tablets of stone(Exod.32:9) Israelites

Moses Second foundation for the Tabernacle succeeded; However, Israelites became faithless after departing from Mt. Sinai. Israelites Moses (12 patriarchs) 10 reported faithlessly; 2 faithfully. 10tribes were faithless Result Failure of the Second National Course to Restore Canaan 4. The Third National Course to Restore Canaan 1 Providence centered on Moses (1) Foundation of Faith Central figure Moses Object for the condition 40-year wandering in the wilderness of Sinai (honoring the Tabernacle with faith and loyalty) . (2) Foundation of Substance Central figure Moses Condition God (New generation) (Old generation)

Israelites God Moses Israelites (3) Providence for the start : Water from the Rock Moses (4) Moses Twice Striking the Rock 1) The reason striking the rock twice constituted a sin It set up the condition to enable Satan s invasion if the nation falls in faithlessness. It indicated that Satan may strike Jesus who will come as the rock in substance. Hence Moses twice striking the rock became a remote cause of Jesus crucifixion. Strike once Living Adam Satan Strike once Adam Moses Dead Adam I Cor.10:4 Rev.2:17

(God) Rock Living Adam Jesus Jesus Strike twice (in uncontrolled rage) Restored Adam Dead Adam Moses faithlessness of the Israelites broke the tablets of stone Indication of possibility of Jesus death by crucifixion Jesus faithlessness of Jewish people Consequential death of Jesus by crucifixion 2) Why couldnt Moses mistake of twice striking the rock be restored? Christ Jesus Tablet of stone(Exod.31:18) : inscribed the Ten Commandments, the center of Mosaic law Rock (I Cor.10:4) :Root of the tablets of stone, Root of Jesus (symbolizing God)

It could not be restored as it resulted in striking Jesus (God) as the root of the tablets of stone. Rock Tablet of stone Rock Moses Tablet of stone Aaron Miriam Jesus Holy Spirit 3) Why did the rock Moses struck twice in anger, still yield water? On the foundation of nations drinking the water at Rephidim in the Second Course. Although the second dispensation based on the rock was invaded by Satan externally due to Moses' outward act of faithlessness, it remained sound internally due to his unchanged loyalty to Heaven. Moses' and Joshua's internal attitude of unswerving faith and devotion to the ideal of the Tabernacle. (Devotion of Joshua and Caleb)

4) Result of twice striking the rock 1) Internal Israelites could enter Canaan; External Israelites died in the wilderness (Deut. 34:4,5) 2) Nations faithlessness Rock was possessed by Satan. Satan challenged Jesus as the Rock in substance with three temptations. (Matt.4:1-11) 3) Moses flesh dead (by striking twice) Jesus flesh crucifixion (unbelief) spirit entered Canaan spirit resurrection (salvation) 4) Fiery serpents(Rev.12:9) Death of faithless nation; Bronze serpent (John 3:14) Salvation of repentant nation 5) Joshua succeeded to Moses mission. 6) After Moses twice striking the rock due to the nations faithlessness : Moses : Twice striking He couldnt enter Canaan. (Num.20:12) He desperately prayed and begged God (Deut.3:25) He died outside the borders to Canaan. None knew the place of his burial. (Deut. 34:6) Jesus : Nations unbelief to the way of crucifixion Desperate prayer to avoid the fate (Matt.26:39) Death on the Cross His corpse was lost after death. 2 The Foundation of Substance Centered on Joshua (1) Scouting of Jericho Two scouts reported faithfully. Israelites became one centering on Joshua. The scouts completed the mission, with the help of the harlot Rahab who sheltered them, on the foundation of shimjung of the two. Moses Joshua (as Moses successor) Spirit

Substance to restore Canaan Jesus Lord of the Second Advent Spirit Foreshowing the complete restoration in spirit and flesh (2) Restoration to Canaan Moses 3-day journey Red Sea Joshua (as the successor to Moses) 3-day journey Jordan River Shitim (scouting) Jordan Guided by pillars of cloud & fire Guided by the Ark of Covenant Crossing the Red Sea with the staff Crossing the Jordan River with the Ark of Covenant (3) 12 stones set up in the camp of Gilgal (Josh.4:20) 12 stones were taken from the very place where the priests feet

stood in the Jordan River to set up as a stone alter in Gilgal. Jacob built a stone alter wherever he went (as a alter of prayer to praise God) 12 tribes of Jacobs descendents follow their ancestor and set up 12 stones, which foreshowed they would construct the Holy Temple. This foreshadowed that the twelve disciples of Jesus should join together and honor Jesus as the Temple. God stopped giving manna at this point. From this time forth the Israelites were to make a living with their own sweat. (4) The Conquest of Jericho Israelites obeyed Gods command to march. 40,000 soldiers 7 priests (blowing 7 trumpets) the Ark of covenant the rest of the Israelites Method Marching around once a day for 6 days; on the 7th day, after circling the city wall the 7th time, Joshua ordered them to raise a great shout toward the city. The conquest of Jericho foreshadowed that by the power of Christ and the work of his followers, the satanic barrier between Heaven and earth will crumble. (5) Joshua defeated 31 kings This foreshadowed that Christ will come as the King of Kings to build the unified Kingdom of Heaven on earth by bringing all gentile kings to complete surrender and winning the hearts of their people. 5. Lessons 1 Renewed understanding for the history of the Old Testament Age It was thought merely as a record of Moses life and Israels history.

God intended to reveal by this account certain secrets of the providence of restoration. Jesus passed away without divulging the true significance of Moses' course. (John 5:19) Moses walked the model course or formula course for the providence of restoration. We cannot but come to the conclusion that God exists and has been guiding human history toward the realization of one absolute purpose. 2 God's predestined Will cannot be achieved through the person entrusted with its fulfillment if he does not complete his portion of responsibility. 3 Increased condition of indemnity 4 The greater one's mission, the greater the test one will face. 5. Everything is decided in the moment The relationship between moment and lifetime. 6 When God is about to give grace, He puts the person through a test, either before or after the grace, to prevent Satan's accusation. 40-year living in Pharaohs palace The first course of Exodus 40-year living in the wilderness of Midian The test in which God tried to kill Moses The second course of Exodus The three signs and ten plagues 3-day journey

The pillars of cloud and fire The Red Sea Manna and quail The battle with the Amalekites The tablets of stone, the Tabernacle, and the Ark of covenant 40-year wandering in the wilderness The fiery serpent The bronze serpent The water from the rock Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan Centering on Jesus Introduction In the beginning, Adam should have governed the angels (I Cor.6:3) , but due to his fall, human beings came under Satan's dominion and formed a hellish world. To restore this through indemnity, Jesus came as the second Adam to

personally bring Satan to submission and establish the Kingdom of Heaven. However, Satan, who does not submit even to God, would by no means readily yield to Jesus and people of faith. Therefore, taking responsibility for having created human beings, God raised up Jacob and Moses and revealed through them the model course by which Jesus could subjugate Satan. Jacob walked the symbolic course to bring Satan to submission, while Moses walked the image course. Their courses pioneered the way for Jesus to walk the substantial course. In walking the worldwide course to restore Canaan, Jesus followed the model demonstrated in the national course to restore Canaan when Moses was working to subjugate Satan. 1.Foundation to Receive the Messiah For fallen people to be restored to their original state, we must receive the Messiah. Before we can receive the Messiah, we must first establish the Foundation to Receive the Messiah. Without the Foundation to Receive the Messiah, fallen people will kill the coming Messiah. The foundation of faith Central figure John the Baptist Object for the condition Word Period 400 years The foundation of substance Central figure John the Baptist Condition Indemnity condition to remove fallen nature God Cain Indemnity condition to remove fallen nature

(Angel) Nation love obey respect receive Abel (Adam) John the Baptist 1 The First Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan (1) The foundation of faith 1) Central figure John the Baptist Elijah of the Second Coming(Matt.17:13) One who makes straight the way of the Lord(John.1:23) Illustrious life of prayer and asceticism in the wilderness 2) Object for the condition Oneness with the Tabernacle on the foundation of the number 40. (Messiah will descend on 400-year national foundation.) (2) The foundation of substance 1) Central figure John the Baptist 2) Condition Israelites God Indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature

love respect John the Baptist obey receive Luke 3:15 Failure due to John the Baptists faithlessness in Jesus 2 The Second Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan (1) The foundation of faith 1) Central figure Jesus (who takes on the mission of John the Baptist) John the Baptist gave the baptism to Jesus at the Jordan River. (John 1:29) 2) Object for the condition 40-day fast & three temptations (2) Three temptations 1) The cause behind Jesus three temptations Remote cause Moses act of striking the rock twice and breaking the tablets of stone Immediate cause Faithlessness of John the Baptist (Failure of Elijah-type central figure) 2) Satans purpose in giving Jesus the three temptation: To prevent Jesus from restoring the three blessings and accomplishing the purpose of creation. Purpose of Messiahs advent Purpose of creation Three great blessings Three temptations The cause behind Satans taking a dominant position to impose temptations on Jesus Moses act of striking the rock twice and breaking the tablets of stone led Satan to claim possession of them. 3) Significance of the three temptations

The first temptation in the wilderness Satan : Stone Jesus : Word Bread Bread Stone = Jesus Satan meant for Jesus to give up the position of Messiah. Jesus(Rev.2:17) Result Jesus fulfilled the condition of indemnity to restore the first blessing; and establish the basis for the restoration of the position as the Messiah. The second temptation at the pinnacle of Temple Satan : If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down. Jesus : You shall not tempt the Lord your God. Result Jesus fulfilled the condition of indemnity to restore the second blessing; and establish the basis for the restoration of children. God : Invisible owner Jesus : Substantial owner Angel Servant

The third temptation high mountain top Satan : I will give you all things if you worship me. Jesus : You shall worship and serve only the Lord your God. Satan tempted Jesus Result Jesus fulfilled the condition of indemnity to restore the third blessing; and establish the basis for dominion over the natural world. had bowed down to him in the to bow down to him as Adam beginning. As a result of Jesus victory in the three temptations: Jesus restored through indemnity all that had been offered to God over the course of the providence for the purpose of laying the foundation of faith Jesus set up the condition for the fulfillment of Gods three great blessings and the restoration of the four position foundation. (3) The foundation of substance Central figure Jesus Condition God Indemnity condition to remove fallen nature Jewish people Jesus

Love (Cain) Disciples Luke 3:15 Obey Respect receive (Abel) Failure of the second course 3 The Third Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan (1) When even Jesus disciples as well as the other Jewish people became faithless to him who came as the substantial Tabernacle and the temple, Jesus had no choice other than to allow his physical body to be crucified. (2) As a consequence, the Jewish people lost the one who should have been the spiritual and physical focus of their faith. They no longer had a basis upon which to begin the third worldwide course to restore Canaan as a substantial course. (3) Christians, as the Second Israel, were to begin this course as a spiritual course by exalting the resurrected Jesus as their focus of faith. 4 Spiritual Course to Restore Canaan centering on Jesus (The Spiritual Foundation to Receive the Messiah) (1) The Spiritual Foundation of Faith 1) Central figure Resurrected Jesus (standing in the position of John the Baptist in spirit) Jesus resurrected three days after his death on the cross

(to restore the position of spiritual true parent). 2) Object for the condition Jesus as a substantial spirit in the 40-day period of resurrection 3) Period 40 days starting from resurrection (2) Significance of Jesus crucifixion Satan Fallen man Flesh Spirit The three temptations God Victory : Jesus Failure : Satan God Jesus Flesh Faithless people

Spirit 1) Purpose of Gods in sending the Messiah Salvation for all humanity 2) Satans purpose to kill Jesus even if it meant relinquishing his hold on humanity. For the salvation of humanity that had conspired with Satan, God gave Jesus to Satan as payment for their sins. Satan exercised his maximum power to kill Jesus so as to interrupt the way of physical salvation. God, by the basic principle of restoration through indemnity, exercised His maximum power to resurrect Jesus (path to spiritual salvation completed). (3) The Spiritual Foundation of Substance 1) Central figure Resurrected Jesus 2) Condition God Indemnity condition to remove fallen nature Nation (disciples) love obey Resurrected Jesus respect receive

Providence for the start Jesus gave his disciples the power to perform signs and miracles. The spiritual foundation for the Messiah was laid to complete the providence to restore Canaan only spiritually. 5 The Course to Restore Substantial Canaan Centering on Christ at the Second Advent This providence has passed through a long two-thousand-year course of history, expanding to construct a worldwide spiritual dominion. (1) Foundation of Faith 1) Central figure Christ at the Second Advent as the new John the Baptist 2) Object for the condition Condition of faith with the number 40 God (2) Foundation of Substance 1) Central figure Christ of the Second Advent as the new John the Baptist Indemnity condition to remove fallen nature 2) Condition 1st & 2nd Israel love obey respect receive Christ of the Second Advent as the new

John the Baptist (3) The third national course to restore Canaan Moses (spirit) Joshua (spirit & flesh) : substantial courseRestoration to Canaan (4) The third worldwide course to restore Canaan Jesus (spirit) Christ of the Second Advent (spirit & flesh) : substantial course Kingdom of Heaven on Earth First Israel (Judaism) Faithless Jesus Second Israel (Christianity) Second Israel (Christianity) Faithful Faithless Christ of the Second Advent Third Israel (Korea, Unification Church) Faithful Providence for the start

Moses External - Rock Jesus External Miracles & signs Joshua Internal Water from the rock Christ of the Second Advent Internal - Word (Reference) 1. Jesus was a saint among saints (Messiah) Isaac Rebecca Esau, Jacob Elizabeth Judah

External Restoration Internal Restoration Perez, Sera Zachariah Mary Lk 1:43 John the Baptist Tamar Jesus Joseph Restoration in Substance (Messiah) 2. Loss of foundation of substance centering on Jesus spirit and flesh Unbelief of Zacharias family (Zachariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist) Unbelief of Josephs family (Joseph, Mary) Why could they not believe? Jesus birth, The way Jesus was raised, Issue of Jesus marriage

(Reference) 3. Jesus built spiritual foundation and made new beginning (Course of Public Life) (1) Jesus entry into public life 1) Jesus fast The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head. (Matt. 8:20) 2) Marriage in Canaan Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come. (John 2:4) 3) Mother and brothers come to see him (Matt. 12:48) Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? (2) Samaria woman and conversation (By the well). (3) Last Supper and Betrayal by Judas Iscariot (Lk. 22: 15-16) (4) Desperate prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt. (Matt. 26:39) Three Disciples Fall Asleep Foundation of spirit and flesh is lost (Reference) (5) Jesus trial and arrest 1) Trial by Caiaphas Charge: Are you the Son of God? 2) Trial by Pontius Pilate Charge: Are you the king of the Jews? Israel did not have the authority to impose the death penalty Pontius Pilate said this person is without sin, and Asked the crowd whether he should forgive Barabbas or Jesus (Matt. 27:15-19) The crowd said he should forgive Barabbas and crucify Jesus His blood be on us, and on our children. (Matt 27:20-26)

3) Jesus is arrested (Jesus) shoulders the cross (Reference) (6) Jesus on the Cross 1) Speaking to women wailing at the sight of Jesus carrying the cross: weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. (Luke 23: 26-28) 2) Jesus pain on the Cross 3) Jesus prayer on the Cross Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. (Lk. 23: 33-34) Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? (Matt. 27: 45-46) Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. (Lk. 23:46) 4) The fate of the Cross (Reference) 4. Providence of Jesus resurrection 1) Jesus spiritual resurrection Advent of spirit on Pentacost (Acts 2:1-4) 2) Start of Christianity by Jesus and Holy Spirit 5. Jesus original mission 1) For him to be married in a Holy Marriage, become the True Parent and performing the Holy Blessing (resolution of original sin) for all humanity 2) Establish a true family (fulfill the Purpose of Creation) 3) Liberation of Gods homeland

6. Jesus sorrow 1) His own mother, whom he loved more than anyone, blocked his path to marriage. 2) The agony of Jesus in leaving the earth before establishing a lineage 3) Jesus han covered with blood, sweat and tears for having had to shoulder the cross before he could accomplish his mission. (Reference) 7. Resolving the agony, han, sorrow, death of Jesus True Parents revealed this True Parents have comforted Jesus 1) For Jesus not to have gone the way of the cross Messiah (Jesus) Josephs tribe (Abel) Become tribal Messiah, Zachariahs tribe (Cain) John the Baptist = Bun Bong Wang Jesus would not have gone the way of the cross. 2) How can Jesus and True Parents han be resolved? Fulfill tribal messiah mission Complete Hoon Duk Family Church Build Gods Liberated Homeland Finish tribal blessing

ODP Education Hoon Duk in Daily Life (Parents autobiography, Teaching material) 2. Lessons 1 Gods predestination of His Will is absolute; Accomplishment of His predestination by human is conditional. 2 The greater a person's mission, the greater the test he will confront. Since Adam became faithless and forsook God, Jesus had to restore Adam's mistake by enduring when God forsook him, all the while showing unchanging faith. Therefore, Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness and forsaken by God on the cross. (Temptation in the wilderness; trial on the cross) 3 Even on the cross, Jesus lived for God and His Will. 4. Everything is decided in the moment The relationship between moment and lifetime. (ref.) Comparison of Moses & Jesus Courses Cleanse Original Sin Messiah Messiah (3rd) (2nd) (1st) Joshua

Moses Moses Israelites Israelites Israelites Success Failure Failure Resurrected Jesus disciples Success (2nd) Foundation for the Messiah John Jews Jews

Failure Failure (2nd) (3rd) Moses Moses Moses 40years in palace 40 year in Midian 40 years in wilderness Success Success Success Foundation of faith (1st)

Jesus Oneness in ideal, action, life & heart (1st) Foundation of substance (3rd) Man Complete the purpose of creation (1st) Fallen man (2nd) John the Baptist Jesus 400 yrs 40 day fasting Success

Success (3rd) Resurrected Jesus 40day spiritual resurrection Success The Periods in Providential History and the Determination of Their Lengths Introduction Does God live in the history? If God lives, how does He work? And what kind of principle does He work with? (1) Parallel Providential Periods 1 What does parallel mean? We find cases where the various circumstances of a period in history are repeated in similar form during a later age. This term was first used by a famous historian, Arnold Joseph Toynbee, who could not reveal its reason. individual family

nation world cosmos 2 How do parallel providential periods come about? (1) How do parallel providential periods come about? When a central figure fails his responsibility, his failure must be restored through indemnity. Therefore the periods come to be parallel to one another. Completion of Gods Will 100 individual family Gods portion of responsibility 95 nation world Human portion

of responsibility 5 cosmos (2) Main factors which determine the formation of parallel providential periods Repeated dispensations to restore the foundation for the Messiah 1) Foundation of faith Division of good and evil : 2) Foundation of substance Restoration of dominion : Central figure Object for the condition Numerical period of indemnity Central figure Indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature God Indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature Cain love obey respect receive Abel (3) Types of the parallel providential period Parallel providential period in the formation stage ( Symbolic

type) Parallel providential period in the growth stage (Image type) Parallel providential period in the completion stage (Substantial type) Foundation to Receive the Messiah on the family level Adam Age of the providence to lay the foundation for restoration Age of symbolic parallels Foundation to Receive the Messiah on the national level Abraham Age of the providence of restoration Age of image parallels Jesus Foundation to Receive the Messiah on the world level Abraham Jesus Christ of the Second Advent Age of the prolongation of the providence of restoration Age of substantial parallels (2) The Number of Generations or Years in the Periods

of the Age of the Parallel Providential Periods (1) Formation of the number of years 4th stage Completion : 3rd stage Growing Period Growth : 2nd stage Formation : 1st stage 10th level 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1st level Adam Eve Heaven Earth Number 12 4 position foundation X 3 stages Number 4 4 position foundation ; 4 stages Number 21 completion number 7 (Heavens number 3 Earths number 4) X 3 stages Number 40 4 position foundation X 10 level

Creation : 6 stages Human fall : 6 stages (2) The number of years in the parallel providential periods Adam Symbolic Parallel p. 10 gen. Noah Noah Abraham Isaac Jacob 10 gen. 1600 Birthright 400 to Haran 120 40 Jacob meets

Joseph to Canaan 21 40 Horizontal restoration through indemnity carried out vertically 12 120 y. 4 40 d. 21 21 d. 40 40 d.

Slavery in Egypt Abraham Judges Saul David Solomon Moses Image Parallel p. 400 United Kingdom 40 y. 40 d. 21 y. 21 d. 40 y. 40 y.

Persecution in the Roman Empire Jesus Substantial Parallel p. Regional Church Leadership Augustine Christian Empire South 400 Divided Kingdom of East & West 210 Papal Exile & Return Charlemagne 400

Jesus 400 Preparation for the Second Advent Luther East 400 Preparation for the Advent of Messiah Malachi 120 120 y. Israels Exile & Return North 400 120 y. Divided Kingdoms of North & South

120 West Christ at the Second Advent 400 210 400 (3) The Parallels between the Two Ages in the Providence of Restoration Slavery in Egypt Abraham Judges Moses 400 Object for the condition Central figure Ecclesia Protestantism Augustine Luther

Israels Exile & Return Preparation for the Advent of Messiah 120 400 210 Temple Temple X X Prophet High priest King Regional Church Leadership Christian Empire of East & West Prophet High priest King

Divided Kingdom & Return Papal Exile Charlemagne 400 Catholicism Church Leaders Jesus 400 Judges Augustine 400 Divided Kingdoms of North & South Malachi Tabernacle Moses Malachi Jesus Central figure

400 Tabernacle Second Temple Persecution in the Roman Empire Object for the condition United Kingdom Saul David Solomon 120 400 Catholicism Monastics Pope King Preparation for the Second Advent Luther Christ at the 210 Advent Catholicism

Monastics Pope King 400 X X Second (1) 400 y. of Slavery in Egypt 400 y. of Persecuti on in the Roman Empire Abrahams mistake in offering Satans invasion Restoration through indemnity Jacobs 12 children & 70 kinsmen Slavery in Egypt (punishment & faith) st 1 Israel Circumcision, sacrifices, Sabbath (Lifestyle of separation from Satan) Moses 3 signs & 10 plagues Surrender of Pharaoh Exodus After the slavery 10 commandments, core of the Old Testament Completion of the Tabernacle Preparation for the Messiah

Jewish nations mistake in honoring Jesus Satans invasion Restoration through indemnity Jesus 12 disciples & 70 followers Persecution in Rome (Punishment & faith) 2nd Israel Baptism, martyrdom, Sabbath, holy communion (Lifestyle of separation from Satan) Spiritual miracles & power (A.D.313: Emperor Constantine recognized Christianity; A.D.392: Emperor Theodosius I designated it as the state religion. After the persecution Gospel, core of the New Testament Formation of Ecclesia - Preparation for the Messiah (2) 400 y. of the Judges 400 y. of Regional Church Leadership Mission of the Judges : Prophet, Priest, King Israelites entering Canaan Dividing the land among the clans & tribes Settling in villages united around the judges, the people consolidated into a chosen nation Establish a simple Jewish feudalistic society The Israelites should have exalted the Tabernacle and remained obedient to the direction of the judges. However X Instead of destroying the seven Canaanite tribes, the Israelites live among them and were influenced by their customs, thus bringing great confusion to their faith. Mission of church leader : Monastery, Pope, King Germanic peoples migration (Invasion of Huns (a Mongolian tribe) into the West in 4 th century Germans migration to Western Europe)

Spread of Christianity to the Germanic peoples (Spread Gospel to Kingdom of Franks) In the new land of Western Europe, God raised up the Germanic tribes as a new chosen people Establish an early form of feudal society. Christians were supposed to exalt the Church as the image of Messiah and follow the directions of its bishops and monastic leaders. However X They became influenced by the Germanic paganism, which brought great confusion to the Christian faith. (3) 120 y. of the United Kingdom Prophet Samuel - anointed Saul - First king of Israel (800 y. after Abraham) Solomon manifested the ideal of Moses Tabernacle by constructing the Temple and building the Kingdom around it. Central figure of the Foundation of Faith - King (High priest : Spiritual kingdom, King : Substantial kingdom) Failure of King Saul in Abels position Failure of the Foundation of Substance (King Saul disobeyed the commands of God given by the prophet Samuel - he fell into lust ) King Solomon, the 3rd generation, fell into lust with his many foreign wives, who turned him away from God to worship pagan Gods (ex. Asralot, Milgom, Gmos, Molok) Division of the Kingdom to North & South Pope Leo III - Crowned Charlemagne - First emperor of Christendom in 800 A.D. Charlemagne's empire realized the ideal of the Christian State as set down in The City of God by St. Augustine 120 y. Central figure of the foundation of faith - King of the

(Pope : Spiritual Empire, King : Substantial Empire) Christian The King left the position of Abel Failure of the Foundation of Substance Empire (The kings did not remain obedient to Gods Will) The Christian empire began to divide in the third generation. Charlemagne's grandsons (Louis II, Charles II) partitioned it into three kingdoms: the East Franks, the West Franks and Italy (which became ruled by East Frank later) . (4) The United Kingdom - Divided in the third generation into two kingdoms 400 y. Cain 10 tribes The kingdom of Israel - 19 kings - 260 years of the Abel - 2 tribes The kingdom of Judah - 20 kings - 394 years Divided Northern Kingdom of Israel : Kingdom Founded by Jeroboam, who had lived in exile in the days of King Solomon of North & South The Royal Families changed nine times, No King was righteous in the sight of God God sent the prophet Elijah - Prevailed in the contest with 850 prophets of Baal and Asherah on Mt. Carmel when God sent down fire upon the altar. Other Prophets, including Elisha, Jonah, Hosea and Amos, spread the Word of God at the risk of their lives The Kings did not repent God had the Assyrians destroy them and took away their qualification as the chosen people forever. Southern Kingdom of Judah : Founded by Solomons son, Rehoboam. The Royal house continued in one dynastic line from David to Zedekiah, producing many righteous kings out of the twenty who ruled the kingdom for 394 years. A succession of evil kings after King Josiah, combined with influence from the northern

kingdom, led to much idolatry and corruption The People were taken into exile in Babylon. God sent 4 great & 12 small prophets to move nation - Repentance and Internal Reform. The kings and the people did not heed the warnings of the prophets - God chastised them externally by sending gentile nations such as Syria, Assyria and Babylon to attack them. End of the monarchy of the chosen people of Israel (The Gentile nations took the people of Judah into exile) 400 y. of Divided Kingdom of East & West The Christian empire also began to divide in the third generation East Frank (Italy) West Frank Cain West Frank Abel East Frank (+ Italy) Under Otto Is rule The Holy Roman Empire The Papacy was corrupt - God sent prominent monks to admonish the papacy (St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assisi) (Internal Reform in the Church) The Papacy and the Church did not repent, but sank further into corruption and immorality - God chastised them externally - letting their people fight the Muslims in the Crusades. While Jerusalem and the Holy Land were under the protection of the Abbasid Caliphate, Christian pilgrims were received with hospitality - After the Caliphate collapsed and the Holy Land was conquered by the cries of alarm

went out that Christian pilgrims were being harassed by Seljuk Turks - Outraged, the popes raised the Crusades to recover the Holy Land. There were eight Crusades, beginning in 1095 and continuing sporadically for about 200 years. Despite some initial success, the Crusaders were defeated again and again. Monarchic Christianity began to erode The papacy had completely lost its prestige and credibility - Christianity thus lost its center of spiritual sovereignty The lords and knights who had maintained feudal society were decimated by the Crusades - Feudal society lost its political power and vigor. Since the papacy and the feudal lords had spent enormous funds to pursue these unsuccessful wars - They were left impoverished. (5) 210 years of Israels Exiles & Return From the time King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took King Jehoiachin and his royal family, prophets including Daniel and Ezekiel, and many other Israelites into captivity - 70 years Persia destroyed Babylon Royal decree of King Cyrus - 210 years of Papal Exile & Return Return to their homeland in three waves

Reform themselves as a nation united around the Will of God (Foundation for faith was established) - 140 years Pope Clement V to move the papacy Captive in Avignon in southern France - 70 years In 1377 Pope Gregory XI - Return the papal residence to Rome The cardinals elected Urban VI (Archbishop of Bari) as successor to Gregory XI, but later regretted their decision. The majority of the cardinals left Rome, elected Clement VII as a rival pope and reestablished the papal court in Avignon. Eventually the cardinals of both factions abandoned their popes and elected another a new pope, Alexander V, but the two existing rival popes did not submit, so there were three popes at once. The Council of Constance, attended by cardinals, theologians, abbots, bishops and archbishops, deposed or accepted the resignation of the remaining Papal claimants and elected Pope Martin V. The division of the three popes created much confusion. (1309 Loss of papal autocracy) (1449 Autocracy recovered) The papacy recovered the authority it had lost The Foundation for faith was established - 140 years (6) 400 year Preparation 40 day providence to separate Satan The last restoration through indemnity (4000 yrs) for the Build the Temple, Repent, Study the Law Reformation of Faith Advent of - Restore the Foundation of Faith

the Messiah Israelites Study the Law Nebuchadnezzar Rebuild destroyed Temple Malachi - Repent for worshiping Pagan Gods Until meet Jesus Externally Suffering path (Persia, Greece, Egypt) (Until Jacobs family met Joseph - Suffering) Reform Judaism and prepare a people that can receive the Messiah (BC 430 Malachi) Preparation of the environment around the same time (Among the worlds people) Buddha (565-485 B.C., India) Socrates (470-399 B.C., Greece) Confucius (552-479 B.C., China) Jesus Israel Roman Empire to the whole world (6) 400 year Preparation 40 day providence to separate Satan Last restoration through indemnity (4000 years) for the Second Religious reformation, Repentance, Study the Gospel = Pioneer the way of Faith Advent of the Messiah - Restoration of the Foundation of Faith After the Pope returned to Rome the Medieval Christians Luther Religious reformation Follow the light of the Gospel Medieval Dark Ages Repent Until meet the Returning Messiah

-Internal path of suffering (Humanism, Enlightenment) Renaissance politics, economy, culture, science Rapid development Make environment to receive the Messiah Christ of the Second Advent 3rd Israel USA - World Pioneer Faith (4) Crossing of the sovereignties of God and Satan in the history of the providence of restoration Cain-type view of life Hellenism God God Satan Augustine Jesus 400 Persecution in the the Roman Empire Charlemagne 400 120 Regional Church God

Abel-type view of life Hebraism Luther 400 210 Christian Empire Divided Kingdom Papal Exile Leadership Satan God Satan of East & West & Return Satan God Second Advent 400 Preparation for Second Advent

Satan (5) The Progress of History in the Age of the Providence of Restoration Satanic primitive societies haunted by struggle and division Clan societies Feudalistic societies Monarchic societies (Egypt, Babylon, Hittites) Northern kingdom of Israel Solomons failure in unification of eastern empires God-centered society of

interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal shared values Clan society of Gods side centered on Abraham Feudalistic societies of Gods side centered on the Judges Kingdom of goodness (the United Kingdom under King Saul) Southern kingdom of Judah Societies of democratic type

Heavenly kingdom of goodness on Earth Israel Roman Empire (Spiritual Christianity) (Formation ) (Failure in spirit & flesh) England (Spiritual Christianity) (Growth ) Struggle between Protestant & Catholic Industrial revolution Colonial policy Propagation of Christianity Liberation of colonies USA (Spiritual Christianity)

(Completion) 102 Puritans Spiritual Christianity Heavenly kingdom -End- The Period of Preparation for the Second Advent of the Messiah Introduction (1) Period : 1517 1918(400 years) (2) Divided into three periods: The Period of the Reformation [1517 1648 (130 years) ] The Period of Religious and Ideological Conflicts [1648 1789 (140 years) ] The Period of Maturation of Politics, Economy and Ideology [1789 1918 (130 years) ] 1 The Period of the Reformation (1) Outline

1) 1)The 130-year period of the Reformation : began in 1517, when Martin Luther raised the banner of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, and lasted until the wars of religion were settled by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. 2) The character of this period : Shaped by the Renaissance and the Reformation, both products of medieval feudal society. 3) Causes for the rise of Reformation & Renaissance Causes for rise Two types of desires of human original nature Medieval feudalism Secularization of the Roman church Resistance against the repression to human original nature External Movement for a revival of Hellenism Renaissance Internal Movement for a revival of Hebraism Reformation (2) Renaissance The Renaissance came to life in fourteenth-century Italy (the center of the study of the classical Hellenic heritage) Movement imitating the thought and life of ancient Greece and Rome Movement which transformed the medieval way of life Encompass every aspect of society, politics, economic life and religion.

It became the external driving force for the construction of the modern world. (3) Reformation The secularization and decadence of the Church leadership was the cause (Rebellion against the ritualism and rules of the Church, the stratified feudal system and papal authority which deprived them of autonomy, under the influence of the Renaissance) Revival of the spirit of early Christianity When the indulgences which Pope Leo X began selling was proclaimed in 1517, a movement to protest this abuse ignited a fuse to explode in the Protestant Reformation under the leadership of Martin Luther. The wars of religion which swirled around the Protestant movements continued for more than 100 years until 1648, when the Treaty of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years' War which was fought on the soil of Germany. 2 The Period of Religious and Ideological Conflicts (1) Outline 1) The period of religious and ideological conflicts refers to the 140 years beginning with the secure establishment of Protestantism at the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 and ending with the French Revolution in 1789. 2) Two movements of Reformation and Renaissance brought people internal and external freedom to pursue the internal and external desires flowing from their original nature . 3) As people exercised freedom of faith and thought, they could not avoid divisions in theology and disputes among philosophers. 4) God has worked His providence of restoration throughout the course of history by repeatedly separating those representing Abel from those representing Cain, from the individual level to the world level. In the Last Days, this fallen world is divided into the Cain-type communist world and the Abel-type democratic world. (2) The Cain-type View of Life (Humanism) 1) The pursuit of the external aspects of the original nature first aroused a movement to

revive the ancient heritage of Hellenism and gave birth to the humanism of the Renaissance. 2) All matters in human life came to be judged by reason or empirical observation. 3) Instead of facilitating the internal inclination to seek God, it gave birth to a view of life which encouraged people to follow only external pursuits. This blocked their path to God and led them toward Satan's realm. 4) As a result, Nature and Man were separated from God. 5) Cain-type view led medieval people to the direction to separate from God and cease the faith in God. 6) Historical figures of Cain-type view of life: D .F Strauss, L. Feuerbach, Karl Marx, F. Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong 7) Cain-type view of life, which budded after the Renaissance and grew through the Enlightenment into atheism and materialism, matured into the godless ideology of Marxism, which became the cornerstone of the communist world of today. (3) The Abel-Type View of Life 1) The original nature of medieval people not only pursued external values; it also sought internal values. 2) As medieval people were prompted by their original nature to pursue internal values, a movement arose to revive Hebraism which bore fruit in the Protestant Reformation 3) The Abel-type view of life guided modern people to seek God in a deeper and more thoughtful way. 4) Historical figures of Abel-type view of life: Immanuel Kant, J. G. Fichte, Friedrich Schelling, Hegel 5) Cain-type world : Communism Abel-type world : Democracy In order to form these two types of world today, the two types of view of life were established. Conclusion, The Mans view of life : Either Cain-type or Abel-type. 3 The Period of Maturation of Politics,

Economy and Ideology This period lasted for 130 years from the French Revolution, through the Industrial Revolution, to the end of the First World War. (1789 1918) (1) Maturation of Politics 1) Democracy French Revolution Medieval feudal society Monarchic society Democratic society Cain-type Leaders of atheism and Democracy materialism were awakened to the flaws of absolute monarchy to tear down the remnants of the feudal system. Democratic Revolution of England and USA Abel-type DemocracyAbel-type democracy was born out of sincere Christians victorious fight with absolutism to win religious freedom. Communism

Liberal Democracy 2) Separation of Powers Brain ( Political party) Stomach Heart Lung Legislative ExecutiveJudicial Root Stem Leaf Satan was defectively mimicking an aspect of the Principle ahead of its realization by God. According to the principle of creation, The universe is patterned after the structure of a perfect human being. The ideal world to be built by fully mature people is also to resemble the structure and functions of a perfect individual. Human body: Brain Spinal cord Peripheral nervous system Every part of the body Ideal society: God Lord of Second Advent Follower (Stomach, Heart, Lung) Economic system Human body : Vertical relationship the brain ; Horizontal relation with each other. Ideal society: Vertical relationship with God ; Horizontal relationship with each other. Process of Restoration of Separation of Powers Monopoly of powers by king King (Powers) + Church as Party Party politics with separation of powers Ideal society ruled by Gods Word

Conclusion Realization of ideal society by the principle of 3-stage development. Cheon Il Guk Ideal: Separation of Three Powers Separate of Five Powers (legislative, executive, judicial, financial, media) (2) Maturation of Economy 1) Significance of Industrial Revolution Gods Ideal of creation World without sin Pleasant living environment The Industrial Revolution which began in England arose to restore the living environment to one suitable for the ideal world. 2) Industrial Revolution To restore the external living environment for the ideal society; To contribute to the internal aspect of providence of restoration for the propagation of the Gospel. 3) The Rise of the Great Powers & Colonies Industrial Revolution As markets for superabundant products As source of industrial raw material The great powers felt an urgent need to pioneer new colonies. Consequently the great powers grew strong rapidly as they competed with each other in the scramble for colonies.

4) The ideal world resembles the structure of a healthy human body. Gods ideal of Creation Realization of society without sin Restoration of pleasant living environment Brain Human Stomach Heart Lung Politics Legislative Executive Judicial Distribution Consumption Production Economy Necessary &

Sufficient Fair & Sufficient for needs Reasonable & in harmony with the purpose of the whole Plant Root Stem Leaf Give & Take Action Mind to live for others Will of commitment Mind Heart of Parents Body of Servant Body Liver In Reserve Politics Religion Renaissance

(4) Religious Reforms & Political & Industrial Revolutions since the Renaissance 1st Renaissance (Literature) Reformation (Luther, Calvin) Collapse of medieval feudal society (the Manor system) Feudal lord, knight, serf 2nd Renaissance Enlightenment (Natural science) 3rd Renaissance Materialism (Social science) Spiritual Movement (Wesley brothers, Fox, Swedenborg) Unification of Religions (New Reformation by True Parents) Society of Gods Collapse of absolute monarchy

(Imperialism) Ideal of Creation (Capitalism) Industrial Revolution (Collapse of communism) 1st Industrial Revolution 2nd Industrial Revolution 3rd Industrial Revolution (Steam engine) (Electricity, gasoline engine) (Nuclear energy) Society of Gods Ideal of Creation (Cheon Il Guk) Godism (Headwing Thought) (Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, Universally Shared Values) Production to meet needs Fair distribution Interdependence Reasonable consumption Economic Community (Distribution)

Overcome selfishness Human rights, opportunities Political Community Shared power and honor (Management) Mutual Prosperity guaranteed Absolute Values (Absolute Sex) Moral and ethical society Universally Shared Values World of shimjung culture Ethical Community (Shimjung) 4 The World Wars (1) The Providential Causes of the World Wars 1) Human actions Internal cause : Internal tendency toward the Will of God External cause Intention to respond the situation one faces 2) The World Wars Internal cause Gods providence External cause Politics, Economy, Ideology 3) Internal cause of the World Wars Satans last desperate struggle to preserve his sovereignty

Worldwide indemnity conditions to restore the three great blessings To overcome Jesus three temptations on the world level To fulfill the worldwide indemnity condition to restore Gods sovereignty (2) Significance of the World Wars World War I (Land) ; World War II (People) ; World War III (Ideology) 1) Providential significance of the World Wars Politics Ideological confrontation Economy Scramble for land Providence Conflict between God and Satan (or, between good and evil) Substance is a shadow of invisible essence. (Heb.8:5) An Invisible being cannot act without substance. Good God - intends to set up His ideal of creation (restoration) Satan - intends to prevent himself from being deprived sovereignty Evil Conflict between good & evil 2) The Providential Significance of the World Wars - For the sake of restoration of Gods Three Great Blessings Completion of Three individuality Great Blessings Completion of family Completion of dominion Adam fell Jesus under Satans possession

Three Temptation (by Satan) Messiah of Second Advent World Wars (3) Confrontation of triplex alliances of Heavenly and satanic sides Adam World War I (Defeated nation --- Colony) 1914-1918 (4 years) 21years World War II (Victorious nation - Independence of colony) 1939-1945 (6 years) Imperialistic (Anti-Christian) Democratic (Christian) (Pro-Christian) Satan

God Eve Germany Austria USA England Angel (Axis) Turkey Victory France (Allies ) Anti-Christian Satan Christian Pro-Christian God Germany USA

Japan Italy England France (L.N) (Axis) Victory (Allies ) (Soviet Union) 21years Communist World War III Anti-Christian (Unification of world by the Satan N. Korea China Soviet victory of Heavenly side)

God S. Korea Japan USA 1966-1978 (Vietnam 12y.) 1979-2000 (21y.) League of Nations Democratic Christian Pro-Christian (United Nations) (U.N) World Victory (World Government) Satan N. Korea Japan

China Asia God S. Korea Japan Taiwan (W.G) Central Figures of Satans side in the World Wars Type of individual completion Type of multiplication of children Type of dominion over the creation I German: Kaiser Pan-Germanism World hegemony II

German: Hitler Pan-Germanism World hegemony III Soviet: Stalin Solidarity of farmers and workers World communization (4) Cause and Result of World Wars Cause Indemnity condition of the formation-stage for the restoration of Three Great Blessings I Condition of victory for Jesus First Temptation II Indemnity condition of the growth-stage for the restoration of Three Great Blessings Condition of victory for Jesus Second Temptation Foundation of foundation of the growth-stage for the restoration of sovereignty

III Indemnity condition of the completion-stage for the restoration of Three Great Blessing Condition of victory for Jesus Third Temptation Foundation of foundation of the completionstage for the restoration of sovereignty Foundation of foundation of the formationstage for the restoration of sovereignty Result The beginning of the providence of the Second Advent on the formation-stage Start of the Providence of the Second Advent on the growth-stage Construction of Heavenly Kingdom on Earth (Conclusion) World Wars World War I & II for dividing the world into two World War III for unifying the divided world

Two possible ways Armed War Imperfect Ideological War Perfect It depends on the success or failure in carrying out the human portion of responsibility -End- The Second Advent 1. In What Manner Will Christ Return 1 Will the Second Advent occur when Jesus comes to dwell within the hearts of people through the descent of the Holy Spirit? (Act 8:16 17) The descent of the Holy Spirit is not the Second Advent of Christ. Although Jesus has been dwelling with the hearts of faithful believers ever since his resurrection and the Holy Spirits descent at Pentecost (Act 2:4) , the fact of their eager waiting for his Second Coming all the way until today firmly indicates that the descent of the Holy Spirit is not the Second Coming. 2 Will Jesus return as a spirit? Even though the apostle John had frequent encounters with the resurrected Jesus who appeared in spirit, Jesus said to John, Surely I am coming soon, to which John replied, Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!(Rev.22:20) . This shows that Christ at his Second Advent will not come as a spirit. 3 Will Christ return on the Clouds? (Matt.4:30, Rev.1:7) Will Jesus really return on clouds? We should examine it against historical facts, as the history is a mirror for the future as well as a witness of the past. Prophecy of the Second Advent Clouds Matt.24:30, Rev.1:7

Physical coming II Joh.1:7 8, Rev.12:5 Perspective of Bible Clouds X Woman Same man X Same mission Literal X Meaning (Judaism) Christianity (Jesus) Unification Church (1) Historical facts 1) Example of the Second Coming of Elijah Mal.4:5 Messiah Elijah 2) Example of Jesus First Coming II Kings 2:11 Clouds Matt.11:1

John the Baptist 4 Matt.17:11 clouds Is. flesh Jesus Act 1:11 Clouds Clouds Dan. 7:13 7:14 Clouds Jesus Christ of the Second Advent Rev.1:7 clouds

Rev.12:5 flesh 3) In the light of the Bible Rev.1:7 Son of man Jesus the Christ of Second Advent Clouds each person Every people (Rev.3:3, II Peter 3:10) one who pierced him persecutor (Rev.20:5) Luke 17:20 Christians who believe he will come on the clouds will not see the Kingdom of God.

Luke 17:21 Heavenly Kingdom will not be realized in an instant, as it would if Christ were to return on the clouds. Luke 17:22 Even though the day of the Son of man will have already come, they will not be able to see it. Luke 17:25 He would ever suffer persecution and rejection. Matt. 7:21 23 Lord, Lord, did we I never knew you; depart from me. Luke 18:8 He may not find any faith, as was the case in Jesus day. (Many believe in the Clouds, Few believe in the Flesh) 4) In the light of the Principle Spirit Spirit Fall Adam Creatio n Flesh Jesus Salvation Spirit Christ of the Second Advent Flesh flesh Conclusion Physical birth

Flesh (2) What is the Meaning of the Verse that Christ Will Return on the Clouds? Rev.1:7 Son of man Saints Jesus Christ of the Second Advent Clouds Sanctification Fallen man Rev.17:15 Vaporization Water Harlot The verse that Christ will return on the clouds means he will come to the place where faithful believers have gathered.

(3) Elucidation of the verse of Act.1:11 Men of Galilee, why do you stand Heaven looking into heaven? (Reprimand) This Jesus, who was taken from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven. Jesus (4) Why did Jesus say that the Lord will come on the clouds? 1) To prevent the delusions of antichrists 2) To encourage Christians to accomplish Gods Will. The life of Jesus: Birth in a stable; Childhood: Exile to Egypt 12 yr.: Propagation of the Gospel 30 yr.: Assistant of a carpenter 33 yr.: Death on the cross His was a life of constant suffering: unbelief, hardship, persecution. 2. When Will Christ Return?

(1) No one knows : I Thess.5:4, Matt. 25:1-13 Rev.3:3 (2) Knowable : Amos 3:7, Matt.24:36 Time of Noah When Sodom was ruined. When Nineveh was ruined. Birth of Jesus was known by Mary, Joseph, Wise Men of the East; but not known by priests, scribes, Pharisees, officials (3) How we can know it? One who is awaken One who has wisdom Methods to find out the time 1 Through the Providence of Restoration Abraham Saul David Moses 400 400 Slavery in Egypt Judges Jesus Messiah of the Augustine

Second Advent 400 Persecution in the Roman Empire Solomon 120 United Kingdom Malachi 400 Divided Kingdoms of North & South Jesus 210 400 Israels Exile & Return Preparation for the Advent of Messiah Charlemagne Luther 1517

400 Regional Church Leadership 120 Christian Empire 400 Divided Kingdom of East & West 210 Papal Exile & Return Jesus : 1930 + 30 after Abraham = 1960y after Abraham : Messianic Declaration Christ of the Second Advent AD1917 1930 AD1930 + 30 y. o. AD 1960 : Messianic Declaration 400 Preparation for the Second Advent 2 In the light of phenomena of the Last Days Matt.24:32: Metaphor of a fig tree (The Last Days are the time when harvesting as one planted and raised.) (1) Adam Three Blessings (2) Jesus Three Temptations

(3) Christ of the Second Advent The World Wars World War I (1914 1918) : 4 years Land AD 1919 : Conception AD 1920, January : Birth People World War II(1939 1945) : 6 years Start of his course as the Messiah World War III Ideological conflict Ideology Victory of Gods side Peace and Unity of the World Conclusion: Christ has already returned on the earth. 3. Where Will Christ Return? Israel (Jewish nation) Rev.7:4 Matt.10:23 Matt.16:28 to one of Israel tribes in a Jewish village Some of followers will meet him when he returns on the earth. Jesus was killed Israel Israel Victory

Victory of faith Victory of lineage Christ will not return to the Jewish nation Through their trespass salvation has come to the Gentiles,(Rom.11:11) Matt.21:33 43 Lord Son (Jesus) The kingdom of God will be... given to a nation producing the fruits of it. (Matt. 21:43) Servant (prophets) Farmers Vineyard Vineyard Israelites Nation producing the fruits of Christianity Qualification of chosen nation from the rising of Rev.7:2 sun (East)

China (Communist & Invasive nation, Religious persecution) Japan (Invasive nation, Religious persecution) Korea (Good-natured nation) Rev.7:4 Rev.14:1 144000 The Lamb Heavenly heart Respecting Heaven, loving people Koreans are a Seeking Peace & Hope righteous Devoting to peoples welfare Human heart people. Tradition of filial piety, birthright, family & lineage National thought order; Homogenous nation 4. The conditions required of the nation where Christ will return. 1 National Dispensation of 40 for the Separation of Satan 2 Nation of Sacrifice 3 The Object Partner of Gods Shimjung 4 The Culmination of All Civilization 5 Messianic Prophecies 1 National Dispensation of 40 for the Separation of Satan (1) 1st Israel (Jewish nation) : 400-year Period of Slavery in Egypt (2) 2nd Israel (Christianity) : 400-year Period of Persecution in

the Roman Empire (3) 3rd Israel (Korea) : 40-years Period of Persecution under Japans Imperialist Policy (1905 1945) 40 years 40 years 7 years 1905 `48 `50 1945 `88 `90 1985 `52 1953 : Cease-fire `92 1993 2 Nation for Sacrifice (Gods and Satans Front Line) 1789 Cain View of life

Satan Cain-type democracy Yu-il thought Homocentric Ju-che thought Communis m (Esau) Kim Il Sung (False Father) Atheism Materialism Evolution Panmunjom Adam 12345 6 7 8 910 True Parents God AbelView of lifeAbel-type Theism

Idealism Creation democracy Brotherhood Democrac y (Jacob) Unificationism God-centered 3 Subject Thought Head-wing Godism 3.The Object Partner of Gods Shimjung (Nation God loves most) Gods shimjung Gods shimjung at creation = Joy (Hope) Gods shimjung faced with human fall = Sorrow (Tear) Gods shimjung of restoration = Suffering (Grief) God is God of suffering, of sorrow, of distress (blood, sweat & tears) Korea is a nation of suffering, sorrow, distress (blood, sweat & tears) Movies Tragic film (of loyalty, filial piety and chaste) Language Full of heartistic expressions (piercing to the bone) Expression A variety of sorrowful words & phrases

(4) Nation of Morality Ideology of Nation Heavens Heart Peoples heart Respecting Heaven & loving people Ideology of pursuing hope and peace Devoting to the peoples welfare Eastern Nation of Courtesy Jesus King Loyalty Spirit of Nation Parent Sayukshin Filial piety Shimcheong Subjects Bridegroom Chastity Child Chunhyang Bride What Korean nation should show and teach to the world:

The god is parents true of the human race. Thought of loyalty, filial piety and chastity Thought for victory over communism Thought of attendance on parents Thought of absolute sex (Original Substance of the Divine Principle) Dae Han Min Guk (Republic of Korea) a great name Traditional clothes are beautiful & monastic ; Traditional hat is called gad = GOD. Hangul characters are evaluated as the best in the world ; the best language that are able to supremely express the realm of Gods heart . Korean dish as a composite menu. Korean as an able nation IQ ranks 1st to 4th in the world. The way of thinking Western way dialectical Korean way give & take swords and spears chopsticks and spoons Tradition of the Korean Nation Loyalty (filial piety & chastity) Birthright system Family Lineage (the strict family tree is called jok po) Nation 4 The Culmination of All Civilization (1) Continents Chinese Civilization Mesopotamian

Civilization Indus Civilization Rome Island Egyptian Civilization Continent Continent Yellow River Indus River Euphrates River Nile River River Crete England Germany France Greek Italy

Peninsula Peninsula Island Island Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean USA Pacific Ocean Hawaii Korea Peninsula Peninsula Continent Continent Japan Island Island (2) (River) Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean (3) Pilgrimage & Fruit of Civilizations in the light of Season One year Spring Summer Autumn Winter One day Morning Afternoon Evening Night Whole life Childhood Youth Middle age Old age

Climatic civilization Temperate-zone civilization Tropical civilization Subtropic Frigid-zone civilization Human Fall civilization Tropical Subtropic Frigid-zone Civilization Civilization Civilization Egyptian Continent Peninsula & Islands

Temperate-zone Civilization Korean peninsula Soviet (4) Nation where the Religions bear fruit (Nation of Morality) All the ideologies and religions have reached Korea to bear fruit. Age of Three Nations(AD.1 7 c.) Buddhism (from India) Age of the Yi dynasty (15 19 c.) Confucianism (from China) Modern times(20 c.) Christianity (from Western World) 21 c. Unification Church (originated in Korea) 5 Messianic Prophecies (1) Chong gam nok (Korean book of prophecy) : which has been deeply believed by Korean nation since the age of the Yi dynasty. (Japanese invasion of 1592) (Chinese invasion of 1636) 6.25 Korean War of 1950 the present day (2000, 2001) - A sage appears (2002, 2003) - to realize happy families (2) Pastors who received the revelation of Christs coming to Korea and proclaimed it : Age of colonial rule by Japanese Empire : Kim Jae Bok, Kim Yik Doo 6.25 : Son Yang Eun (3) The elders who shouted out Christs coming to Korea: Pak Tae Seon, Ra Un Mong (1950 60s)

(4) Among the common believers: many believers received the revelation of Christs coming to Korea. (5) Jesus : Wise men of East testified to him Christ of the Second Advent : by wise men of the West Arnold J. Toynbee (Historian) Politics and economy shall be resolved by the USA and Soviet, while Ideology will be resolved by a new heretical religion which appears in Asia. Arthur Ford (President of the Society for Psychical Research in US) God sent Rev. Sun Myung Moon; even though seeing him, people remain ignorant of God, for they are spiritually blindfolded. Lavers S. Corde visited Korea in 1970s to look for the living God. Mrs. Jean Dixon (the prophet for the 20st century) Rev. Sun Myung Moon was sent by God for the 20st century. Kiyoshi Nasu Author of Savior in Jail; former correspondent for Japanese Mainichi Newspaper in Washington D.C ; commentator on diplomacy. Dr. Kim Eun Woo White Paper on Christianity; Who will save this world? Dr. Yoon Se Won Rev. Moon is the Messiah. (6) Poem A light of the East(1927) by Rabindranath Tagore (who awarded Nobel prize in Literature in 1913.) In the golden age of Asia Korea was one of its lamp - bearers And that lamp is waiting to be lighted once again For the illumination in the East. Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high ; Where knowledge is free ; Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls ; Unification Hope

Truth Where words come out from the depth of truth ; Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection ; Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit ; Eternity Perfection Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action -Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake. Heavenly Kingdom = My Homeland R. Tagore (7) Ae-Guk-Ka (National Anthem of Republic of Korea) 1. Donghae mulgwa Baekdusani mareugo daltorok / Haneunimi bo-uhasa uri nara manse Until the East Sea's waves are dry, (and) Mt. Baekdusan worn away, God watch o'er our land forever! Our Korea manse! 2. Namsan wie jeosonamu cheolgapeul dureundeut / Baram seori bulbyeon naneun uri gisang ilse Like that Mt. Namsan armored pine, standing on duty still, wind or frost, unchanging ever, be our resolute will. 3. Gaeul hanal gonghwal hande nopgogu reumeopsi / Byalgeun dalgeun uri gasim ilpyeon dansim ilse In autumn's, arching evening sky, crystal, and cloudless blue, Be the radiant moon our spirit, steadfast, single, and true. 4. Igi sangnwa imam euro chungseongeul dahayeo / Goero una jeulgeo una nara sarang hase With such a will, (and) such a spirit, loyalty, heart and hand, Let us love, come grief, come gladness, this, our beloved land! (REFRAIN ) Mugunghwa samcheolli hwaryeo gangsan / Daehan saram Daehan euro giri bojeonhase ( REFRAIN:) Rose of Sharon, thousand miles of range and river land! Guarded by her people, ever may Korea stand!

In the future many people will come to Korea from all the countries of the world. We must step forward to prepare for such a time to be in attendance with the Coming Christ at the Second Advent. 6 Conclusion What will we use to unify the world? Divine Principle New Community Movement Unification Thought VOC Theory New Mind Movement New Love Movement Korean is the homeland of faith Korean language is mother tongue of the world. The unification of the world may be easy, but unification of shimjung is difficult. Absolute Sex Movement 1. Who is Rev. Sun Myung Moon ? (1) Messiah Son of God (True dutiful son)

The Messiah is the greatest gift that God gave humankind. (2) Savior One who saves the families. (3) Christ of the Second Advent Unification (& liberation) of religions (4) True Parents Blessing The greatest gift that Messiah gave humankind is the Principle and the Blessing. (5) True Parents of Heaven/Earth/Human Substantial manifestation of God (6) The Peace King of Heaven & Earth Complete Liberation of God; Glorious restoration of the Homeland True Parents are the world champion in 8 aspects : (1) The champion who knows God best in human history. (2) The champion who knows the Substance of Evil best in human history. (3) The champion who knows about People best in human history. (4) The champion who knows the Spirit World best in human history. (5) The champion who knows Jesus best in human history. (6) The champion who knows the Bible best in the human history. (7) The champion who know the Meaning of History and the Basis of Religion, Philosophy and Ideology best in human history. (8) The champion who know the Ideal of True Families best in human history. (1) 1. 2. 3. 4. 2. The written resolution of the representatives of the five great religions

Order of the Ceremony Date and Time Noon, December 25, 200 (December 25, 2001)Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Sang Hun Lee Proclamation of the opening of the ceremony: We will now conduct the ceremony for the adoption and proclamation of a written resolution by the representatives of the five great religions. Recitation of the Family Pledge Proclamation of the written resolution (Jesus) Representative prayer (Jesus) Three cheers of victory, led by Mohammed - Victory for God, Victory for True Parents, Victory for the five great religions The ceremony concluded with applause (2) Seating Arrangements The front seats were filled by the leading representatives of the five great religions. Behind the leading representatives, the 12 other representatives of each religion sat. In the back of the arena, 120 representatives from each religion sat. (3) Jesus Prayer We of the five great religions, attending God above us and True Parents horizontally, pledge and proclaim that we will go the way of absolute obedience, in order to correct all of the wrongs committed throughout history. I report this in the name of Jesus, a Blessed central family. Amen, Amen, Amen (4) The written resolution by representatives of the five great religions 1) We resolve and proclaim that God is the Parent of all humankind. 2) We resolve and proclaim that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming and True Parent of all humanity.

3) We resolve and proclaim that the Unification Principle is a message of peace for the salvation of humanity and the gospel for the Completed Testament Age 4) We resolve and proclaim that we will accomplish the peaceful unification of the cosmos through "living for others" while transcending religion, nationality and race, centering on true love. 5) The representatives of the five great religions resolve and proclaim that we will harmonize with one another, unite and move forward, in order to bring about the nation of God and world peace, while attending True Parents. A Letter from God My beloved True Parents: I am Jehovah, the Lord of all humankind. My beloved Son! My beloved Son! I, Jehovah, the God of all humankind, deeply love you and cherish you. Your heart is full of gratitude and thankfulness, yet My gratitude and appreciation for you is beyond words. The word love is inadequate to express My feelings, but no better word comes to mind. My beloved True Parents, you dwell deep inside My heart, and my love for you is beyond description. You have been victorious on every level and have restored to its proper position everything that had fallen. Is it not fitting, therefore, that you be the Savior of humankind, the Messiah and King of kings? On December 25, 2001, the founders and leading figures of Christianity and the other major religions drew up a resolution and proclaimed unanimously that, along with you, they would participate in the realization of peace and the unity of heaven and earth. Therefore it is only appropriate that you be exalted as the True Parents of all humankind. This is the will of Jehovah, the God of all humankind. Although the worlds population does not fully understand the position of the True Parent, it must be internally secured. Hence, Jehovah, the God of all humankind hereby bestows upon His beloved True Parents the title, King of all kings. You suffered incarceration many times. You took up My cross and endured

countless trials and tribulations on My behalf. Now the God of all humankind would like to convey His gratitude, adoration and zeal to you. True Parents, I want you to inherit everything that is Mine. My beloved True Parents! I am taking this opportunity to convey My grateful heart to you. I want to embrace you in My bosom and never let you go! I would carry you on my back and never let your feet touch the ground! I would hold you, and we would talk together all night long. I, Jehovah the Lord of all humankind, trust you, True Parents. I know the many heartbreaking stories of your suffering and sorrow. I know them all, remember them all and witnessed them all. I was responsible for placing you in those situations, yet you endured them all and set the standard of a victorious foundation. For this accomplishment I will never forget you. Thank you, thank you, True Parents! Thank you for your dedication and toil! Victory to My beloved True Parents! Victory to the Savior of humanity! Victory to the King of kings! Sincerely, Jehovah, the Lord of all humankind December 28, 2001 3. Pride of Unification Church (1) True Parents (2) Divine Principle (Gods Word) (3) Holy Blessing (4) Blessed Family (Family Pledge) (5) Tribal Messiah (6) National Messiah (7) Boon Bong Wang (King of Entrusted Region) (8) True Parents of Heaven/Earth/Human ( ) Peace King of Heaven & Earth Completion of the authority of the liberation of G (10) Peace King of Heaven & Earth Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the

True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Conclusion (1) Korea is God's homeland and hometown. (Re-unification of N orth and South Korea) (2) South Korea must stand in front of the world and educate. God (parents true of human race) Loyalty, filial piety, fidelity Victory-Over-Communism (VOC) Life of attendance Absolutely sex Life to live in doing (The mind is parents' feelings) (The body is servant body) (3) Humankind should be registered to Korea, Gods homeland Humankind is one family under God

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