The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch TEST REVIEW Activator Pick up a notecard Take out your pink Unit 3 Sheet. Write down 3

questions/terms that you do not understand. Bicameral Legislature 2 Houses House of Representatives Senate Great Compromise

20 Amendment th Congressional Terms begin on January 3rd in odd numbered years Used to begin in March Ex.

114th Congress began on January 3rd 2015 Census Population count Every 10 years since 1790 Next will be in 2020

Reapportionment Redistricting- state legislatures Based on census Reapportionment Act of 1929 Limited House to 435 members States gain or lose based on population Gerrymandering

Political party drawing voting district boundaries to gain an advantage in elections Packing- all opposing party in 1 district Cracking- dividing opposing party into other

districts Baker v. Carr- federal courts decide conflicts over boundaries Wesbury v. Sanders (GA)- one man , one vote rule (similar sized districts)

27 Amendment th Prohibits sitting Congress from giving itself a pay raise As of 2009, Congressional salary is $174,000/year. More for leadership positions.

Censure Formal actions disapproval of members Incumbent Person

currently holding a political office Historically, 90% win reelection Constituent People represented by a politician

House of 435 members Representatives Based on Population Virginia Plan

Complex Rules Committees Leader- do most of the work Speaker of the House, chosen by

caucus Rules Committee- directs flow of legislation Majority Leader Elected by majority party Party official

Minority Leader Elected by minority party Party official Quorum Minimum

number of members who must be present to vote on legislation House 218 Senate 100 Members

2 per state 6 year term More prestigious

More flexible rules VP- technically President- only votes to break tie President

Pro Tempore-usually most senior Filibuster Used to prevent a vote Strom Thurmond- 24 hours & 18 minutes Stopped by 60 votes for cloture (3/5)

Cloture- allows senator to speak for only 1 hour on a bill under debate Standing Committee Permanent Committee Agriculture,

Appropriations, Armed Services, Budget, Education, Energy & Commerce, Financial Services, Government Reform, House Admin, International Relations, Judiciary, Resources, Rules, Science, Small Business, Subcommittee Specializes

in specific topics of standing committees Select Committees Temporary Matters Committee

of public concern Overlooked problems Problems of interest groups Joint Committees Members from House and Senate Do not propose legislation

Conference Committee Temporary committee to resolve differences between House and Senate version of bill Seniority System Longest

serving members of majority party tend to lead committees Necessary & Proper Clause Article 1, Section 8 Elastic Clause Implied Powers

Strict vs. Loose Expressed Powers Taxes, borrow money, bankruptcy laws, coin money, punish counterfeiters, regulate foreign and interstate trade, declare war, raise and support army & navy, regulate National Guard, Punish acts on

international waters, naturalization laws, post office, copyrights & McCullough vs. Maryland Bank of the US Marshall Court Loose Construction Implied Powers

Naturalization Congress sets rules for becoming a US citizen 25 Amendment th 1.

VP becomes President if president dies, resigns or is impeached 2. President appoints a new VP if office is vacant, Congress must approve 3.

1. VP- Spiro Agnew resigns 2. Nixon appoints Ford 3. Nixon resigns

4. Ford appoints Nelson A. Rockefeller as VP Replacing President with and w/o his/her consent Impeachment House calls for impeachment- formal

accusation of misconduct If impeached, Senate holds trial. 2/3 of Senators must vote to remove. Chief Justice presides if President is being tried. Andrew Johnson- impeach, but acquitted by one vote Nixon- resigned before impeachment

National Budget OMB President Congress President Private vs. Public Bills Private bills- deal with individuals; often peoples

claims against govt or immigration problems Public bill- raising or lowering taxes, Obamacare etc. Pigeonholing Committee lets bill die Hearing

Committee listens to testimony to gather information about a bill Mark Up After committee meeting Changes made to a bill

After mark up, bill must pass committee with a majority vote Voice Vote One bill of 3 ways to vote on a Veto

President rejects a bill 2/3rds of Congress must vote to override veto Pocket Veto A pocket veto is when the president does not sign a bill

passed in the last 10 days of a Congressional session. Logrolling You scratch my back, Ill scratch yours Public works legislation Pork Barrel

Legislation Congressmen and/or representatives try to bring money to their own districts. Pork barrel= federal money Fat= federal project in district

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