The French Revolution 1789 - 1815

The French Revolution 1789 - 1815

The French Revolution 1789 - 1815 The revolution changed the government of France. It replaced an absolute monarchy with a constitutional monarchy, which was later replaced by a republic. In the end, Frances revolution was saved by a military general who went on to crown himself Emperor.

The French Monarchy 1775 - 1793 Marie Antoinette Louis XVI Bourbon Dynasty Habsburg Dynasty Burden of taxation falls on the peasantry. The WHITE of the Bourbons + the RED & BLUE of Paris.

Meanwhile. . . Sir Edmund Burke (1790): Reflections on the Revolution in France Father of modern conservatism attacks the French Revolution change should come through gradual evolution not revolution Stage 2 - Radical

Revolutionary government: Orders beheading of Louis XVI Through universal male suffrage a Republic is created The First French Republic. Send many others to the guillotine Terror is nothing other than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible. -- Robespierre Head of the Committee of Public Safety Also, Cult of the Supreme Being

replaced Catholicism What did the French Revolution and Napoleons rule of France accomplish? 1. It got rid of absolutism and created constitutional governments with representative assemblies. 2. It got rid of the power of the Catholic Church. 3. It got rid of the privileges of the nobles and aristocrats. 4. It guaranteed equality for men of property. 5. It guaranteed rights of peasants against demands

of nobles 6. It got rid of mercantilist policies. 7. It promoted liberalism. 8. It created nationalism Napoleonic Era 1799 - 1815 1. Napoleon takes over the government in a coup detat 2. Napoleon will begin his conquest of Europe. 3. Napoleon will spread French Revolution ideas

throughout Europe. 4. Napoleons conquest will spread: liberalism and nationalism throughout Europe How does Napoleon spread revolutionary ideas all over Europe? 1.Gets rid of aristocratic privileges and inherited monarchies 2.Introduces unregulated economies without guilds or fixed wages or prices

3.Guarantees protection of property in his Napoleonic Code 4. Introduces freedom of religion even though he declares What else do I have to remember about the Napoleonic Era? He was in power when France lost Haiti His invasion of Spain and Portugal led to Latin American Revolutions He sold the Louisiana Territory Louisiana Purchase to the U.S. under Jefferson

Nationalism 1. Read definition in Key Concept 5.3, II 2. Origin of nationalism French Revolution and Napoleonic conquest of Europe 3. Results of Nationalism: Will bring states together unification of Germany and Italy 1870 Will cause groups to break away and become independent of empires Greeks become independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1830 Will lead to anticolonial movements such as Latin American leaders fighting for independence from Spain. Will support imperialism as in the case of Britain Will support independence from imperial rule as in the case of India

What else can we say had its origin in the French Revolution The Suffragist / Feminist Movement 1. 2. 3. 4. Olympe de Gouges Declaration of the Rights of Women and Female Citizens, 1791 - Feminist Mary Wollstonecrafts A Vindication of the Rights of Women, 1792 Feminist

Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 - Suffragists Emmeline Pankhurst creates the WSPU (Womens Socialist and Political Union, 1902 - Suffragists What are the suffragists challenging? Confining women to duties of the home known as the cult of domesticity first mentioned by Rousseau of the Enlightenment era and then reinforced by the values of the middle class during the Victorian Era of England, the 19th century (1800s). Instead, they wanted women to earn the right to vote.

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