The Five Kingdoms

The Five Kingdoms

Two Kingdoms Aristotle (Remember him?) Plants and Animals -How were these divided? The Microscope! -How did this change the classification and the two kingdom system? Discovery of Euglena (Which kingdom?) -Moved AND was photosynthetic. Now what?

Better microscopes were created -Found unicellular organisms without a nucleus (what are these called?) -What kingdom did this create? What about organisms that were non-motile, absorptive heterotrophs? - What kingdom did this create? Kingdom Monera

-Prokaryotic -Unicellular -No sense organs Divided into two subkingdoms (in a five kingdom system) -Bacteria - Absorptive heterotroph - Motile

-Blue-green algae - Photosynthetic - Non-motile Kingdom Protista -Eukaryotic, no sense organs Photosynthetic Protista

-Uni/multi cellular -Motile/Non motile -Example: Rockweed Absorptive Protista -Heterotroph -Uni/multi cellular -Motile/Non motile

-Example: Slime mould Ingestive Protista -Heterotroph -Unicellular -Motile -Example: Paramecium

Kingdom Fungi - Eukaryotic Multicellular, few unicellular Absorptive heterotroph Non motile

- ** One exception is a lichen, which lives symbiotically with a photosynthetic blue green algae. - Example: Mushroom Kingdom Plantae -

Eukaryotic Photosynthetic Multicellular Non motile Non-vascular

- Example: Moss Vascular - Example: Pine Tree Kingdom Animalia -

Eukaryotic - Ingestive heterotroph Multicellular Motile Simple - Asymmetry

- Example: Sponge Complex - Symmetry - Bilateral. Example: Fox - Radial. Example: Starfish Assignment

Using the orange textbooks, please complete the big handout (double-sided booklet) and pass it in by the end of class. Chapter 14, pages 366-360. IF this is complete and passed in, you may use the computers at the back or work with your group for your virus project. Remember, presentations start

next Wednesday!

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