The Edges Of Cyberspace - Cybermissions

The Edges Of Cyberspace - Cybermissions

Cybermissions and the Unreached This presentation will demonstrate how to use technology to achieve Kingdom purposes among the Unreached The first touch is often a

digital touch! The Advantages of Cybermissions Global reach at an affordable cost The ubiquity of technology and its trusted place in modern global lifestyles No visas required, low physical security risks Can deploy virtual teams with multiple

geographic locations, ages, skills, health levels and lifestyles. Tends to only contact inquirers who are already somewhat interested, those who have found a website via a search say in Bing or Google.. Can be easily directed toward a particular interest group, ethnic group or language group Online You Can. Get saved on a Christian website

Get discipled via Skype Go to church in an e-church or via streaming Find great sermons & worship music Do your ministry degree Meet a Christian wife/husband Get ordained and become a Reverend Start an online ministry & get 501c3 status for it Write a print-on-demand book and also get it on Kindle and become famous. Send money to orphans in Africa by Paypal

Have an online bible college and issue diplomas The Digital Pathway Works When. You are very isolated, elderly or disabled You are being persecuted You are in a Creative Access Nation You cannot afford brick and mortar structures You are highly literate and computer savvy You feel that you do not belong in Church

The Church in your area is apostate / in error The Only Open Door In North Africa and the Middle East the digital pathway may be the ONLY pathway to Christ. You cannot ask believers to publicly walk the sawdust trail. Social media and satellite TV are the main means that Muslims turn to

Christ in many counties. We need to keep this door open! Where Do They Study? In most parts of the developing world there are very few good bible colleges However Christians can read ebooks and articles, study courses, watch videos and listen to MP3 files on their tablets, computers and smartphones.

They can access the best teaching around the world this way. It is quite inexpensive to deliver Big Ideas The digital pathway may soon become the majority pathway in the Majority World. It will soon deliver the vast bulk of grassroots theological education.

Already people converted online are being channeled into bible study groups and churches. Church-planting now begins with a digital touch! Information Is Digital Impartation Is Spiritual Formation Is Personal Transformation Is Communal

There is an incredible array of options for technologyenabled Christian ministry so we are continually on a quest to EXPLORE what is out there and then to DISCOVER what will work best for us! The Bicultural Principle

Online Paul (Hebrew & Greek) Silas (Hebrew/ Dalmatian) Barnabas and Mark (Hebrew/ Cypriot) Timothy (Hebrew/Greek) Dalmatia

Cyprus Ephesus Recruit people who speak a major Internet language (English, Spanish, Chinese etc) and who also have second and third cultures, to reach those less-known cultures by digital means. Communities of Delivery

Master Repository Level centralized collection / library, meta-tagged, multiple languages legal and copyright issues are the main challenge. National Level large collections, materials selected by national level leaders, cultural relevance important People Group Level language groups, contextualized Denominational / Large Network theological groups and affinity groups, careful about heresy & suitability Association / Clergy Conference colleagues, leaders Local Church / House Church grass roots

Technology For Each Level Master Repository Level 10TB+ databases, searchable, meta-tagged, able to create national level collections from the Master Repository, National Level 1-2TB databases, ability to create relevant training media from this collection People Group Level Internet/ satellite, viral media, video, language specific resources

Denominational / Large Network large website, digital library, DVD collections Association / Clergy Conference USB, DVD, wireless hotspot, SD cards Local Church / House Church Bluetooth, USB drives, email attachments, church website, MP3 players etc Orality & Mobile Up to 70% of the population are primarly oral learners and many/most have mobile phones.

Audio bible and key MP3 resources Brief video clips Podcasts in MP3 format, very powerful for leadership development. Used while driving etc. MP3 is easier to download and more private (can listen with earbuds) Listen to the bible stories in a group (using a mobile phone w. speakers etc.) and discuss. Creating Contextualized Content Collect indigenous Christian music,

sermons, teaching and stories using mobile phone video and audio recording and note-taking capabilities Upload to a website or online repository, add metadata then make searchable Duplicate collections (say in a particular language) e.g. on SD cards Share via Bluetooth Technology Imperatives

Interactive Participative Experiential Device to Device (cellphones, tablets, devices of all sorts..) Non-literate verbal / audio Brief & Compressed Holistic Tagged / RSS / Metadata Multiple languages & cultures Multiple bandwidth versions

Design Internationalize Clarity Reduce idiomatic expressions Be hopeful and aspirational Explain, explain, explain. Offer a helpful handshake and minimize confusion and distraction.

Attitudes Scripture rather than culture Spirit rather than method Compassion rather than just content Trustful connection rather than just customer service Come into our community rather than just pray the prayer and go away please Engaged with the whole of life rather

than cerebral, engaged with a bunch of concepts Love Newbies! If the user is made to feel dumb they just go away If their problems are ignored they will resent you But if people feel they are helped quickly they will become loyal

If the user feels empowered they build enthusiasm If a user feels hey I am cool I can do this they build pride and tell others Local Networks Develop in-country networks Cultivate local leaders Pay for translation, use locals, use the translation

process to build relationships Give people an aspirational career pathway within your online ministry Volunteer Senior Volunteer Part-Time Paid FullTime Paid Delegate real authority and the right to contextualize your ministry Be First To Market Be first to market be one of the first in a particular language group

This gives you great prestige and influence It also introduces you to early adopters and to leaders in that culture Partner with missions agencies and churches overseas Digital Ministry Training Course An new online course designed for people busy in ministry, only $50, payable by Paypal. An in-service, in-context course. Basic digital ministry strategies, digital content creation, digital content distribution, mobile ministry, social media, SEO and conversion funnels. Zero stress, self-paced, absolutely no writing, mainly visual presentations, no social stress, easy to do in your own time at your own pace. Start anytime, finish anytime. About 4 hours per week. Launches on Monday, April 3rd 2017! But you can start anytime

Contact Information [email protected] Twitter: @Cybermissions Skype: johnedmiston 21615 Berendo Ave. Ste 400Torrance CA 90502 Ph: 310-844-6948

Mob: 310-748-9274,,,, Phronema.Org,

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