The Crusades

The Crusades

The Crusades Bell Ringer- Rock, Paper, Scissors Crusade Objective- You will be able to understand the influence of the Pope and the role the crusades had on the time period of the middle ages. You will be able to identify the key people involved and events that occurred during the crusades in the time period of 10901270 CE.

North Side of the Room 1. You own the Cardinal Flag. 2. You must protect the flag from the invaders from the south. 3. To do so you must be willing to do battle(RPS) with the invaders from the south. 4. In addition, if you fight to protect the Cardinal Flag

but die in battle (Lose a game of RPS) you will be granted salvation by your leader South Side of the Room 1. You are the original owners of the Cardinal Flag. It has been taken over by the North side of the room. 2. You must be willing to

battle (RPS)members of the north side to reclaim the flag. 3. If you defeat a North, you may take their fief of land. 4. If you lose in battle your leader will offer you salvation Rock Paper Scissors Crusade

What is a crusade? Crusade comes from the Latin word crux meaning cross referring to the device Jesus was executed with A: A Holy War How did the Crusades begin?

He called for Christian knights to take up arms and seize the holy land He promised salvation for those who died in battle. The response from the crowd was immediate and enthusiastic! A: Pope Urban II declared a crusade

What were the Popes reasons for calling the crusade? Jerusalem was now controlled by the Seljuk Turks (Muslims). By 1095, traveling to the Holy land became very dangerous. The Pope also believed that the crusade would help the Greek Orthodox and the Roman Catholic church to resolve their

differences (Remember the Schism?) Jerusalem is holy to Muslims too! Does this look familiar? What was the Christians goal? Church of the Holy

Sepulchre church built on the site of Jesus death and resurrection. Considered holiest site in Christianity. Reclaim the Holy Land! Why would a person choose to fight in the Crusade?

1. They were inspired by their religious conviction 2. The Crusade offered foreign travel and excitement 3. Kings were able to get rid of trouble making knights 4. It was an opportunity for the poor to acquire fiefs of land in the Middle East There were 8 Crusades in all

Heres a video giving you an introduction to the conflict hsw/9300-the-medieval-era-the-se tting-for-the-crusades-video.htm Project- Divide into 4 groups according to your learning preference 1. Actors- Read the article on the 3rd Crusade and perform a skit for the class 2. Artists/ Marketing- Read about the 1st crusade

Make one brochure each- One to recruit crusaders/. 3. Editor- As a group, read The Effects of the Crusade. Create a newspaper with bold headlines on major topics and write a short summary of the reason the event was Headline News 4. Read about the 4th Crusade Using the white board or paper to create a poster

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