The Canterbury Tales: Characters

The Canterbury Tales: Characters

The Canterbury Tales: Characters The Knight The Squire Followed the code of Chivalry Son of the Knight Well traveled Twenty yrs old Had curly hair, agility, strength Fought in the Crusades Served with the cavalry Participated in 15 battles fresh as the month of May Killed three men jousting Made songs and poems, could of sovereign value draw and write

The Canterbury Tales: Characters The Yeoman The Prioress Rode at the side of the Squire A high-ranking nun, Madam Eglantyne Spoke French Bore peacock-feathered arrows, a bow, a shield, and sword, a dirk, and a St. Christopher medal Ate with manners and courtliness Showed sympathies and tender feelings Tall

The Canterbury Tales: Characters The Monk The Friar (Hubert) Hunting was his sport An Abbot, head of a monastery Modern attitudes Wore nice clothes, fashionable A fat and personable priest Playful, jolly, festive, mellow Licensed to ask for donations Heard confessions, gave pleasant absolution and arbitrated disputes, for a gift Pale-complexioned singer, musician Playful as a puppy The Canterbury Tales: Characters

The Merchant The Oxford Cleric Forking beard and Motely dress Wore a Flemish beaver hat and daintily buckled boots Still a student and not too fat Wore ragged clothes and not religious Borrowed money from his friends to pay school tuition Formal and short in his speech with a hint of holierthan-thou in his tone Spoke in a serious manner Bragged about his money to hide his indebtedness, stately in his manner

The Canterbury Tales: Characters Sergeant at the Law The Franklin Wary and wise A lawyer appointed by the monarch to be a travelling judge Specialized in land disputes Could cite numerous cases Not very well dressed Wealthy Landowner who lived for pleasure Home was open to all, shared his good food and drink with neighbors. Served meat-pies, bread, fish, and partridges, a seasonal menu A model for others

The Canterbury Tales: Characters Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter , Weaver, Carpet-maker Guild-fraternity Possessions reflected their aspirations to material status Their wives desired attention by showing off with fancy things in public Middle class conspicuous consumers. The Canterbury Tales: Characters The Cook The Skipper Known for skillfully seasoning food Had a distinguished pallet, could distinguish London ales Knew how to prepare

delicious food Had an ulcer on his knee Blancmange! Came from Dartmouth Rode a farmers horse and carried a dagger, tanned skin Had a knowledge of wines and had visited Bordeaux Took no prisoners, they had walked the plank Had skill in reckoning tides, moons, harbors, pilots The Canterbury Tales: Characters The Doctor Wife of Bath Talked on medicine and surgery Consulted the stars and planets in his diagnoses

Studied the four elements and the four humors Knew of Hippocrites Used medieval logic Somewhat deaf, VERY religious Made fine cloth Repeatedly married in Church Had had five husbands Visited Jerusalem three times Gap-teeth, large hips, liked to laugh Knew the oldest dances The Canterbury Tales: Characters The Parson

Man of good renown Rich in holy thought and work Hated cursing Lived according to the Gospel There never was a better priest The Plowman With his brother An honest worker good and true Nice to his neighbors Thrashed corn Financially supported the Church The Canterbury Tales: Characters A Miller Weighed 224 pounds A strong man Had a red beard and a wart

on his nose Told filthy stories Cheated people out of their grain Played the bagpipes The Manciple Bought food for a law school Not well educated but very intelligent Could argue a case better than any trained lawyer The Canterbury Tales: Characters The Reeve An excellent estate manager Old, thin, had a short beard Short tempered Workers feared him Also knew carpentry Rode at the rear of the

group The Summoner Bad acne Feared by children Sexually aggressive Drank to excess Intimidated people with removal from the Church The Canterbury Tales: Characters The Pardoner Sold indulgences forgiveness for sins Had blond hair, bulging eyes, and the small voice of a goat Claimed to have religious artifacts Could talk parishioners out of their money The Host Geoffrey Chaucer

Inn keeper at the Tabard Asks forgiveness of the reader for the rude language some people use The best story wins a free dinner Squire Knight Prioress Yeoman Monk Sergeant Oxford Cleric Merchant Cook Franklin Miller

Parson Friar Doctor Skipper Reeve Manciple Wife Pardoner Summoner Host

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