T. Rowe Price - University of Baltimore

T. Rowe Price - University of Baltimore

HR Graduate Intern ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT Shelby Reichardt T. Rowe Price 2 Role Alignment Business Unit Business Unit Business Unit Business Unit Business Unit Head of HR HRBP HRBP HRBP Sr HR Consultants

Sr HR Consultants HR Consultants HR Representatives International HR Team OD works with business leaders and HR partners to enhance an organizations effectiveness addressing a wide range of issues, using customized, structured interventions 3 Typical Organizational Issues addressed Business Unit is not meeting organizational commitments Competing priorities New leader; new vision Introducing change into the organization, enterprise, and/or multiple business

units Influencing across boundary issues Capability building Strategy shift to align with a change in the external environment Intra and inter-team interpersonal issues Norms not aligned with strategy culture alignment in the system 4 Organizational Effectiveness Measuring the effectiveness and/or identifying weaknesses in the organizations capability to effectively and efficiently deliver value. Driving planning forward to develop the organization.

Strategy Developing or realigning strategy against external needs. Often done in concert with an Organization Assessment. Organization Design Creating or revisiting structures, and operating and/or engagement models. Includes roles and responsibilities to speed effective delivery of business outcomes. Systemic diagnostic Organization structure, sizing and alignment Roles and responsibilities Support systems (decision rights, governance, lateral mechanisms, etc.) Governance Determining levels of accountability and degrees of responsibility. Providing

mechanisms to prioritize work and measure performance. Success measures, organization performance management Prioritization Communication framework RACI Operating principles Culture Establishing and enacting plans designed to create a future-state culture (behaviors, practices, mindset, norms). Successful culture change is manager led. Culture assessment and recommendations Systems approach to culture change Change Management For OD efforts without an OCM resource. Assistance in organization readiness assessments and change management plans, including associate engagement, stakeholder and sponsor management, and communications.

Organizational readiness assessment Building business case for change From/to gap analysis Stakeholder analysis Change management planning Sponsorship Team Effectiveness Strengthening team (intact, cross-functional, and matrix) performance. This includes determining and resolving team issues, and driving towards team cohesion and alignment. Purpose/vision development Goal setting Governance Chartering Styles

Conflict management capability Executive or management counsel In the context of the OD effort, providing feedback and guidance to leaders. Influencing Building coalitions Leadership communications Sponsorship Climate/culture assessment Methods and techniques to identify key issues Data gathering methods, analysis, and diagnosis Action planning for resolution Organization assessment Vision, mission, purpose Value proposition Strategic alignment in light of organization effectiveness assessment Organization and environmental (i.e. customers, stakeholders, competitors, etc.) analysis Identification (or development) of strategies for external growth, internal growth, retrenchment, competitive advantage Strategy implementation

5 Tools and Assessments Drexler-Sibbet Team Performance Model Dennison LEGO Serious Play Basadur Applied Creativity The Birkman Method Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) 6 Role Responsibilities Facilitate workshops of Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument results to individuals, pairs, and groups Lead training design, facilitation, and project management of multiple change management workshops Perform training needs assessments for the creation of custom materials for management development Co-facilitate diagnostic individual interviews and focus groups Assist in team development workshops using the Drexler-Sibbet model, Birkman Method, and LEGO

Serious Play Perform as organization development analyst on various projects managed by internal consultants Pair with external consultants to facilitate multiple change management workshops 7 What helped me in this program? Study Abroad Harvard Business School case studies Practical experience in the application of tools/techniques within organizations 8 Questions? Contact Information: Shelby Reichardt [email protected] Shelby[email protected] Cell: 410 937 5151 9

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