Suprtool Module 0 - Robelle

Suprtool Module 0 - Robelle

Suprtool Suprtool High Speed Database Extract for HP 3K/9K Training Workbook Copyright 1981-2002 Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. 1 Objectives of this course Learn what Suprtool can do for you Learn the basic commands, variations, options, and syntax Learn advanced techniques

Apply what youve just learned; get hands-on experience 2 Basic Modules Module 1 - Introduction to Suprtool Module 2 - Working with databases Module 3 - HPEloquence Issues and Introduction Module 4 - Working with Disc Files

Module 5 - Selecting Records Module 6 - Working with Suprlink 3 More On Suprtool Module 7 - Exporting Data to the World Module 8 - Extract command Module 9 - New Features

Module 10 - Programming with Suprtool2 4 Optional Modules Optional - Working with Speed Demon (MPE only) Optional - PowerHouse Optional - Editing TurboIMAGE Datasets (MPE only) Optional - HowMessy (Turbo-Image only)

5 Course Material and Structure Copies of all the Instructors slides are in this workbook Refer to the notes below for more details Key concepts are repeated multiple times Hands-on exercises to apply new knowledge Take notes, draw pictures and diagrams to reinforce new information

Course should be interactive, with a focus on applying techniques to your requirements and applications 6 Your requests drive Suprtool development... Requests are logged in a Knowledge Base R&D programmers are notified via e-mail Support and R&D personnel exchange ideas via e-mail

There is always a new version in the works Sales 1-888-762-3553 Support 1-800-453-8970 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours are from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Pacific time Monday - Friday 7 Communicating with you

What's Up, DOCumentation? newsletter every month, by e-mail or www. Change notice with every release Robelle-L discussion forum User group meetings World Wide Web: (or 8

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