Study Island Benchmark testing

Study Island Benchmark testing


WHO SHOULD TAKE THE BENCHMARK TEST? All student currently enrolled in or have completed one of the 12 following courses: English 9A or English 9B

English 10A or English 10B English 11A or English 11B Algebra 1A or Algebra 1B Algebra 2A or Algebra 2B

Geometry A or Geometry B HOW TO ASSIGN A STUDENT TO A TEST Go to

Click the LOGIN button Click the FOR SCHOOLS button

Enter username and password Click on Built Test Library

In the program box, choose either HS ELA or HS Math and choose your subject: English 9, 10 or 11

Algebra 1, Algebra 2, or Geometry Click on CREATED BY OTHERS tab


Assign date range Bench 1 is Nov 1 to Dec 19th. Bench 2 is Jan 1 to Feb 28th and

Bench 3 is May 1st Though June 30th. Choose SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR for Math Tests

Assign test to students and then save and exit

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