Starbucks Coffee Company and its Community involvement

Starbucks Coffee Company and its Community involvement

Starbucks Coffee Company and its Community involvement Desiree Milton Comm. 165 Final PowerPoint Presentation History

1970 1st Starbucks was opened Founder of Starbucks is Howard Shultz The name Starbucks was inspired by the novel Moby Dick 1st store opened in Settle Washington on Pike Place Market 1990 Starbucks was the 1st company to offer stock to part-time employees History Continued

Howard Shultz establishes the Starbucks Foundation in 1997 The foundation was established to support the communities where Starbuck stores are located Ethos Water Starbucks Foundation began working with Ethos Water supports humanitarian water programs in Latin America, Africa

and Asia. The program so far has helped 420,000 people get access to clean, safe water to better sanitation and hygiene education. Ethos Water Continued Starbuckss goal by 2010 along with Ethos Water is to raise at least $10 million U.S. dollars.

Worldwide 20% or 1.1 billion people of the worlds population lack access to clean water. Ethos Water Donates $0.05 of every bottle purchased towards our goal of $10 million. C.A.F.E. Practices C.A.F.E. Practices is the way Starbucks insures that we are setting a social responsibility for coffee purchasing

guideline. How we do this is offering premium price for the coffee farmers who score the highest on verified reports. Social Development Programs Starbucks invest in the communities in which they work (example: the coffee farmers in Latin America, Asia and

Africa) Starbucks invests in social programs in these countries by building schools, health clinics and other projects that benefit the coffee growing communities. Certified and Conservation Coffees Starbucks supports Fair Trade Certified Coffees.

Starbucks supports shade grown and certified organic coffees. By supporting these things Starbucks is promoting responsible environmental and economic efforts. Famer Support Center Starbucks has established the Famers Support Center.

This center is located in Costa Rica. It provides support and training that promotes high-quality coffee for the future! Cocoa Starbucks has Socially Responsible Cocoa Sourcing Program and Cocoa Practices. Cocoa is an agricultural product grown only in the worlds equatorial regions.

Starbucks is committed to buying cocoa that has been produced and traded in an ethical way that is in line with Starbucks Values! Grounds for your Garden In 1995 Starbucks commissioned a study of our coffee grounds.

The results indicated of our used coffee grounds acts as an amazing fertilizer for gardens. Starbucks offers this to anyone free of cost and can be found at any location. Magic Johnson + Starbucks

Starbucks and Magic Johnson teamed up to bring retail vitality and economic opportunity to diverse neighborhoods through Urban Coffee Opportunities. Starbucks being in these neighborhoods serves as a catalyst for business development

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