Social Stories - Department of Education and Training

Social Stories - Department of Education and Training

If someone is hurting me 1. If I feel upset because someone has hurt me. 2. I will stop 3. I will move away from the person who is hurting me. 4. I will go and tell a someone what has happened. 5. When I feel calm and happy I will go back and play with the other children. I want to play 1. If I see a toy that I want to play with but it belongs to somebody else 2. I ask the other person if I can play with it.

3. If they say NO, then I dont touch the toy. I go away and play with something else. 4. If they say YES, then I can play with the toy. thanks 5. If they ask for their toy back I give it to them. 6. I say Thank You for letting me play with your toy. Thank you Playing Games Playing games can be fun. I play games with my friends. Sometimes I win the game makes me happy.

and this Sometimes I dont win the this can make me angry. game and I try not to get upset and angry win. If I get angry, no one games with me. if I dont will want to play I can say to my friend well done can high 5. We can always play another game. and we Playing with My Friends 1. I am happy when I play with my friends. I must be

kind to them. 2. I follow the playground rules. I keep my hands to myself. 3.I have fun playing with the ball and chasing them. My friends are happy That I played nicely with them. 4. Sometimes they get tired. They sayNo More Play today. 5. I say OK Thats fine, have a rest. I say. Thanks for letting me play. Bye! 6. I go away and play somewhere else. No more play, Brock

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