Writing A GrantFrom Start To Finish Workshop 5:

Writing A GrantFrom Start To Finish Workshop 5:

Writing A GrantFrom Start To Finish Workshop 5: Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Educational Resource Development & LCC Foundation April 17, 2018 Last week we discussed Working with collaborative partners Planning and running effective meetings Documenting grant proposal work Evaluating the grant preparation process

Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! This week well discuss Submitting your grant application: Prepare the proposal for submission Plan to implement the project if funded After youve submitted the application: Follow up with the potential funder Discuss grant process with LCC and LCC Foundation when your proposal is funded Track the project and prepare grant reports Build and maintain relationships with funders Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond!

Personal reflection Has there been any forward motion with developing a grant-related project idea? Have you applied any workshop information in your day-to-day work? If so, what were the outcomes? Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Preparing to submit an application Check all application requirements carefully Table of contents

Narrative, budget, budget narrative Sequence Acceptable font Spacing or page limits Headers/footers Page numbers Other forms and attachments Signatures Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Federal grant format requirements sample Limit the application narrative, including the budget narrative, to no more than 65 pages A

page is 8.5" x 11", on one side only, with 1" margins at the top, bottom, and both sides. Page numbers and an identifier may be within the 1" margin. Double space (no more than three lines per vertical inch) all text in the application narrative, including charts, tables, figures, and graphs. Titles, headings, footnotes, quotations, references, and captions may be singled spaced. Use a font that is either 12 point or larger, or no smaller than 10 pitch (characters per inch).

Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Typical private foundation blurb BECAUSE OF THE EXTENSIVE NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS TO BE REVIEWED, APPLICATIONS NOT FOLLOWING ALL INSTRUCTIONS CANNOT BE CONSIDERED. Submitting Your Proposal And Beyond! Preparing a project summary Often required in foundation or corporate grant applications On the cover page

At start of application narrative Follow word number, space, or length requirements If no requirements, keep to one paragraph (roughly 6 sentences): Project goals and objectives Project delivery area/population served Project partners Use the same language as in the narrative Submitting Your Proposal And Beyond! Preparing a cover letter Cover letters are not often used in grant applications, but if needed Provide a brief (1 page) synopsis including: 1. Applicant name, project name, which grant

youre applying for project name, project goal (sometimes $ amount requested) 2. Overview or project highlights 3. Project partnersinternal and externaland their roles 4. Thanks for considering us; your contact person. Submitting Your Proposal And Beyond! Preparing a project abstract Usually required in federal grants Are a separate document from the narrative

Provide a brief (typically 1 page) project summary use the same language as in the narrative Required info will be laid out in the RFP May have format requirements May count towards page limit Submitting Your Proposal And Beyond! Submission package examples Capital Region Community Foundation: Impact Grant http:// www.ourcommunity.org/Portals/0/Uploads/Documents/2018%20Gra

nt%20Application%20%20Final.pdf Michigan Humanities Council: Submit a draft proposal http://www.michiganhumanities.org/humanities-grants/submit-a-draft -proposal / Kellogg Foundation: Are you eligible to apply? https:// wrm.wkkf.org/uWebRequestManager/UI/Application.aspx?tid=24bf1 841-48f7-4971-b7a7-96bd78992f62&LanguageID=0 Submitting Your Proposal And Department of Education: TRIO Student Support Services Beyond! https://www2.ed.gov/programs/triostudsupp/applicant.html (Click on Federal Register Notices) Submitting the application

ERD Process Need LCC review and approval to submit ERD circulates entire package for review and approval at least a week before the due date ERD finalizes and submits the grant package LCC Foundation Process Dean knows but no institutional approval needed No commitment of college resources Beyond!

Submitting Your Proposal And Follow up with potential funders Foundations and Corporations Some funders post a grant decision timeline on their website Many funders will respond to an email or call about an application's status Wait at least three months after submitting

an application to contact them Many boards of directors dont meet monthly or have separate application review meetings Beverly A. Browning, Grant Writing For Dummies, 5th edition Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Follow up with potential funders Federal Agencies After submitting, applicants receive two separate grants.gov emails 1) Acknowledge receiving the application 2) Confirm the application was received

Government departments discourage, and often prohibit, contacting their staff during grant review Applicants are encouraged to let their legislators know the application was submitted Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! If a grant is awarded Thank the funder (foundation and corporate grants) Contact government legislators (federal grants) Review, complete, and submit required forms and contracts on time (all grants) Federal and state grant acceptance documents need college approval before submitting (ERD)

Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Additional grant award process steps ERD will: Contact the Center for Data Science if they are involved with the project Hold an award start-up meeting Attend periodic grant expenditure review meetings led by Grants Finance

The LCC Foundation will: Complete any required paperwork Coordinate ongoing information exchange with the funder Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! If your grant proposal isnt funded Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Take these steps Thank the funder for considering your request (foundation and corporate) Ask

for feedback on why it wasnt funded Some funders will not provide this Some federal agencies provide reviewers comments or follow-up with the program officer Use as an opportunity to build a stronger connection Notify project partners Follow

up with legislators, if appropriate Never be argumentative! Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Challenges of project delivery Need to hire new project staff for start-up Need to replace project staff who leave Project partner withdraws Unforeseen organizational problems arise (department reorganization, change in leadership, etc.) Project start is delayed Project isnt working as anticipated Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond!

When a good grant goes wrong Despite your best efforts, sometimes things go wrong. If so Do: Call the funder to report project deviations Do: Seek funder approval to change how you spend the grant funds Dont: Wait until project ends to reveal problems

Legal and ethical implications Credibility with funder Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! What if you dont spend all the $$s? Some funders will extend the funding period You may lose any unspent

funds You may weaken the funder relationship Regular grant finance meetings can help prevent this scenario Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Preparing grant reports Required information for all reports includes Project Is project delivery on track with the proposed activities and timeline? Finance Are funds being used as budgeted? Evaluation

Is quantitative and qualitative information being collected? Additional information may beSubmitting requested Your ProposalAnd Beyond! Preparing grant reports Track project implementation and outcomes Know who will prepare and submit reports The LCC Foundation will help with grants

they submitted Follow funders requirements, formats, and deadlines Work with Grants Finance and Center for Data Science as needed Send ERD a copy of federal grant reports Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond!

Dr. Samuel Johnson, to an aspiring writer: Your manuscript is both good and original; but the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good. Using skills from these workshops can help your project plan, case statement, and grant application be both good and original and also Secure funds that can support your work and the work of the college Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond! What next steps might you take to

Develop a project idea Integrate grant-related practices into your daily work (seeking project partners, facilitating meetings, tracking project delivery, etc.) Optional Workshop 6 will provide time and assistance to work on these steps There will be no formal presentation Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond!

Contact ERD and the LCC Foundation: ERD Jeanne Donado, Grant Development Coordinator ext. 1307 Vivian Keeney, Grant System Coordinator ext. 1581 LCC Foundation Dan McKean, Executive Director, ext. 1987 Retta Parsons, Scholarship and Operations Coordinator, ext. 1989 Submitting Your ProposalAnd Beyond!

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