Technology Commercialization Sanjay Dhole, Technology Programs Coordinator Maricopa

Technology Commercialization Sanjay Dhole, Technology Programs Coordinator Maricopa

Technology Commercialization Sanjay Dhole, Technology Programs Coordinator Maricopa SBDC Technology Commercialization, 2011 Technology Commercialization Agenda TRL Introduction Commercialization Model Stages of Technology Maturity Valley of Death Concept Technology Commercialization, 2011 Take Away from Today While the "Technology Commercialization Model" does not provide the answers, it helps you to ask the right questions .... like "how do I get there from here?"

Technology Commercialization, 2011 TRL Assessment History Developed by NASA . . . Used by most USG entities and NGOs. Nomenclature reflects its origin. Military Goal = Deployment Private Sector Goal = Commercially Viable Products Features Provides Common Language Tradeoff Analysis Facilitates Risk/Reward Monitoring Aids Evaluation of Funding Readiness / Sources Enhances Resource Allocation Decisions Requires rigorous Process knowledge, paperwork, reporting, reviews Technology Commercialization, 2011 Technology Readiness Level

Technology Commercialization, 2011 TRL Does Not Tell You Is there a real market? Who your customer is? Your customers requirements Where and how to manufacture Best Manufacturing Practices 6 Sigma Competitive Positioning Staffing Best Distribution Channels Best Sales Organization Pricing Profitability Technology Commercialization, 2011

Commercialization Model Investigation Feasibility Planning Introduction Full Scale Production Maturity Technical Market Business Technology Concept Analysis Technology Feasibility Engineering Prototype Pre-Production Prototype Production Market Needs

Assessment Market Study Venture Assessment Economic Feasibility Strategic Business Plan Business Start-Up Production Support Strategic Marketing Market Validation Sales & Distribution Market Diversification Business Growth Business Maturity Technology Commercialization, 2011

Investigation OBJECTIVE PRODUCT Technology Concept Analysis Technology Concept Analysis - to succinctly define the concept, to assess the implementation potential of the technical aspects of the concept, and establish the uniqueness of the technical concept. The product of this activity is a verbal description, schematic, formula, conceptual model or paper design, delineating the main features of the technical concept. Market Needs Assessment Market Needs Assessment - to identify a potential market for the concept, estimate the market size and determine a preliminary value of the product.

The product of this step is a short summary of information, from trade journals, data bases, and interviews, which follows the marketing section of a standard business plan format. Venture Assessment - to determine if the concept offers sufficient profit potential to pursue additional investment of time and money for additional research. Venture Assessment The product of this step is a brief description of the business model. Investigation (Assessment) Technology Concept Analysis Do you know the current state-of-the-art competitive technologies? Have you selected the technologies for this application? Have you determined the advantages of this technology? Have you determined the risks for this technology? Market Needs Assessment

Do you know the product uniqueness? Do you know the product competition? Do you know the customer requirements? Have you identified the barriers to market entry? Venture Assessment Do you have experience in launching a business enterprise? Are you the right person to commercialize the product? Is your enterprise the right one to commercialize the product? Have you estimated the resources (capital and service providers) required to launch your venture? Technology Commercialization, 2011 Feasibility (Development) OBJECTIVE PRODUCT

Technology Feasibility Technology Feasibility The objective of the technical feasibility step is to confirm that the product will perform and to verify that there are no production barriers The product of this activity is a working model Market Study The objective is to identify who will buy the product, how many units will they buy, and how much they will pay Economic Feasibility The objective of the economic feasibility step is to develop a financial model of the business venture Market Study The product of this step is a market study that follows the marketing section of a standard business outline format Economic Feasibility The product of this step is a complete integration of

the technical product information and the market study into one or more break-even financial models Feasibility (Assessment) Technology Feasibility Have you evaluated the feasibility of producing the product? Have you measured how the product will perform? Do you have a design for the product? Do you have a design for the production process? Market Study Have you quantified the market size? Have you identified the market segments? Have you identified the size, growth rate and competition of the market segment? Economic Feasibility

Does the venture demonstrate a positive economic feasibility? Have you developed a break-even financial analysis for the venture? Does the venture offer financial returns that justify investment? Have you compared the merits of licensing to venturing? Technology Commercialization, 2011 Planning (Development) OBJECTIVE PRODUCT Engineering Prototype Engineering Prototype The objective of the engineering prototype is to make improvements in materials, designs, and processes in the product and to verify the product will perform as specified The product of this activity is an engineering prototype or a pilot process

Strategic Marketing The objective of the strategic marketing step is to narrow the marketing decisions to those that offer the highest opportunity to maximize profitability Strategic Business Plan The objective of the strategic planning step is to identify and prioritize the business options, which optimize the opportunity for success Strategic Marketing The product of this step is a concise marketing component of the business plan that reflects the optimum strategic business options for the enterprise Strategic Business Plan The product of this step is a concise business plan that reflects the optimum strategic business options for the enterprise Planning (Assessment) Engineering Prototype

Do you have an engineering prototype of the product? Have you identified what critical materials you will need? Have you conducted final tests on the prototype? Do you have a pilot production process? Strategic Marketing Have you selected target markets? Have you selected product features? Have you selected a price? Have you selected distribution channels? Strategic Business Plan Have you developed a strategic business plan? Have you finalized the business organizational structure? Have you selected a board of directors (or advisory team)?

Have you developed a formal financial plan that includes the strategy and timing of present and future funding rounds? Technology Commercialization, 2011 Introduction (Development) OBJECTIVE PRODUCT Pre-Production Prototype Pre-Production Prototype The objective of the pre-production prototype is to develop the manufacturing processes and techniques required to produce the product The product of this activity is a pre-production prototype or process Market Validation The objective of the market validation step is to test the receptivity of the market to the product and to compare expectations of the business plan with the realities of the marketplace Business Start-Up

The objective of the business start-up step is to introduce the enterprise to the market within the parameters identified in the business plan Market Validation The product of this step is a quantitative analysis of limited sales performance and a qualitative analysis of customer response Business Start-Up The product of this step is an enterprise capable of producing a product that meets technical and customer specifications, satisfies customer expectations, and demonstrates a potential profit Introduction (Assessment) Pre-Production Prototype Do you have a production prototype of the product? Have you conducted pilot production? Have you selected the manufacturing process, equipment? Do you have a commercial-level design?

Market Validation Have you conducted limited product sales? Have you designed and implemented a customer survey? Have you analyzed customer feedback (price, design, function, packaging, delivery)? Have you analyzed your competitor's response? Business Startup Have you hired and trained core personnel? Have you arranged for the next stage of financing? Do you convene regular board of director meetings? Technology Commercialization, 2011 Production (Commercialization) OBJECTIVE PRODUCT

Production Production The objective of the production step is to put a new product into commercial production and optimize the manufacturing process The product of this activity is a market-ready product Sales & Distribution The objective of the sales and distribution step is to gain market share and increase profitability Business Growth The objective of the business growth phase is to operate a business enterprise which produces a profitable product for which there is increasing market demand Sales & Distribution The product of this step is a final confirmation or modification of one or more elements in the marketing approach Business Growth The product of this phase is a business enterprise

that is perceived by the market as a preferred source for the product and/or service Production (Assessment) Production Do you support commercial production? Do you have after market support for the product? Have you improved the production process? Sales & Distribution Have you established product distribution and sales? Have you identified areas for market expansion? Have you refined product features? Business Growth

Have you arranged for full scale production financing? Do you have a process to monitor business trends and practice? Can you identify opportunities and threats to enterprise profits? Technology Commercialization, 2011 Technology Commercialization Concept Inception Design Engineering Prototype Development Pre-Production Commercial Production Technology Commercialization, 2011 Valley of Death The most difficult time for a business is surviving the Valley

of Death. The Valley of Death is the funding gap between promising research and the transition to the marketplace. Typical stages of funding and potential funding sources a business can consider to successfully navigate its way through the commercialization process. Technology Commercialization, 2011 Thank You! Sanjay Dhole, Technology Programs Coordinator Maricopa SBDC [email protected] 480-784-0591 Technology Commercialization, 2011

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