Facilitating and Promoting Spirituality of Nursing & all

Facilitating and Promoting Spirituality of Nursing & all

Facilitating and Promoting Spirituality of Nursing & all Health Professions (NHPs)
in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
A Histo-Documentary Analysis with Simple Pilot supportive survey of the NHPs & Students Perceptions
A Scientific Poster resented at SAMRM CONFERENCE 2010 Facilitating Spiritual Wellbeing: The Essence of Holistic Nursing & Health April 7-10, 2010, San Antonio, Texas

By Nursing & Health April 7-10, 2010, San Antonio, Texas
Facilitating Spiritual Wellbeing: The Essence of Holistic

Eisa Ali Johali

[email protected]

1. Abstract

3. The Results

Spirit and spirituality are` my concern for longtime, Although we
always hear and read the concepts "spirit and spirituality" and they
frequently used daily talking, they are not well noticed within health,
health care and health professions in our society. Meanwhile, spirituality
is not a part of the WHO definition of health. Based on my believe that
there is no health without spirituality, I conduct this study.
Purpose & Objectives:
- Explore the place of Spirit and Spirituality in the ancient civilizations
with focus on Islam, mainly the Holy Quran, which covers all the stories
and events of ancient civilizations.
- Analyze related evidence that may facilitate Spirituality in Nursing and
all Health Professions.
- Finally, since we are suffering from terrorism and terrorists, the study
will explore the related evidence of the positive or negative effects on

3-2: Place of Spirit & Spirituality in Islam the
Holy Quran

Literature & Islam
Since spirituality comes from Spirit it have huge
meaning and concepts, the most literature health
related are:

Spirituality Terms



Soul (300 Q.
Explorer): Inner
self; Life-force ;
Chi; Essence;
heart; core;
character; psyche

Ghost: Ghoul;

Strength: Courage;
Character; Guts;
Will; Strength of
Fortitude; Moral
fiber; Moral fiber;
Chutzpah; Heart;

Body: corpse dead
body; cadaver;
remains; carcass;
stiff (rigid; firm;
inflexible; hard)

Worldwide: Religious; Believe Values; Ethics;
Mediation; contemplation; Self; Nature, Devine &
cosmos or unitary Universe
In Islam, almost same as above: start as name of
Allah the Only God , then the structure of person
Body as highly integrated three
parts: Spirit + Mental + Heart

Spirit (25; 272; 49
I. Explorer)

-My traditional Method (Johali 1995):









Soul (7)


Person: Alive;
individual; sort

(Johali Tentative model as n outcome of deliberated
outcome with my colleague Sheikh A. Al Rezgan)


Think why Spirit the Biggest ??!!



Plus, support sample survey

We are not human beings having a
spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human

Faith (Moral\
Ethical 76; 293; 45;

Evil; Malevolence;
Immorality; Sinful;
Criminal; Foul;

Feeling & pleasure:
Attitude; Mood;

Chaplain Dana Bratton
We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings
on a human journey

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

3-4: Perceptions of Spirituality Amongst Physicians; Nurses & other HPs in the KSA:

Excellency; High
Happiness Today
& Day After

A) By referring to the Western & Islamic literature
regarding spirituality, I found that:

Most of the Western literature regards the Ghost


Most of Muslim literature regarding the soul after death
Ghost and Gin


Few of the Western literature regard spirituality of health
and nursing care.


Non of the Muslim literature regards the spirituality of
health and nursing care .


Meanwhile the Study endeavors to meet their
Objective, it founds that:
- Spirit in its origin, is a holy essence,

Most Pupolar Saying:

2. Methodology:

Based on its nature as
Documentary Analysis Study, it stated by
reviewing the literature. It is major finding
concludes in:

3-1: Probing Spirituality

As is expected, Spirit and Spirituality are part of both the history and
religions of civilizations. Spirituality can be traced to the God, the
Creator of the universe and all its living beings. It started with Adam,
our old father. All the prophets, mainly Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph,
Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him all) taught it as the
way to peaceful living In health and nursing, spirituality is traced back
to the Code of Hammurabi and the Hippocratic Oath. It is promoted
within the morals of Muslims great civilization (6 17 AD), and
advanced by Florence Nightingale about 1893. All the religions and
humanity are concerned with spiritually as the way of doing right and
avoiding doing wrong. Therefore, it must be used to facilitate and
promote the quality of nursing and all health professions practice and
education. It must also be a part of any international strategies to prevent
and protect against terrorism and terrorists

4. Conclusion:

Terrorism &
Unpleasant; Hills

3-3: Place of Spirituality in KSA NHPs Competencies:
Despite that spirit and spirituality are common used, they are well noun as most essential
part of human-bodies during life and death, both terms do not have clear place, neither
with Job description, nor even with the rarely exist codes of conduct; these are two
samples of NHPs Job Descriptions:

a pure part of body that will never support or motivate
terrorists, unless we change it to be evil

5. Recommendation

If we keep conducting research just to know the spirit and
nature of Soul , we will continue wasting our time and life,
because it very difficult compare to the Brain and Heart . This
approved by what God says:


We should concentrate of the research of discovering of the
relation of spirit to health and life strongly recommended .


Finally, this study strongly recommends further studies towards
facilitating and promoting Islamic spirit and human spirituality
concepts to assure high quality of health care, and to prevent
and protect humanity form terrorists

6. The Most References & Resources :

- A small survey conducts at King Fahd Medical City, Riyadh ( 23 Participants= 5 Physicians, 2 Saudi SP & 3 Non Saudi NSP; 3 non Saudi Nurses & 15 Other HPs):
50% of Saudi P did not hear the terms Spirit & Spirituality
50% of SP & 25% of NSP do not practice spirituality

Reference line #3
Reference line #4
Yet another reference goes here.

All the SP see that there is relation between spirituality and heath

-R. F. Paloutzian & C. L. Park (Eds.) Handbook of the psychology of religion and
spirituality, 2005 Guilford Press

50% of NSP see that there is no relation between spirituality and health

- http://www.wdbydana.com/Spirituality.ppt

50% of SP and all NSP see that there is relation between spirituality and health care

- Johali, E A (2008) A Concise Health Professions History and Ethics, Darr Al Awaiel,
Damascus, Syria

- Nurses: 1 (33.3%) of the (3) Nurses do not hear the terms Spirit & Spirituality; Meanwhile 100% do not practice spirituality nursing care; regarding relations between spirituality, health
and health care; all of them see there is relation with health, and 66.67 to health care.
-All other HPs did hear the terms Spirit & Spirituality except 2 Saaudis & 5 of the Saudis HPs (56%) and 1 (17%) of the non Saudi do not practice spirituality.

-Regarding students pilot survey: as it is expected 12 (92%) of the students are agree that spirit is the God power and we are unable to know and learn of whom (1) strongly
agree, meanwhile only 6 (46%) are agree and strongly agree that we are un able to study and learn. 11 (85%) see that there is relations between spirit, spituality, health and
health care

-Johali, EA (1995) The Philosophies and Sciences of Teaching, learning and
curricuklum of Nursing in the UK & KSA, School of Education, University of
Southampton, UK
- Johali, EA (1997-2010) Health Education Lectures Note

( )
( ( (


( ( (

( L

. . ( L

( 1412/1992

3-5: A Concise History & Health Gurus by Pictures

Hostorical Spirit is approved in the Holy Quran: from Adams. . .Noah Abraham Muses Jesus to Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Them All; Then, the Essence to health explored Humorabi; Early Muslimss Nurses,
Phyicians and philosophers including Early Muslims Nurses eg. Rufidah..; Aveccina; Al Ghazali & Nitangle the fammus Britsh Nurse.
Avicenna 980

al-Ghazl (1058-1111)

Nityangle Nurse

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