A Regional Economic Development Initiative - Uniting 49

A Regional Economic Development Initiative - Uniting 49

A Regional Economic Development Initiative - Uniting 49 Funding Partners including 33 Local Governments to enhance sustainability of councils, businesses and communities in regional Queensland Glenys Schuntner, IQ-RAP Secretariat/ CEO, RDA Townsville and North West QLD IPWEAQ Conference - 26 October, 2017 1 What catalysed the IQ-RAP? Local Government challenges Regional challenges Planning gaps 2

Project Governance Engagement 49 Funding Partners Governance Structure Outputs 3 IQ-RAP Partnerships 33 Local Governments 8 Regional Roads & Transport Groups 5 RDA Committees

4 The IQ-RAP vision is to increase the quality and accessibility of the road network contributing to Australias productivity, quality of life, safety and equity outcomes. IQ-RAP objectives: Sustainable jobs - in local government, local businesses Improved safety outcomes Improved productivity for businesses along supply chains Resilience and more reliable connectivity for the delivery of goods and services Improved infrastructure to support new private sector investment eg 5 IQ-RAP goals are to:

identify key freight transport routes identify key strategic routes that are critical for more resilient connectivity improve the safe, effective and efficient transit of freight efficient vehicles (FEV) Open up new tourism routes Improve the robustness of funding decisions for broader economic and social benefits 6 Inland Queensland roads connect people, products and markets with

Brisbane and interstate and overseas 950,000 domestic tourers in QLD p.a.; 360,000 international tourers p.a.; 61% of QLDs tourism businesses are based in regional areas Cairns to Melbourne via an inland route saves 600km on the coastal route saving time and money for tourists and freight 7 16,000 km of inland roads were assessed. The gap analysis identified: 3,000 km of strategically important roads requiring upgrade 300 bridges and culverts requiring upgrade A mix of national, state and local roads Note - there was no gold-plating; no blue sky Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) was used to

prioritise road projects into five year tranches based on agreed criteria: Economic value Safety Strategic intent Access Social value 8 The IQ-RAP network: Eastern and Western Zones Prioritised works identified when to start and be completed Red = complete to vision standard within 5 years Yellow = complete to vision standard within 10 years Blue = complete to vision

standard within 18 years 9 Prioritised projects into a program of works to maximise return on investment RRTGs 4 tranches to maximise strategic economic and social benefits over 18 years Average $277 million / p.a. over 18 year program life Strategic estimate in total Future investment $m in each period 1-5 yr 6-10 yr

11-15 yr 15-18 yr $m South West 694 86 343 265 Outback 903 106 337 410 50

1,222 176 305 307 434 Bowen Basin, Rockhampton, Gladstone 964 220 424 320 Whitsunday 417

92 126 81 North Queensland 491 170 132 189 Far North Queensland 321 72 146 103 5,012

922 1,813 1,675 North West TOTAL 118 602 Based on 2015$/; $4.4 billion over 15 years; $5 billion over 18 years North Queensland = funding partners Townsville and Charters Towers Far North Queensland = Mareeba and Tablelands 10 Scale of works packages: Modest few projects over $100 million Many small-scale local projects suiting local resourcing

Many progressive widening, sealing, drainage programs over multiple years Photo courtesy of Mount Isa City Council 11 IQ-RAP Engagement and Advocacy 22 Federal Ministers, Senators and MPs + departmental executives 31 State Ministers and MPs + departmental executives Nearly 50 peak industry organisations Chairs, Presidents, CEOs and senior executives Agriculture Agforce Queensland, Queensland Farmers Federation, National Farmers Federation Mining - Queensland Resource Council Tourism - Outback Queensland Tourism Association; Queensland Tourism Industry Council; Freight and logistics - Queensland Trucking Association; Queensland Transport and Logistics Council Infrastructure and construction - Civil Contractors Federation; Infrastructure Association of Queensland Regional Economic Development Organizations - Central Highlands Development Corporation; Gulf Savannah Development; MITEZ; Townsville Enterprise

SEQ - based businesses that rely on the regional road network Port of Brisbane; Brisbane Markets Limited; JBS Dinmore 12 IQ-RAP supports Australian and Queensland Governments Objectives Improves road safety Increases productivity Creates jobs Contributes to creating economic growth Enhances delivery of the Northern Australia agenda Increases export competitiveness Photo courtesy of Isaac Regional Council 13 The IQ-RAP Region IQ-RAP partners region not including surrounding councils that

will benefit LAND 1.4 million km2 82% of QLD i.e. 20x Tasmania 19% of Australia PEOPLE 705,000 people in 2016 952,000 in 2036 7 Federal Electorates 13 State Electorates INDUSTRY Agriculture, mining, tourism, construction, manufacturing, retail, services $150 billion economy outside Brisbane around 52% GSP and 10% GDP 14 Construction Economic Impacts (Queensland) Impact Output ($M)

GRP ($M) Income ($M) Employment (FTE) Direct Impact $5,000.0 $1,959.0 $674.2 5,781 Indirect Impact (Type I) $3,695.3 $1,578.7 $944.2 11,569

Indirect Impact (Type II) $4,075.8 $2,260.5 $1,032.6 14,158 $12,771.1 $5,798.2 $2,651.0 31,508 Total Ongoing impacts:

Improved safety Increased trade and productivity Decreased ongoing maintenance/repair costs Reduced travel times and associated costs (vehicle and opportunity costs) Improved liveability/amenity Opening up of new industry opportunities (e.g. tourism, mining, logistics) Disclaimer: Whilst all care and diligence have been exercised in the preparation of this report, AEC Group Pty Ltd does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained within and accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may be suffered as a result of reliance on this information. 15 What is the IQ-RAP Working Group seeking: IQ-RAP to be acknowledged and used as a planning tool to support future road, transport and freight and supply chain planning, programs and funding decisions. Federal and/or State Government funding for economic and social benefit analysis on IQ-RAP to respond to questions put forward by governments to enable the development of a pathway for programming and funding

Bi-partisan support in the Australian and Queensland Governments to commit to long-term regional roads programs and funding as economic enablers that provide significant and wide economic and social benefits 16 Inland Queensland roads funding NEW - Northern Australia Roads Programme - $220 million in funding committed to IQRAP roads NEW - Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme - $56 million in funding committed to IQRAP roads Approx $530 million committed to IQ-RAP partner council areas for QTRIP funding in 16/17 17/18 this includes funding for all roads (including local lower order roads that are not in IQ-RAP) but excludes the Bruce Highway But this is a marathon and not a sprint to achieve longer term outcomes 17 IQ-RAP is influencing Queensland pre-election policy One Nation Queensland Transport and Roads Policy supports IQ-RAP Queensland is a vast state, reliant on its road and rail network. One Nation has met with the RACQ and the Inland Queensland Roads Action Plan Group (IQ-RAP) to discuss the future of our State. The inland Queensland road network is in urgent need of funding and maintenance, as well as future-proofing against natural disasters. One Nation will: Work with IQ-RAP partnerships, Federal Government and State Government to prioritise the scope of works needed to repair our road infrastructure through a regional conference Publish full transport infrastructure business cases and transparently allocate key transport

projects Commit to a program to upgrade and maintain inland Queensland regional roads 18 Next steps Wider social benefits analysis On-going advocacy meetings Updating IQ-RAP 19 What will success look like? QLD GOV develops a 15 year strategic road network strategy to inform and support council planning and their 10 year asset management plans

QLD and AUS GOVs agree on use of wider economic and social benefits analysis to inform and support decision making for investment decisions for roads in regional and rural areas More funding for prioritised strategic roads identified in IQ-RAP Safer roads with fewer deaths, injuries and accidents Jobs sustained and created locally Productivity gains for industries New tourism opportunities developed More resilient connectivity with reduced impacts of floods and other disasters

20 The challenge to make a difference Ask the question - how do we ensure more funding for regional roads to deliver better road safety outcomes, improved productivity for all industries, resilient connectivity, local jobs, and opening up new tourism opportunities? For more information, http://rdanwq.org.au/iq-rap 21

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