Chaucers Orient: Medieval Orientalism? The World According to

Chaucers Orient: Medieval Orientalism? The World According to

Chaucers Orient: Medieval Orientalism? The World According to The Wife of Bath? God helpe me so, I was to hym as kynde As any wyf from Denmark unto Ynde (WBPro 823-24) Betwixt this and the mount of Kaukasous

(WBT 1140) That is betwixe the est and eke the west (WBT 1140) Auffrike, Europe, and asye, of Fame 1339) Mappa Mundi (House

The Lambeth Map(1350-70) Tripartite or T-O map paradysus Jerusalem East meets West during the Middle Ages Three Primary Points of Contact

Trade Pilgrimage The Crusades The Crusades Third Crusade 1188: England involved Crusades ended in 1272 Individual crusades continued during Chaucers lifetime

Crusading Romances Promoted the idea of Western/ Christian superiority over the Eastern/Muslim (pagan) world through either the conversion of Islamic knights the destruction of Arabian armies One of these texts, the popular Sir Beues, was known to Chaucer as he apparently imitated the meter

Chaucer Mapping the Crusades Alisaundre, in Egypt Lyeys, in Turkey Palatye in Anatolia Knights campaigning Surrye (Syria) - first lines of the Man of Laws Tale

the Holy Land origin of the relic mentioned in the Reeves Tale East-West Trade European Trade with the East Normans in Italy & First Crusade Successful until 15th century Chaucers Family & Community Chaucers Travels in Europe

France, Spain, Italy Indirectly affected by Boccaccios perceptions Exchange of Knowledge & Chaucer Eastern Literature 1001 Nights: frame structure (Tales, Decameron) Squires Prologue &Tale

Medicine Doctor of Physik: Wel knew he the olde [] Haly, Razis, and Aycen (GP 31-2) Astronomy/Astrology Treatise on Astrolabe Franklins Tale

Medieval Orientalism Travel Literature Jehan de Mandeville Marco Polo French Romances Clomads Cycle (Adens le Rois) Mliacin (Girard dAmiens) Boccaccio

Squires Tale Domesticating the Exotic & Oriental Eroticism Squires Tale Eastern setting & details European characters & romance Legend of Good Women: Cleo & Dido

Boccaccio as sources for both Sexually excessive characterization but Chaucer is less malicious, more ambiguous Works Cited/Consulted Chaucer, Geoffrey. The Riverside Chaucer. Ed. Larry D. Benson. 3rd ed. Boston: Houghton, 1987. Ganim, John M. Medievalism and Orientalism. Heffernan, Carol F. The Orient in Chaucer and Medieval Romance. Woodbridge, Suffolk: D.S. Brewer, 2003. Lynch, Kathryn L. Chaucers Cultural Geography. New

York: Routledge, 2002. Metlitzki, Dorothee. The Matter of Araby in Medieval England. New Haven: Yale UP, 1977. Westrem, Scott D. Geography and Travel.A Companion to Chaucer. Ed. Peter Brown. Malden: Blackwell, 2007.

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