Gay- what does it mean? Someone who is

Gay- what does it mean? Someone who is

Gay- what does it mean? Someone who is attracted to people of the same gender as them But how are we using it? Alan Turning Wartime code breaker/ computing pioneer

Carol Ann Duffy Poet Malinda Lo Writer Richard OBrien Writer/actor

Lana Wachowski Film writer/director Sir Ian Mckellen Actor Carl Hester

Olympic dressage rider Laura Jane Grace Musician the word gay is now used so commonly as an insult it shouldnt be taken as anything personal- its not meant to be

offensive to gay people Comments like this damage gay pupils confidence More than four in five say they are

distressed to hear the word gay used in this way Almost half say it distresses them extremely or a lot More than half of lesbian, gay and bisexual students dont feel

they belong in their school because of homophobia Its not what they say to me individually that gets at me, its the constant stream of anti-gay remarks that people dont even know they make. I feel awful all the time. It eats away inside you and sometimes knowing what theyd do to me if they knew makes me lose the ability to breathe.

One in five gay and bisexual pupils dont feel safe at school I feel that I don't want to carry on in school if this is what I have to put up with and hide what I feel all the time. I was a straight A* student. I got 100 per cent in my science exams, Im really proud of that. But because of bullying my classwork and coursework has suffered, leaving me with a lower grade, about a C/B.

Three in five gay and bisexual pupils who experience homophobic bullying say that this impacts on their school work As a result of homophobia Half of lesbian, gay and bisexual students skip school 1/3 change their plans for future education 1/4 have tried to take their

own life at some point More than half deliberately harm themselves Express yourself! Include information on your schools bullying support services and how students can access them

The following slides include suggestions for form activities to follow the assembly and reinforce the message Express Yourself Students are to develop their vocabulary and communication skills by using a thesaurus to aid in creating a list of alternative ways of saying they dont like something. This should be done without using slurs on other axes (for example, ablelist language like r*tarded) and without swearing.

Alternatives include: heinous, vile, awful, dreadful, repulsive, pathetic, contemptible, boring, disgusting, atrocious, deplorable. By looking at what they actually mean to say, students should reach an understanding of the connotations they are applying to gay. Students could present this as a display similar to those seen on Dont Be A Bystander Students are to watch the Dont Be A Bystander video (if removed from assembly slides) and consider what the message is. Discuss how they can safely challenge homophobic language if others use it.

They can then create a pledge board: pledges can be made individually or as a group. Our pledge! We wont: Use gay as an insult Discriminate against anyone We will: Use appropriate language to express our disapproval of things

Challenge homophobia if others engage in it Respect one another LGB Icons Computer access will be needed for this. Prior to the lesson, teachers should provide a list of LGB icons to research: students could use some of the people on the assembly slides, on the Pink List, or on Wikipedia. (Note: before providing the list, run a quick check. As with any celebrities, teachers may feel that certain aspects of various icons lives are not suited to the task.)

In groups, students should research the icon and present them as the teacher chooses. One way to do this is to divide the list so each for has two or three icons to research, and create an informational poster for a central display. Students could also present their research to the form (powerpoint, verbal report, dramatic short). This could be followed with a discussion on what makes a role model, and why LGB role models are so important.

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