SAM 2010 2 in 1, Plus More with

SAM 2010 2 in 1, Plus More with

SAM 2010 2 in 1, Plus More with SAM Incorporating Common Core Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills into your concepts and applications curriculum? SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) covers them both plus so much more. SAM is also a great supplement to your IT Academy curriculum and will help your students prepare for the certification tests!

Todays Agenda What is SAM? Assessment, Training, Projects 21st Century Skills/Common Core and SAM Additional Resources What is SAM? Performance-based exam and training simulations for Microsoft Office Live in-the-application projects-based assessment

for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Web deliverable Internet Explorer and Flash Player required Also compatible with Firefox and Safari for Mac users Flexible scheduling options Numerous detailed reports for instructors and students Assessmen t

Projects Training SAM Assessment Task-based simulations -Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Outlook Evaluate Microsoft Office applications

Exams can be created -by textbook chapter -pick and choose exam tasks -objective-based questions Detailed Study Guide Reports map to textbook SAM Training Simulated, interactive training scenarios Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint Multiple training methods address different learning

styles (Observe, Practice, Apply) Training assignments can be created By textbook chapter Picking and choosing training scenarios Detailed Study Guide reports map back to Course Technologys Office textbooks SAM Projects

Live-in-the-application assignments Auto-graded Projects include? -End of chapter projects -2nd scenario projects -Capstone projects Anti-cheating detection Detailed Study Guide reports map back to Course Technologys Office textbooks

How is SAM used in the classroom? Assessment

Pre-test/Post-test Periodic exams/quizzes/tests Reinforcement of textbook material Final exams Certification prep Training Reinforcement of textbook material Test-prep assignments

How is SAM used in the classroom? Projects Periodic assignments (end-of-unit) Reinforcement of textbook material, via live-in-the-application assignments Final Exams Cumulative per-application Capstone projects

Work in Student Side of SAM Teacher Benefits Auto-graded assignments Detailed reports Flexible scheduling Create exams from book or from scratch Better student comprehension & retention

Student Benefits

Immediate Feedback Interactive Hands-on experience Tied closely to print material Lifetime skill CERTIFICATION?

Why Certify? CERTIFICATION validates what you have learned! Did you know.. Over 250 million Microsoft Office users across the globe 95% of all businesses standardize on Microsoft Office The average user only understands 20% of the functionality available in the Office suite

Microsoft Office Specialist MCAS (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist) is now MOS once again! Recognized globally as the premier credential to validate knowledge, skills and abilities relating to Microsoft Office Promotes success in the classroom for students and instructors, and prepares students for an increasingly competitive workforce

Maximizes office productivity and efficiency for the organization, increases job satisfaction, and heightens career achievement among employees Prepares and places job candidates, ensuring they possess the skills employers require Put Microsoft On Their Rsume Wages MOS/MCAS certified individuals are earning 10-15% more than non-certified individuals Placement

Certified individuals are placed at a higher rate than the industry average Conversion Certified individuals are converting to full-time employment 50% more often than non-certified individuals Robert Half International findings Become a Certiport Center Test students on your campus

Comfortable environment Reduced exam cost to students Distinguishes your programs from the rest No cost to become a testing center Pay only for exams administered SAM

Instructor Side Learning Resources Click SAMCENTRAL from the SAM screen Self-Training Videos Online Seminars SAM 2007 & SAM 2010 Training Guide

21st Century Study Outcomes 21st Century Study Outcomes Core Subjects 3Rs and 21st Century Themes Global awareness Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial literacy Civic literacy Health literacy

Environmental literacy Learning and Innovative Skills, including the 4Cs: Critical thinking and problem solving Communication Collaboration Creativity and Innovation Information, Media and Technology Skills

Information literacy Media literacy ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) literacy Life and Career Skills Flexibility and adaptability Initiative and self-direction Social and cross-cultural skills Productivity and accountability Leadership and responsibility

What are the Common Core State Standards? What are the Common Core State Standards? Aligned with college and work expectations Focused and coherent Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards

Internationally benchmarked so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society Based on evidence and research State led coordinated by NGA Center and CCSSO NATIONAL GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION and COUNCIL OF CHIEF STATE SCHOOL OFFICERS Resources

MOS Solutions 9781423904397 9781133191070 avail. Sept.9/2 3 Reproducible Project Binders Office 2010 Fundamentals Project Binder

9780538479899 Office 2010 Illustrated Projects Binder 9780538749404 Adobe Projects Binder 1111532257 Whiteboard Activities for Digital Literacy ISBN: 9781133187714

$495; unlimited users, unlimited life

4 units covering 20 lessons General Computer Concepts Online Experiences Software Skills Explorations WADL Community Site: Revealed Series

Revealed Series Adobe Solutions Certification Preparation for Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop for CS5 Skills-based, step-by-step approach Pedagogy aligns to layout of exam objectives

9781111533588 Adobe CS5 Projects Binder Adobe Creative Suite 5 Projects Binder, BASICS 125 Projects: ISBN: 9781111532253 Thank You!

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