Sixth Form Open Evening 2017

Sixth Form Open Evening 2017

Sixth Form Open Evening 2020 Welcome The Trinity Mantra Standards Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart Colossians 3:23

Responsibility Opportunity Christian ethos Christian values Some Key Information Mr Winter Assistant Headteacher Sixth Form Sixth Form

Open Evening 2020 Meet the team! Mr Winter Assistant Headteacher Sixth Form Mrs Medley Pastoral Leader Mrs Little

Sixth Form Office Mrs Fleming Pastoral Tutor Mrs Ledingham Sixth Form Office Mrs Ewing Careers Officer Why Trinity Sixth Form? We

have a tradition of welcoming a number of students from other schools locally, nationally & internationally. Around 30 courses to choose from Approx 65 - 75% of students go to University (many of these went to a top Russell Group University) Brilliant advice on careers, universities, apprenticeships Superb pastoral and admin support Dedicated 6 Form Library

th Your Own Area at Break time and Lunch time Leadership Team Trips - World Challenge Southern India 2016 , Vietnam 2018 and Northern India 2020 Where to start? Types of course? A

Levels Tend to have a large amount of examined content Typically 2 or 3 exams per subject in Year 13 Theoretical Vocational Qualifications e.g Btec Tend to be more heavily coursework based Typically 2 or 3 modules in the first year Project based plus some external

assessment Finding out about a course Prospectus Talk to students & staff Induction days Exam board websites Career plan in mind? Apprenticeship Higher level? Career plan Watch out for Sports science Medical / Veterinary / Dentistry Teaching Languages Work

experience (teaching, med..) Oxbrid University ge Entry requirements UCAS points unifrog A*A*A Russell AAB

Mid BBC Sixth Form Options 2020 - 2022 At Trinity, if you join the sixth form you will choose 3 A Levels or Vocational (plus a reserve) Qualifications to follow for two years, plus 1 enrichment option from; EPQ Sports Leader Award Core Maths

You are making a commitment to studying subjects for 2 years. Most/All external exams will be in Year 13 Courses We currently offer around 30 courses Courses only run if there is sufficient demand Courses are listed in the 6th form prospectus see school website

Entry Requirements Students should have 5 GCSEs or equivalent at Grade 4 9. Some subjects require a grade 5 or 6 at GCSE please see subject entry information on application form and prospectus. We are a comprehensive school and have tried to ensure there is something for everyone. If there is not sufficient demand for a course to run we will discuss other subject options with students.

Old & New GCSE Gradings GCSE Grade New Grade Equivalent GCSE Grade New Grade Equivalent

A*+ 9 E/F 2 A* 8 G

1 U T6+ T6 T6- T5+ T5 T5- T4+ T4 T4- A 7 B 5/6

C 4 D 3 Extra-Curricular Choice Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses)

Work Placement Volunteering Young Enterprise Debating Duke of Edinburgh Award World Challenge Resit GCSE English & Maths Intuitive, independent and comprehensive Students can compare side-by-side every post-16 and post-18 opportunity in the UK. You can rank opportunities on lots of factors, like starting salary, distance from home, drop out rate, and weekly study hours. College/Sixth Form

Apprenticeships University And much more! Application Forms internal & external Deadline: Key Dates 6th Form Prospectus available now

Application forms available now for external students on desk at front door or website internal students out in the next few days via form tutors Sixth Form Application Deadline: Thursday 19th December Offer letters after Xmas Results Day August advice surgery

What our students think? Head Girl & Head Boy Typical Week Mon Tue 8:25am Wed

Thu Fri Warning Bell P1 8.30am Choice 1 Choice 2

Choice 3 Choice 1 Choice 2 P2 9.30am Choice 1 Choice 2

Choice 3 Choice 1 Choice 2 P3 10.55am Choice 3 Private Study

P4 12.00pm Choice 2 EPQ/Sports/ Core Maths 1pm Private Study Choice 3

Choice 3 Choice 1 Choice 3 Choice 1 Lunch 1.35pm Registration

P5 14:05 Choice 2 EPQ/Sports/ Core Maths Private Study Twiligh t

15:05 - Extra Curric D of E Extra Curric Mentoring / Settling in Every student in a mixed tutor group (Y12/Y13)

Regular meetings (1 per half term) to check progress and generally find out how you are doing Access to excellent pastoral support Every tutor group has at least 4 students who have joined us from another school Attached to a Trinity student with similar subjects Tonight Bistro Universities, Career advice External Students See Mrs Fleming

Any questions on which course/options see Mrs Medley or Senior Staff School Bursary info please see Mrs Little or website Visit subject staff who are located throughout this building Please complete evaluation forms This powerpoint available online Enjoy the Evening Please ask if you have any questions

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