Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Henry County School District

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Henry County School District

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Background and Important Terms The Middle Ages (Medieval) The Middle Ages lasted from 10661485. Frances William of Normandy conquers England in 1066, bringing a new emphasis on law and

order, including feudalism. Big Events The Crusades (1095-1270): European Christians fought Muslims, with Jerusalem and the Holy Land as the prize; the Europeans failed. The Black Death (1348-1349): Caused a labor shortage, eventually leading to serfs freedom and the end of feudalism

Feudalism Feudalism was a pyramid system based on a religious concept of a hierarchy Any males above the social class of serf were expected to serve the king as warriors King

Lords Vassals Knights Serfs Women in Medieval Times Women had no political rights and were subservient to men

A womans social standing depended on her husbands or fathers status Chivalry Chivalry (or the Chivalric code) was a system of ideals and social codes governing the behavior of knights and gentlewomen Militaristically, knights

had to keep their oaths of loyalty and observe certain rules of warfare Courtly Love Courtly love required a knight to admire and act in the name of a certain lady However, courtly love was not supposed to cross the line into physical love; the lady

should always remain pure and out of reach SGATGK Facts Composed after the Crusades, around 1375 Though composed in the 12th century, it is set in the 500s The tale centers around the semi-legendary King

Arthur and his knights of the Round Table (King Arthur ruled from 516537) SGATGK Context During and after the Crusades, promoting Christianity (particularly Catholic beliefs) became very prevalent Even though not set during the Middle Ages, SGATGK includes feudalism, chivalry, and courtly love

SGATGK = Romance Chivalry gave rise to a new genre of literature, called romance Romance: a poetic narrative which usually records the adventures of a brave knight who must go on a quest and overcome great danger for love of a noble lady or high ideal Romances typically contain supernatural or magical events

The world of romance suspends the laws of nature and idealized heroes almost always conquer evil SGATGK Literary Terms Alliteration Symbol Bob and wheel: in alliterative verse, a group of five lines with an ababa rhyme scheme. The bob is the first line in the group and is shorter than the rest; the

wheel is the quatrain that follows. Foreshadowing: the use of clues to hint at what is going to happen later in the plot; builds suspense SGATGK Characters Sir Gawain Green Knight King Arthur

The Lord The Lady

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