Our Our Parent Volunteers Heighten the Excellence At Swansfield GOALS Share protocol for checking in and getting started Discuss the privacy and confidentiality needed in the role Offer troubleshooting tips to prepare for emergencies Share resource contacts that will

be available as needed in your service. HCPSS Vision 2018 Your service in the role of Parent Volunteer connects to the HCPSS Vision! Arrival When you arrive Buzz in at our Entry Doors and share the purpose of your visit with our Office Staff. Sign in at the Front Office with the Lobby Guard System. Youll

receive a Volunteer badge. Report to your Volunteer Area. Volunteer Expectations When you volunteer Please leave younger children at home. Leave food and drink items out of the classrooms. Turn off your cell phone or put it on vibrate/silent.

Respect the confidentiality of staff, students, and parents. Stay in the assigned areas with students. Volunteer Expectations When you volunteer Observe all school policies including health and safety procedures.

Schedule conferences outside of volunteer time. Consider school records and student matters confidential. Respect the confidentiality of staff, students, and parents.

If you are concerned about student behavior, consult the teacher you are working with and/or administration. Field Trip Chaperones Without assistance from chaperones, field trips would not be possible, so we appreciate parents willingness to provide this service. To assist us in making trips a positive experience for all, all chaperones will be required to read and sign a document that reviews the chaperone expectations and liability insurance coverage provided by the county. You must also sign the volunteer training form prior to volunteering

on a field trip. You will be given more information about a specific field trip if you choose to chaperone. Protocol for The Carson Reading Room Coordinator: Amy Zezula Size of Optimal Group 4-8 students

Go to Classroom to pick up the class and return them personally (especially in PreK-3rd) Use 1-2-3 Step Reminders if needed to redirect, then invite student to return to class. Feel free to give a Spotlight to

reward behavior Protocol for Swansfield Striders: Fitness Fridays Coordinator: Jessica Ayers During Recess, last lap 3 minutes before end of Recess.

Students may need help to get their card Walking/Running is encouraged... its an OPTION to participate. One block marked for each lap (1/4 mile)

Watch the perimeter for safety reasons. PBIS at SES Our Three School Rules: Be Respectful Be Safe Be Please use our Spotlights to Prepared

reward positive student behavior! Confidentiality MD State Law & HCPSS Policy 1030 Requires employee or service providers of the HCPSS to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect to Howard County Department of Social Services Provides immunity from civil liability or

criminal penalty for a report made in good faith Failure to report may result in suspension or termination of about services Additional Information HCPSS Policy 1030 may be found at MD State Law & HCPSS Policy 1030

Also requires service providers/volunteer to make a report if there is a reason to believe that abuse or neglect possible occurred. Reports should be made without attempts to do any further investigation If needed, service providers/volunteers may consult with the schools Child Abuse Liaison. Liaisons cannot make the report to Department of Social Services on your Additional Information about HCPSS Policy 1030 may be found at behalf

Role of the Child Abuse Liaison Coordinates support for students suspected of being abused or neglected Acts as resource for information relating to child abuse and neglect reporting procedures Assists with completion of child abuse reporting forms as needed Additional Information about HCPSS Policy 1030 may be found at

Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect Make an oral report immediately to the Department of Social Services. Follow up with written report within 48 hours. Tell administrator and child abuse liaison that a report was filed. Do not place copy of report in student educational record.

Additional Information about HCPSS Policy 1030 may be found at Service Providers Code of Ethics Confidentiality: Any information you have access to in the school or classroom is confidential As a service provider/volunteer, you are required to protect the confidentiality of all student information that you see or hear while volunteering

Additional Information about HCPSS Policy 1030 may be found at According to Federal Law, State Regulations, and HCPSS Policies If you are working or volunteering in a school, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all private, sensitive, and personally identifiable information you may see or hear while volunteering.

Information you must keep confidential includes: Students academic information (grades, test scores, transcripts) Students discipline or behavior (detentions, suspensions) Students health (trips to the nurse, medications) Students family information (parents marital status, employment) Staffs discussions and comments about students Any other information you hear or see about

Frequently Asked Questions Emergency Situations What should I do in case of an Emergency like a Fire Drill? Follow the lead of the teacher or staff member in your area. Report to a Staff Member with a Walkie Talkie outside. If you are in the Carson Room, escort students outside using the lower hallway back exit, past the gym. What if a student presents with a medical situation in my care? Ask the nearest staff member to use the intercom to notify the Office and

Health Room. If possible, escort the child to the Health Room. If not, remain with them, encourage a staff member to join you to assist with further communication. Student Behavior What if a student is having difficulty following directions or the school expectations? Give a general message of praise to the entire group on how students are following directions. Then, if needed, give a general message to the entire group reminding them what you expect. Notify their teacher of any difficulty so they can follow-up and reaffirm the expectations.

What are the guidelines for computer use when students are working on the internet? Students should work with the applications or websites their teachers have directed/modeled. These apps were researched and deemed appropriate. Students should not be browsing on the internet while working with technology as a tool in the classroom. Communication with Staff Where could I go to share an idea on how to further support students, parents, and/or staff? Touch base with the staff member you partner with most often. Also question who might be an expert in the area of your inspiration.

Feel free to talk with Mrs. Strong, Ms. Beaman, or Ms. Mariah Tavary, our PTA President, we are always looking for new ideas! What if I am unable to come to serve during my volunteer time for that week? Contact the teacher as soon as possible so they can adjust what they had planned and/or arrange for other coverage. Consider if the time originally given is working out best for your schedule. By certifying your completion of this module, you agree to keep confidential any and all private, sensitive, and personally identifiable information you may

hear or see while volunteering in a Howard County School. HCPSS Confidentiality Training All HCPSS volunteers are required to complete the following training certificate. Please access the form through the link below: Please bring the certificate to the school upon completion and before your first volunteer session. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME


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