Serial Killers - Amazon S3

Serial Killers - Amazon S3

Serial Killers Video video 2 science of the mind video 3 science of psychopaths Types of Multiple Killers Mass # of victims # of events # of locations Cooling-off period 4+ 1 1 no Spree 2+ 1

2+ no Serial 3+ 3+ 3+ yes Serial Killer Frequency Hickey (2002) 337 males and 62 females in U.S. from 18001995 158 males and 29 females in U.S. from 19751995 Gorby (2000) 300 international serial killers from 1800-1995 Radford

Data Base 1,300 serial killers U.S. and International Who are serial killers? Serial Killer Profiles General Serial Killer Profile Demographics Male (88.3%) White 80% of all serial killers 73% of male serial killers 93% of female serial killers Average intelligence

107 in our data base General Serial Killer Profile Demographics Average age is 28 Males 27.5 is average age at first kill 9 is the youngest (Clarence Hill) 72 is the oldest (Ray Copeland) Jesse Pomeroy (Boston in the 1870s) Killed 28 people by the age of 14 Spent 58 years in solitary confinement until he died Females (Kelleher & Kelleher, 1998) 30 is average age at first kill 14

is youngest (Caril Ann Fugate) 55 is oldest (Marie Becker) Angels of death, revenge killers, and team killers tend to be younger General Serial Killer Profile Race Race Percentage White 80.1% Black 13.0%

Hispanic 4.5% Asian 2.4% Race African American Serial Killers 44 Jake Bird 23 Wayne Williams 15 Richard Jameswhite 14 Vincent Groves 13

Sydney Jones 11+ Eugene Britt 11 Benjamin Atkins 11 James Pough 11 Richard Tipton 11 Henry Wallace 10+ Coral Watts 10 Bobby Joe Maxwell 10 Michael Player 9 John Brooks 9 Jarvis Catoe 8 Nathaniel Code

Race Hispanic Serial Killers 25 20 15 12 11 10 9 9 Juan Corona Adolfo Constanzo Richard Ramirez Robert Diaz Juan Chavez Richard Angelo Lloyd Gomez Manny Pardo

8 7 7 5 5 5 4 4 Augustin Chacon Fernando Cota Diana Lumbrera Genaro Camacho

Richardo Caputo Leslie Torres Danny Figueroa Carmello Dejesus Race Prolific White Serial Killers 100 Joseph Fischer 60 Donald Evans 50 Amy Gilligan Edward Eastman 42 Thomas Creech 40 Frank Abbandano Charles Nicoletti 39 Gerald Stano

36 34 33 30 27 Ted Bundy Brandon Tholmer John Wayne Gacy Bruce Davis William Downing Martin Goldstein Dean Corrl Elmer Henley Herman Mudgett IQ Scale

Intelligence The Smart 165 160 155 152 148 145 134 130 130 130 Debora Green Charlene Gallego Ted Kaczynski Carroll Cole Gary Heidnik Ed Kemper Thomas Dillon Harvey Glatman Marcel Petiot

Gerald Schaefer 130 Angel Resendez 129 Paul Knowles 129 Randy Craft 128 John Christie 128 Joel Rifkin 126 David Copeland 125 Ted Bundy (136) 122 Michael Ross 121 Charles Manson (109) Intelligence The Not So Smart 65 68 69 69 70

73 75 75 Clarence Victor Bruce Lee Louis Craine Christine Falling Kuno Hofmann Hubert Geralds Jeffrey Dahmer Coral Watts 84 Zoo Man Huskey 85 Otis Toole 85 Daniel Blank 89 Henry Lee Lucas 89 Danny Rolling 90 Vernon Butts

91 Robert Hanson 95 Richard Chase General Serial Killer Profile Childhood Birth Order (our database, n=197) Only child Oldest child Middle born Youngest Adopted

18% 31% 28% 23% (our database, n=220) Adopted 15% Birth parents79% Other 6% General Serial Killer Profile Childhood Unstable home (37%) Absence of loving and nurturing

relationship Physical ailments and disabilities Head injuries Triad- characteristics of children associated with psychopathy (personality disorder) bed wetting fire starting animal torture Effects of the Family Child Abuse Comparison of Serial Killers to the General Population (Mitchell & Aamodt, 2004) Type of Abuse General Population Serial Killers Physical

6% 36% Sexual 3% 26% Psychological 2% 50% 18% 18% 6%

Not applicable 70% 32% Neglect Other No Abuse Reported A Strange Way to Raise a Child Gary Heidnik 3 years old 3 years old Didnt clean room properly Father hung him by his feet out of a 3rd story window

A Strange Way to Raise a Child Henry Lee Lucas 3 years old Mother forced him to watch her have sex with strangers 7 years old Mother made him go to school dressed like a girl Mother beat him when his teacher gave him a pair of shoes 10 Years old Mothers lover showed him how

to kill animals and then have sex with them A Strange Way to Raise a Child Danny Rolling 6 months Father kicked him into a wall 1 year old Father beat him when he crawled funny 6-8 years old Father beat him twice a week

13 years old Father handcuffs him to brother, beats them, leaves them outside A Strange Way to Raise a Child Robert Garrow 1 year old Father made him kneel for hours in the corner 2 years old Mother splits his head open with a crowbar during a beating

5 years old Knocked unconscious when mother hits him in the head with a piece of wood 6 Years old Beaten unconscious by his father Made him wear his sisters bloomers out to play General Serial Killer Profile Forensic History Triad Most have a criminal history (80%) 75% spent time in jail/prison prior to their serial killing

Many received psychiatric treatment Many murdered well before their serial killing Categorizing the Serial Killer Killer sex, race, age IQ psychopathology Crime

Motive Scene type of weapon use of torture attempt to hide body location sexual relations power financial gain Victim

sex, race, age occupation personality Motive ________ Money Spouse, Family ______ Type of Victim________ Random Specific Specific Strangers Type Strangers Employees Patients ________ _______ ________ _________ _______ Black

Contract Cost Lethal Widow Killer Cutter Caretaker Sex Disorganized Organized Lust Lust Thrill

Disorganized Organized Thrill Thrill Power Bluebeard Revenge Revenge Psychosis Visionary Hate Attention Munchausen No motive Anti-social Angels of Death Missionary

Munchausen Types of Serial Killers Visionaries Psychotic - told to kill paranoia, schizophrenia 1% of killers are psychotic (Henn et al., 1976) Examples Herbert Mullin Miguel Rivera Joseph Kallinger Herbert Mullin Crimes Operated during 19721973 Killed 13 in Santa Cruz, CA

Shot most of his victims Vision Voices told him to shave his head and burn his privates with a cigarette Voices told him to kill in order to prevent a catastrophic earthquake Joseph Kallinger Crimes Operated during 1974-1975 Murdered 3 in NJ and PA (including one of his sons) Robbed and assaulted many others His 13 year old son was his accomplice Vision

Told by God (through a large floating head with tentacles) to murder young boys and sever their genitals Harvey Carignan Crimes Known as the Want-ad Killer Operated in Seattle 19731974 Killed 3 (probably many more) by smashing their skull with a hammer Vision Told by God to kill women God didnt tell him why Types of Serial Killers Missionaries Kill

to Clean-up world Examples Joseph Franklin Killed interracial couples and African Americans Wolfgang Abel Killed drug addicts Axe Man of New Orleans Killed 11 (most were Italian grocers) Carroll Cole Carroll Edward Cole Crimes

Operated during 1975-1980 Killed at least 13 women in several western states Mission Rid the world of unfaithful women All his victims cheated on their significant-other with Cole Types of Serial Killers Hedonists Kill for fun or profit Subtypes Lust Killers (kill for sexual gratification) Organized Disorganized Mixed Thrill Killers (kill for the thrill of killing) Gain Killers Contract

Killers Black Widows Lethal Caretakers Cost Cutters Examples of Lust Killers Organized Killers Ted Bundy John Gacy Chris Wilder Kenneth Bianchi Ed Kemper

Disorganized Killers Arthur Shawcross Richard Chase Jeffrey Dahmer Danny Rolling Hedonists-Gain Killers Black Widows The

Crime Kill husbands, lovers, or relatives for financial gain Almost always women Almost 90% use poison to kill their victims Examples Diana Lumbrera (killed her 6 children for insurance) Nanny Hazel Doss (killed 4 husbands, 2 sisters, 1 mother) Lydia Trueblood (killed 4 husbands, 1 child, brother in-law) Amy Gilligan (killed 5 husbands, several patients) Hedonists - Gain Killers Cost Cutters Crime Kill to save money Examples

Joseph Briggen Killed 12 ranch hands when their pay was due Fed the people to his prize-wining pigs Georg Grossman Killed Joe Ball over 50 people, put the meat into his hotdogs Joe Ball Operated during the late 1930s Killed at least 5, probably 14, waitresses at his tavern (The Sociable Inn) in Texas Threw them into a pit with 5 alligators

in the back of the tavern Hedonists-Gain Killers Lethal Caretakers - Profit The Crime Kill patients for profit Usually women Examples Dorthea Puente killed 7 elderly to cash social security checks Antoinette Scieri killed 12 elderly patients so that she could take their assets Anna Hahn poisoned 5 elderly men she cared for to get their insurance Types of Serial Killers Power Seekers Kill

to exert power over strangers Examples Ted Bundy David Berkowitz Angelo Buono Edward Kemper Power Seekers Angels of Death The Crime Usually women Kill patients for feelings of power and control Examples

Genene Jones - As a nurse, she killed between 11 and 46 babies by injecting them with a muscle relaxant Terri Rachals killed 9 patients through injections of potassium chloride David Harvey is an example of a male angel of death Gwendolyn Graham and Catherine Wood Gwendolyn Graham and Catherine Wood Killed 5 patients in Alpine Manor (a nursing home) Initial plan was to spell MURDER with the first letter in the last name of each victim Graham did all the killing and Wood kept watch Power Seekers

Blue Beard Killers Males who kill their spouses Examples Johann Hoch Henri Landru Harry Powers James Watson Henry Landu Romanced more than 300 women out of their money during the early 1900s in France Ran personal ads to meet his women Married and killed 10 of them Put their bodies in an oven to dispose of them Lethal Caretakers Munchausen Syndrome by

Proxy The Crime Kill or hurt others in order to be admired for curing them or to get sympathy for the death of a loved one Mostly females Examples Beverly Allitt injected insulin and potassium into 26 children (4 died, 9 had irreparable brain damage) over a 58-day period Martha Woods - 27 respiratory attacks in 9 children resulted in 7 being killed (3 were her own children) Types of Serial Killers Revenge Killers Kill for revenge Examples

Martha Wise: Killed 3 family members opposing her marriage Ellen Etheridge: Killed 4 of her 8 step-children because she was jealous of their relationship with her husband Martha Johnson Had 4 fights with her husband After each fight, suffocated a child as revenge Suffocated by laying on top of them (she weighed 250 pounds) Types of Serial Killers Antisocial Personalities Definition Pattern of irresponsible or harmful behavior Lack of conscience Ignore social rules and laws Impulsive

Fail to learn from punishment Examples Gang Members Criminals who kill for no reason The Crime Scene Serial Killer Type Crime Characteristic Disorganized Organized Body disfigured hidden Sexual Relations after death before death unsuccessful successful Weapons finds at scene brings Viciousness torture quick Sophistication

low high, learns each time The Crime Scene Serial Killer Type Crime Characteristic Organized Disorganized Follows crime in news no yes Victim high risk low risk Gets to crime by walking/bus drives Killer Profile

Serial Killer Type Characteristic Residence IQ Employment Appearance Self-image superior Social outgoing Disorganized Organized close to crime further less intelligent intelligent menial or normal unemployed unattractive attractive feels inferior feels loner

Killer Profile Serial Killer Type Characteristic Relationships short relationships Anger Disorganized lives alone Organized affairs, keeps inside acts out, bully, class clown high daytime

lax or Birth order low Habits nighttime Childhood discipline harsh Killer Profile Serial Killer Type Characteristic Family Fathers work Disorganized Organized alcoholism, mental illness unstable stable

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