Science Fiction or Science Fact? - Strongsville City Schools

Science Fiction or Science Fact? - Strongsville City Schools

Science Fiction Fantastics! Integrating Popular Media into Biology and Chemistry Classes By Mindy Bedrossian

Mindy Bedrossian The Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award 2011 AAAS/Subaru Teacher Award 2010

Interviewed on Morning Edition NPR Three Toyota Tapestry Grants Published in Journal of Chemical Education Science Teacher of the Year, Cleveland Frequent Presenter NSTA Conferences

If you cant read a book for pleasure..

How can you expect to read a science book?

Having trouble falling asleep? Just read a chemistry text! Purpose

Critical understanding of how science is portrayed to the public Is it accurate or inaccurate?

How exactly do people incorporate science knowledge into their everyday lives?

Student Limitations

10th grade Honors Biology (or 9th grade)

10th grade Honors Chemistry 11th grade College Preparatory Chemistry

Further Limitations Availability of the book:

Library Bookstore

School-supplied Cost of book Choose Books Carefully!

Make sure they meet school requirements in regards to sex, violence, and language. Make sure that they are not written down to students Consider both fiction and fictionalized

non-fiction Books should be exciting and hold students interest.

Set Up A Timetable

Tell students the first day of class about the

book. Tell students the second day of class about the book. Tell students

Warn them continuously when the official start will begin Expect Them To Read A

Hundred Pages a Week

Encourage slow readers to start a month ahead

Give an open novel quiz at the end of each week (approx. 3-4 weeks to finish). Make sure you have a

different quiz for each class! Integrative Approach to Demonstration of Learning

Giving diverse

learners an open forum to express their own understanding Using personal strengths to form a

meaningful connection with science Suggested Books

The number one best book is Jurassic Park Andromeda Strain

Hot Zone Timeline Sphere A Short History of Nearly Everything

Michael Crichton is well accepted by parents The Project

Design for multiple intelligences Give several options

Be flexible but make sure every project gets your approval Require a standard paper with all projects

Suggested Projects Make-A-Scene Painting Sculpture

Write a sequel or illustrated kids book Photography Research

More Project Ideas Music, symphonies, solos, etc Diaries Cookbook Expert Interview

Web Page Skits Videos

Stress QUALITY, EFFORT AND CREATIVITY! Most students respond enthusiastically to the project. Give them the power to choose how to

express their learning. Make sure that you provide a framework that demands high quality, time, and effort. You might require a written paper of some sort with their work.

Grading the Projects Use a Rubric type grading system Account for neatness, accuracy,

completeness of assignment Written work must follow essay or research paper standards I give high marks for creativity Grade for perceived work

Extra Credit Options

Guest Speakers add a

tremendous amount of interest and excitement to the class Excellence in all aspects including

actual presentation FOOD! (kids love doing this) Medieval Feast

Be Prepared to Enjoy Yourself! There are endless laughs, joy, and fun associated with this project. The positive feedback the students

give each other is a pleasure to observe. THANKS FOR COMING! For further questions:

[email protected] [email protected]

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