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  • Physics - Carleton University

    Physics - Carleton University

    Physics proper. Physics: the study of motion. or, laws governing motion. A game (that has moving parts) has laws (code/algorithms) governing motion. Ideas from physics are needed even if your game does not include real-world physics. Real-world physics is (somewhat)...
  • 1. What was the old Imperialism? 2. Where

    1. What was the old Imperialism? 2. Where

    Old Imperialism: Spanish & Portuguese Empires, 1700 Spanish Portuguese The setting for the new imperialism was Africa and Asia, from approximately 1870 to 1960. The leaders of the new imperialism were Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. New Conquests B...
  • The psychology of indicative conditionals and conditional bets:

    The psychology of indicative conditionals and conditional bets:

    A mechanical system draws randomly one chip from one of the two urns: Urn A The urn selection Mary and Peter, two friends who are both honest, decide to gamble. Mary proposes to Peter the following bet, If the chip...
  • Xylem and Phloem - Groby Bio Page

    Xylem and Phloem - Groby Bio Page

    Sugar -> sieve tube elements - active transport. Water -> sieve elements -osmosis. Water creates turgor pressure in the sieve elements, which forces the sugars and fluids down the phloem tubes toward the sinks. At the sinks, the sugars are...
  • PHYLUM ANNELIDA Phylum Annelida- Class Polychaeta: parapodium w/

    PHYLUM ANNELIDA Phylum Annelida- Class Polychaeta: parapodium w/

    [fig 6.8] Phylum Annelida- Class Oligochaeta: close-up of intestine w/ typhlosole. [fig 6.8] Phylum Annelida- Class Oligochaeta: note longitudinal & circular muscles, nephridium, and the coelom. [fig 6.8] Phylum Annelida- Class Oligochaeta. Earthworm dissection[fig 6.7] View of both preserved organism...
  • Creating Optimum Learning Environments children

    Creating Optimum Learning Environments children

    Key to creating optimum learning environments is the accurate identification and assessment of children's learning. Each day teachers and early years practitioners engage in assessment of their pupils' learning. All too often, however, identification of individual learning needs takes place...
  • DBQ - Weebly

    DBQ - Weebly

    DBQ: THE MISSION. Write of 5 body paragraph essay - intro/thesis paragraph, three body paragraphs based on 3 groupings of documents and a conclusion paragraph. Group the documents in at least three different ways which help answer the prompt. Write...
  • Financial Education Claire Orr Financial Education  The introduction

    Financial Education Claire Orr Financial Education The introduction

    It will be available as an e- learning module and will be hosted on the Money Advice Scotland portal and AiB's Financial Health Service website. Where a debtor does not have access to online services, the trustee must inform AiB,...