Roman Architecture - GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY

Roman Architecture - GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY

Roman Architecture Characteristics It was influenced by the Greeks and Etruscans Greek influence : columns and pediments

Etruscan influence: arch For the Romans what they built had to be practical ,useful and functional What material did they use to

build? Concrete was used to keep bricks and stone together. Concrete was a mixture of sand, small stones, lime and water By using concrete they were able to build and use arches

and vaults in their buildings. Why was the arch important? It was a curved structure which gave strong support to a building and allowed different levels to be built.

The keystone is the red stone at the top of the arch. The keystone is what the weight rests on. The semi-circular stones on either side of the keystone are the voussoirs. The voussoirs bring the weight to the columns that go to the ground.

The square or rectangular blocks between each arch are buttresses. The buttresses make a column that takes the weight all the way to the ground. http ://

istory.html The Romans built a wide variety of buildings and public infrastructure

Public works

Religious Entertainment Commemorative Civil Administrative

Lets start with Public Works Now its your turn to investigate

You have 10 minutes to: Find photographs of the structure given to you Discuss the following questions

Why do you think they built it? How do you think they built it? Choose a speaker for the group who will share ideas with the class Public works

Rome mastered the skill of engineering. Roman engineers built roads that are still in use, perfected the arch, invented concrete and built aqueducts All roads lead to Rome How did the Romans make

roads? How and why did they make aqueducts? This structure consisted of a system of arches built on pillars(columns)

Along the top there was a channel where the water flowed along to the city .it was tilted so that the water could flow freely. The aqueduct filled a need for a clean water supply for an

urban area. Aqueduct of Segovia Aqueduct

The water flowed through a rectangular channel. The channel was lined with concrete Aqueducts Why and how did they build

bridges? Bridges fulfilled a need similar to that of roads. They helped to transport people and godos across the Roman empire. They were built by using several semi-circiular arches

resting on pillars. Why and how did they build Cloacas? They built this underground sewage system to remove waste from their cities. It was built usng an arch system.

Buildings for public entertainment Amphitheatre The Colosseum in Rome

used for gladiator fights and wild animal fights Theatres where they acted out their plays. Baths

Thermal baths were places where people went to relax and take care of themselves. There were areas for hot,warm and cold baths Layout of baths

Circuses These were large oval elongated areas used for chariot races.There was a track and in the centre a place called the spina There were seats built around the arena.

Roman circus Religious worship Temples were built in a similar style to Greek temples Commemorative structures

These were built to celebrate military victory Commemorative columns Conmemorative arches

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